Kassandra Gillis

Kassandra Gillis: Bio, Early Life, Net Worth, Family, and Fitness Journey

Kassandra Gillis is a popular fitness model and bodybuilder who has made a living by training other people. She helps other people attain their fitness goals through different workouts in the gym.

Here is an overview of her early life, career, family, education, net worth, relation, age, and social media activity.

Kassandra Gillis Biography

Kassandra Gillis gained recognition due to her muscular and beautiful body physique. She is recognized as a fitness model, female bodybuilder, athlete, and weightlifter. In addition, Kassandra Gillis is a personal trainer who helps others realize their body goals.

Kassandra Gillis Physical Appearance

Kassandra Gillis is 166 cm or about 5 feet 5 inches tall. She has grey hair and brown eyes. Additionally, Gillis weighs between 60 to 70 kilograms. Her hips measure 30 inches, while her waist is approximately 28 inches.

Kassandra Gillis Early Life and Education

The famous bodybuilder was born in 1995. She resides in Maple Ridge, British Colombia. Kassandra Gillis is married and a mother to an eight-year-old boy. She attended a local high school in British Columbia.

Kassandra Gillis Fitness Journey

Kassandra Gillis has endured a lot to become who she is today. Her success cannot be solely based on genetics but on sheer will, determination, discipline, and sacrifice in training routines and diet plans.

As a teenager, Kassandra had a lean and athletic body type. In several interviews, Kassandra has confirmed that she increased her training routine after giving birth to her son.

Kassandra began serious training after she experienced a massive weight gain that distorted her figure.

The weight loss and fitness journey have been challenging for Kassandra Gillis because she raises her child while exercising at home.

Kassandra has been able to exercise effectively and raise her child well by adjusting her mentality and organizing her time.

The fitness model advises other people to find a workout routine they like to help them deal with challenges they might face.

After exercising and achieving her desired physique, Kassandra decided to adopt weightlifting.

Weightlifting and bodybuilding helped Kassandra build up a muscular physique that inspired her followers on Instagram.

After posting the pictures online, Kassandra quickly gained attention and increased her followers on Instagram and Facebook. Kassandra encourages her son to exercise and includes him in her workout routines.

Kassandra Gillis Career

Kassandra has a young but prosperous career in bodybuilding. She points out her husband as the main inspiration for joining physique competitions and bodybuilding.

Kassandra further points out how her husband lost more than 100 pounds in his weight loss journey.

Some female sports figures inspired her to start weightlifting include Lauren Simpson, Anita Herbert, Steph Sanzo, and Vivi Winkler.

Her first competition was the Popeyes Fall Classic in 2008, where she won. Other competitions that Kassandra participated in and won include the Chicago Pro 2021, Toronto SuperShow 2021, and the South America Olympia Amateur Medellin 2022. Her first competition in the Wellness category was at the Milwaukee Pro Show in 2021.

In 2021 Ms. Olympia Kassandra was ranked 11th by judges. At the competition, Kassandra weighed 143 pounds.

In the Toronto SuperShow competition, she weighed 141 pounds. She plans to enroll in the Arnold Classic. Her goal is to be ranked as one of the top five participants in the next Olympia.

Aside from bodybuilding, Kassandra is also a businessperson. She owns a brand of jeans that are designed for athletes.

The jeans are meant to offer comfort to athletes because of the elastic waistband and stretchable fabric.

Kassandra Gillis Net Worth

Kassandra Gillis has an approximate net worth of $1 million. Most of her income comes from bodybuilding, business, advertisements, and social media. She also earns some passive income from training other people.

Kassandra Gillis is a true inspiration for millions of people worldwide that desire to live a healthy lifestyle and have an athletic body.

The Canadian bodybuilder has used her skills and talent to make a living for herself and inspire other women to join weightlifting and bodybuilding.

She is a living testament that dieting, mindset, dedication, and exercise will help almost anyone get their summer body goal.

Kassandra Gillis Social Popularity

Kassandra has a solid social media presence that has helped her business and brand grow. She offers an online exercise course aside from offline training.

Moreover, Kassandra trains her clients on combining dieting and exercise to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.

Kassandra motivates others to reciprocate the success she enjoys and live a healthy lifestyle.

Kassandra has a Facebook and Instagram account, where she engages her fans and clients.

On Instagram, Kassandra Gillis has over 201000 followers. She has posted more than 1701 pictures, which update her fans and are a testament to her fitness journey.

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