Metro Marrs

Metro Marrs: Bio, Early Life, Career, Net Worth, and Social Media

Metro Marrs is a highly talented 20-year-old rapper from Atlanta who gained immense fame and recognition with his hit songs “Bye Felicia” and “Oh Yeah.” 

He recently made headlines when he threw $10,000 at his high school graduation ceremony at Atlanta’s Langston Hughes High School. Since his debut, Marrs has become a highly sought-after artist in the hip-hop industry. 

His unique rap style and great lyrical flow have mesmerized audiences worldwide.

Metro Marrs Early Life

Metro Marrs, the celebrated American rapper, was born in Atlanta, United States of America, on April 22nd, 2003. He stands at an impressive 5 feet 8 inches; this twenty-year-old has already made a name for himself in the rap industry. 

His father, Young Trimm, is also a well-known and respected rapper, and his influence inspired Metro Marrs to pursue music as a career.

At age five, Young Trimm was signed by producer Tricky Stewart’s label Red Zone Records. 

His success drove Marrs to continue striving in the industry, and by the time he reached eleven, he had already released his first mixtape, entitled ‘Young Trimm: The Mixtape.’ This was the beginning of an illustrious career for Metro Marrs, and since then, he has released nine highly-acclaimed albums.

Metro Marrs Career

Metro Marrs is a talented vocalist with an unmistakable melodic voice. He began creating his music in 2018, starting with the release of his debut single, “No Stoppin’ Me,” on April 14th. 

Unfortunately, the song garnered little attention, and its music video only received a few hundred views. 

However, Marrs did not give up and kept working on more music, releasing his next single, “Toast It Up,” in November 2018. The song fared better this time but still couldn’t make a mark.

Despite these setbacks, Marrs continued to work on his craft persistently, and in February 2020, he released a new song titled “Cut From Another Cloth,” which became his first song to garner over 15K views on YouTube. 

This was followed by an audio version of the track “Bye Felicia” two weeks later and its accompanying lyric video in April 2020, which received over 862K views on YouTube.

Marrs’ career saw a breakthrough in July 2020 with the release of “Oh Yeah.” The song was loved by many and received over 214K views on YouTube, gaining the attention of industry veterans such as QC’s Coach K and Pee Take. 

This success resulted in releasing the official music video for “Bye Felicia” in December 2020, which today has received over 862K views on YouTube.

Following that, Marrs released another track titled “Nonchalant” in January 2021, which became an instant hit and reached 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Metro Marrs Personal Life

Metro Marrs consistently keeps his personal life away from the public eye; thus, no reliable information is available to suggest whether or not he is in a relationship. 

However, based on his lack of disclosure, it can be assumed that he is currently single.

Marrs recently made headlines when the police arrested him during his high school graduation ceremony. The event was disrupted when Marrs showered the stage with $10,000 in cash. 

He was then arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and incitement of a riot. Despite his reckless behavior, Marrs has become an internet sensation due to his outrageous stunts and flamboyant lifestyle.

Metro Marrs Net Worth

Metro Marrs is an up-and-coming YouTuber who has significantly impacted online streaming. With 5.52K devoted followers, his YouTube channel has amassed over 4.3 million views since its launch. 

While Marrs’ actual net worth remains unknown, experts have estimated that it could reach anywhere between $150 and $200 thousand by the end of 2023.

Marrs’ estimated net worth is based on his growing popularity and potential income from sponsored content, advertising revenue, and merchandise sales. 

Metro Marrs has already collaborated with several major brands to produce unique content for his channel. He’s also released a variety of merchandise, such as t-shirts and hoodies, to monetize his fanbase.

Metro Marrs is an aspiring YouTuber rapidly gaining a large following and could soon become one of the most successful Internet personalities. 

It’ll be interesting to see how his career unfolds over the next few years! With his growing popularity and estimated net worth, Metro Marrs will undoubtedly be making waves in the entertainment industry.

Metro Marrs Social Media Prescene

Metro Marrs is an artist with a strong presence on various social media platforms, using them to engage with and reach out to their followers. On Instagram, they have amassed an impressive 51.2K followers and continue to grow their audience daily. 

Metro Marrs regularly posts music videos, behind-the-scenes footage from shows, and other content related to their work. He has 2.1K followers on Facebook and uses this platform to engage more directly with their fans. 

On Soundcloud, Metro Marrs has 3,639 followers and uses the platform to showcase their work and build relationships with other artists in the industry. 

Finally, Metro Marrs has 5.52K subscribers on YouTube, a great platform to showcase their music videos and live streams. With this strong presence on social media, Metro Marrs is well-positioned to continue engaging with their followers and growing as an artist.

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