Luiza Barros Net Worth

Luiza Barros Net Worth: Fishing, Husband, and Successful YouTube Career

Luiza Barros popularly dubbed as ‘Fishing with Luiza’ on YouTube is a Brazilian YouTuber and Angler who shares numerous fishing adventures that she embarks on along with her husband.

Luiza Barros was born and grew up in Brazil, but now lives in the United States and has done fishing in several other countries.

Luiza Barros Net Worth

Luiza Barros has managed to earn a net worth of around $1 million, mostly due to her YouTube channel. Her other social media sites such as Instagram and Tiktok have a following of about 300,000 and 400,000 respectively.

Luiza Barros has been on the cover of several fishing magazines including Coastal Angler, GAFF, Big Game Fishing, Woods and Water, and Onshore Offshore.

She has expressed that she enjoys saltwater fishing the most and enjoys participating in fishing tournaments around the world.

Some of the places she has had the pleasure of fishing in are Mexico, Panama, Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands.

Luiza Barros mostly practices deep dropping, bottom fishing, trolling, sight fishing, and several others.

Aside from fishing, Luiza writes for a few fishing magazines and has been featured in several articles.

Luiza Barros is also an ambassador and spokesperson for a few brands. She is also a member of the Coastal Conservation Association.

Luiza Barros Career Life

Luiza started her YouTube channel on March 29th, 2015, and named it Fishing with Luiza. Just as the name suggests, the channel mainly focuses on her diving and fishing experiences.

The channel has managed to get a lot of traction, having over 400,000 subscribers and passed 151 million views since it was created.

Luiza Barros Personal life

Luiza lives on the west coast of Central, Florida with her husband Captain Jimmy Nelson. Growing up, her grandparents often took her and her siblings out to fish, where she discovered her passion and love for fishing.

Her husband shares a similar love for the sea and happens to be her videographer on her YouTube channel, capturing the content of her in the wild waters and going on several sea adventures. Captain Nelson also hosts and owns the TV show, Extreme Fishing Adventures.


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Other interesting facts about Luiza Barros

Apart from fishing, Luiza Barros loves diving. She is a professionally trained scuba diver and thoroughly enjoys exploring the reefs and wrecks. She is also really good at shooting her bow and spearfishing.

One of her favorite parts about fishing is getting to watch the fish explode on topwater lures. Regardless of the kind of fish, having to see the topwater blow-ups brings out the excitement in her and reminds her why she loves the activity. She also enjoys the outdoors and can never find herself stuck on a TV.

Her favorite fish to catch is a dolphin since they are quite acrobatic and put up a fight.

Luiza Barros claims that she is up for the challenge and appreciates the award of the hard work it comes with, in this case, the dolphin’s meat, which tastes really great.

One of her biggest accomplishments would be catching a 40-pound dolphin in the Florida Keys, as well as a redfish which measured about 50 inches.

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