Linda Durbesson

Linda Durbesson Net Worth: Bio, Boyfriend, Plastic Surgery and Social Media Star

Do you need fitness motivation? Do you want to lose weight and get in shape? Linda Durbesson will show you how it can be done.

As a celebrity, model, and fitness instructor, Linda Durbesson has helped thousands of people achieve their goals.

From losing weight to building muscle mass, she is here to help. Look no further than her YouTube channel if you are looking for the best way to work out at home or in the gym.

What is Linda Durbesson Net Worth?

Net worth is what Linda Durbesson has earned through her years of work and investments. As a fitness model, Linda has made money from her work. She also owns her line of merchandise, which only adds to her wealth.

Linda is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. Her social media channel has a great number of subscribers. This allows her to reach a large audience and help them achieve their fitness goals, thus increasing her wealth.

Linda Durbesson Biography

Linda Durbesson was born in Carpentras, southeastern France, on December 20, 1979. She is 42 years old. As a youngster, she was always interested in fitness and sports. When she entered a teenager, she moved to the United States to live with her boyfriend.

She obtained her MA degree in Personal Training from the University of Central Florida.

Linda is also involved in the entertainment industry and owns her line of merchandise, called the LDFIT line. She wanted to share her passion, so she started her YouTube channel.

Linda Durbesson did plastic surgery “breast implant” and two other surgeries, one for her left knee and the other for her hand.

Linda Durbesson Relationship Status

If you have been following Linda Durbesson’s Instagram account, you will see that she has a picture of a guy named Mike Houser with a heart.

No more information is available about the relationship as she rarely tells anything about her personal life.

In one of her YouTube videos, she revealed that she was in a serious relationship but later split after her boyfriend cheated.

She doesn’t want to discuss him. she spends most of her time focusing on her social media channels.

Linda Durbesson Body Measurements, Height, and Weight

Linda is a fitness model and has an amazing body. She often posts pictures of her progress on her social media channels, which can inspire many people.

Linda stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs around 66 kilograms. Her bust size is 41 inches, waist size 37 inches, and hip size 34 inches.

Linda is definitely in great shape and can serve as an inspiration to many people.

Linda Durbesson Social media

Linda Durbesson is a top-rated fitness instructor and model. She has over 1 million followers on Instagram, where she posts photos and videos of her workouts, travels, and lifestyle.

Linda also has a very successful YouTube channel with many subscribers. There, she posts workout tutorials, diet advice, and motivation tips.


If you are looking for fitness motivation and guidance, then Linda Durbesson is the perfect person to follow.

With her wealth of experience and knowledge, she can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Be sure to check out her social media channels for more amazing content.

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