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Jordan Welch Wiki, Net Worth, Bio, Birthday, Career

Jordan Welch is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and digital marketer well known for his eCommerce content on YouTube.

His channel has more than 868,000 subscribers and, as of 6th December 2021, more than 42,665,863 views.

If you’re interested in knowing the humble beginnings of this young entrepreneur, we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out.

Jordan Welch Wiki/Bio

  • Name Jordan Welch
  • Age 25 (as of 2023)
  • Profession YouTuber, Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur
  • Nationality American

Is Welch dating or in any relationship?

The straight answer is we’re not sure—he is pretty discrete. Nevertheless, he doesn’t have a ring yet.

So, what is Jordan Welch’s Net worth, Income, or Salary?

According to one of his YouTube videos, Welch’s monthly income from his five sources is $86,730. This impressive income is attributed to his business ventures and intelligent investment decisions.

One of Welch’s most significant sources of income is his company, Viral Vault. Viral Vault is a software company that generates between $1,500 to $3,000 in revenue daily. Welch’s Shopify store also significantly contributes to his wealth, with a profit margin of around 23%.

In addition to his businesses, Welch’s YouTube channel is also a source of income. His channel earns anywhere from $300 to $700 daily from YouTube ads. As his channel grows, he receives brand deals and promotes various affiliate programs.

Furthermore, Welch invests a large portion of his income into index funds, some of which are in cryptocurrency. This investment strategy has contributed significantly to his net worth, estimated at around $4 million.

How did Welch get to this point?

Like any other online entrepreneur, Welch spent many years launching new enterprises and attempting to make them profitable.

Even though he failed numerous times, he never gave up on his aim of running a great online business. His dream materialized one day.

Welch launched an online eCommerce store, which expanded to earn nearly $1 million in sales in less than 8 months.

Many people would call this luck, but Welch attributes it to his years of experience learning from previous failures and understanding diverse eCommerce businesses.

He would not have been able to develop his business into the powerhouse that it became if it hadn’t been for that.

Welch was so happy with the accomplishment that he committed to helping other budding entrepreneurs get started and transform their firms into successes.

As a result, he launched a YouTube channel to share his strategies and show others how they, too, could accomplish comparable outcomes.

Welch’s YouTube tutorials address many facets of the eCommerce business and provide helpful advice and suggestions.

Marketing, site design, drop shipping, social networks, goal setting, identifying a target audience and other business issues are covered on his channel.

Welch, 23, defines himself as a “serial entrepreneur and digital marketer.” He has helped others with their business endeavors by providing paid and free material. Many of these people are 10, 20, and even 30 years his senior.

What is Welch’s Business Philosophy?

When questioned about how he became so good with money, Welch stated that education and tenacity were the two most important factors.

“The issue with many ambitious entrepreneurs is that they are ready to give up after their initial failed venture,” Welch explained. “They don’t understand that their setback was a learning experience that would only benefit them more the following time.”

He counsels young entrepreneurs to embrace failure and see them as a learning experience. Most people claim that he’s too wise for his age.

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