Creighton Waters

Creighton Waters: From University to Chief Counsel – An Inspiring Journey

In this exclusive blog post, we delve into the life and career of Creighton Waters, a remarkable figure in the American legal landscape. 

With a unique blend of warmth and tenacity, Waters has distinguished himself as a formidable force, earning respect and admiration from his peers and the public. 

Join us as we explore his journey from a friendly student at the University of South Carolina to his present-day role as Chief Counsel for the State Grand Jury section, navigating high-profile cases and nurturing a loving family life.

Creighton Waters Bio

Hailing from Columbia, USA, Creighton Waters, born in 1971, has carved a niche for himself as a highly respected American Chief Attorney. 

Known for his warm personality and extraordinary legal prowess, Creighton has served as the Chief Counsel for the State Grand Jury section of the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office for nearly a decade. 

Creighton Waters Net Worth

Creighton Waters Education and Early Life

From the very beginning, Creighton Waters was a people person. He established strong connections with his peers at the University of South Carolina’s Honors College. 

After completing his undergraduate degree, the charismatic young man pursued a law degree at the same institution. In 1996, he graduated and embarked on a thriving legal career that continues to flourish today.

Creighton Waters Career and Milestones

Creighton’s foray into the legal domain began in 1996 when he served as a clerk for the late South Carolina Court of Appeals Judge Jasper Cureton. 

This invaluable two-year experience gave him essential insights into the judicial process, significantly contributing to his growth as an attorney and public servant.

Creighton holds the esteemed position of Chief Attorney for the State Grand Jury Division at the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office. 

In this role, he oversees all grand jury hearings within the state and collaborates closely with prosecutors.

Creighton Waters’ Role in the Alex Murdaugh Trial

Creighton recently made headlines for his empathetic yet assertive cross-examination of Alex Murdaugh during his murder trial. 

On February 25, 2023, Waters courteously probed the now-disbarred attorney, Alex, about inconsistencies in the details he provided regarding his whereabouts on the night of the murder. 

The case, which pertains to the murder of Murdaugh’s wife and son, has attracted widespread public interest due to the family’s prominence. 

Consequently, the recent hearings wherein lead prosecutor Waters questioned and cross-examined Alex Murdaugh have captivated audiences.

Creighton Waters Personal Life

Creighton Waters’ Personal Life: Love, Family, and Support

Creighton is a happily married man, with his wife, Tracy Waters, being his rock and support system throughout his distinguished legal career. 

Tracy, a kind-hearted and devoted social worker, has been practicing for over 13 years. She holds a degree as a Licensed Master of Social Work and is employed at the Dickerson Center for Children, Inc, in West Columbia, South Carolina.

Together, Creighton and Tracy are a dynamic duo that strives for justice and works tirelessly to uplift their community.

A Look at Creighton Waters’ Net Worth

Creighton Waters’ net worth is estimated at $2 million. As a lead prosecutor, he earns an annual salary of approximately $150k, contributing to his net worth.

His recent high-profile involvement in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial has likely increased his fame and financial success. 

Creighton’s proficiency as a prosecutor and his ability to tackle high-pressure situations with a friendly demeanor has helped him achieve financial success and gain widespread recognition in his field.


Creighton Waters’ success as a Chief Attorney in the State Grand Jury section at the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office is a testament to his exceptional legal skills and unwavering commitment to justice. 

With a warm personality and an impressive track record in high-profile cases, Waters has become a highly respected figure in the legal landscape. 

His recent involvement in the Alex Murdaugh trial has only reinforced his reputation as a formidable prosecutor who can easily handle high-pressure situations. 

With his wife Tracy, a devoted social worker, Creighton Waters continues to impact his community and the pursuit of justice significantly.

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