Gabriel Arrington Net Worth

Gabriel Arrington’s Net Worth: The YouTuber Who Turned His Passion for Fishing into a Successful Career

Gabriel Arrington, also known as Bluegabe, is a man of many talents, but his passion for fishing has taken him to new heights of success. 

As a well-known travel YouTuber, Gabriel has captured the hearts of millions of viewers with his exciting fishing and hunting expeditions. 

He is a family man with a supportive wife, Kelly Young, and two boys who share his adventurous spirit. 

This article will delve into Gabriel’s early life, family, career, and Bluegabe’s net worth. So please sit back, grab a fishing rod, and let’s dive into the world of Gabriel Arrington.

Gabriel Arrington Early Life

Gabriel Arrington, a US native, keeps his birth date private. Although his age is estimated to be above 40 based on his appearance, this is only speculation until an official announcement. 

Gabriel is of mixed heritage and has not shared any information regarding his family background. As a child, Gabriel had a strong passion for fishing, which he carried into adulthood.

Gabriel had a wonderful childhood where he received tremendous love and support from his parents, who gave him everything he needed to pursue his interests. 

This nurturing environment played a significant role in his current success. While there is no information about Gabriel’s education and qualifications, his achievements suggest he is well-educated.

Gabriel Arrington’s Wife and Family

Gabriel Arrington, the well-known travel YouTuber, has a supportive wife named Kelly Young. The couple is blessed with two boys and loves to travel together, creating unforgettable memories.

Kelly Young is also a famous YouTuber in her own right. She hosts a channel about fishing that has amassed over 348K subscribers, showcasing her expertise in the field. Kelly’s passion for fishing is evident in her videos, which offer educational content and entertaining moments that her followers love.

Gabriel and Kelly make a great team, supporting and encouraging each other in their passions and endeavors. Their loving and adventurous spirit inspires their followers, who are always eager to see what exciting adventures the couple will embark on next.

Gabriel Arrington Career

Gabriel Arrington launched his YouTube channel on May 8, 2012, debuting with a thrilling video called “Monster Lake Okeechobee Bluegills {Catch Clean Cook} BlueGabe episode 1.” 

Since then, he’s been sharing his fishing and hunting expeditions and snippets from his daily life.

One video stands out: “CRAZIEST IGUANA CATCH EVER !!!!!! CATCH CLEAN & COOK, BLUEGABE Style” has captured the hearts of over 6.4 million viewers and counting.

His channel continues flourishing, with a dedicated following of over 773,000 subscribers. Gabriel maintains a regular upload schedule, releasing new content three times a week.

Gabriel Arrington’s Net Worth

Bluegabe “Gabriel Arrington,” a prominent American YouTuber, has garnered widespread recognition for his lifestyle-focused content on his channel. 

With categories ranging from pets and food to hobbies and lifestyles, Bluegabe’s videos have amassed a significant following. As of the latest update in 2023, Bluegabe’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

Gabriel Arrington Social Media Accounts

Gabriel Arrington’s social media accounts offer a glimpse into his exciting fishing trips worldwide. 

Gabriel shares videos of his fishing expeditions on his YouTube channel, which has over 773,000 subscribers, showcasing his skills and expertise. 

Gabriel’s videos are educational and entertaining, from catching monster fish to cooking delicious meals with his catches.

On Instagram, where he has a following of 102,000, Gabriel shares photos and videos of his fishing trips, offering his followers a behind-the-scenes look at his adventures. 

With his engaging personality and stunning visuals, Gabriel’s social media accounts are a must-follow for any fishing enthusiast or travel lover.

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