Neringa Kriziute

Neringa Kriziute: Bio, Age, Net Worth, and Gorgeous Talented Painter

There are so many things that can come to you when you hear the name Neringa Kriziute? A gorgeous Lithuanian model? Instagram Star? Painter? Whichever of the listed above you choose is accurate. Let’s look at some of the various titles and hats this great woman wears.

Neringa Kriziute as a Talented Painter

Neringa is not only beautiful; she is also a pretty talented painter. The young lady is an alumnus of the Vilnius Academy of Arts. Her art is majorly focused on describing the poetic feel of various objects.

She has been part of a group as well as solo exhibitions. She had two major solo exhibitions in 2016 at Vivid Dreams Art Center and the other at Margins of Shadows at the Meno Parkas Gallery in 2018.

The group exhibitions she has displayed her art include Hoope Gallery as part of the Once in a lifetime exhibition in 2016 and at the M.K Ciurlionis in 2018.

Neringa’s paintings can be described as a juxtaposition of light and dark that encompasses the mythical aspect of the past and present.

She aims for her paintings to exude enough uncertainty and melancholy with a hint of irony and humor present in typical life phases.

The seen and unseen aspects experienced in most of her paintings are both a wonder and a delight for art lovers. Her passion for creating beautiful works of art comes through quite clearly in all her paintings.

Neringa Kriziute’s insight on her Personal Life and Biography

Neringa Kriziute was born in Kaunas, Lithuania, in 1995 and was schooled in the same region. Despite her Instagram lifestyle, she is a relatively private person, as most of the intimate details of her life remain unknown.

There is no tangible information on her family or her date and month of birth. Her relationship status is that she is currently single, and there is no information about her love life or partners.

Her hobbies include traveling, swimming, and photography. Her body measurements were 36-26-36, which translates to chest, waist, and hips ratio. Her favorite colors are black, white, and blue.

Little is known about her childhood. Her main claim to fame is through the suggestive photos on her social media platforms, mainly Instagram.

The gorgeous Lithuanian model weighs around 130 pounds and is 170m tall. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Architecture Studies in 2015 from the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

In 2018, she graduated from the same institution with a Master’s in Painting Studies. She has recently learned how to swim, which allows her to enjoy her favorite season, summer, even more now.

As evidenced by the pictures of her dog, she is a pet lover. She has been featured in several commercials as a model and in a few movies and television series as she is also an actress. Her favorite foods are pizza and seafood.

Some websites claim that Neringa Kriziute is a practicing Hindu, while others say she is a Christian. Her birth name is Neringa Kriziute, and her popular nickname is Neringa.

Most of her followers is from Germany, the United Kingdom, and Lithuania. She is a European national, and her zodiac sign is Aries. She describes herself as a non-vegetarian and a good cook.

She drinks alcohol but doesn’t smoke. Neringa is into fashion, and her slim build allows her to fit beautifully into many different pieces. She has beautiful brown eyes.

Neringa Kriziute Net Worth and Finances

Neringa Kriziute is currently estimated to be worth over 4 million UDS dollars. Her finances can be majorly attributed to her diverse sources of income, both online and offline. Little is known about the worth of her painting, thus not a definitive source of income.

However, her OnlyFans account and clothing brands endorsements seem to rake in a reasonable amount of money. Her significant following on Instagram makes her an influencer in Lithuania and internationally.

She also earns from her singing and acting skills. As her popularity grows, so do her followers. This directly translates to more money for her in the coming years, as witnessed by the upward financial trajectory she experienced in 2019.

There are a lot of likable facts about Neringa Kriziute. She is hailed as a warm person who always accommodates other social media influencers and is always ready to collaborate.

Despite her well-curated and professionally done photos on social media, she is a serious painter whose art is impressive.

Her artwork can be seen in various art galleries in both Lithuania and Germany. For more information, be sure to go through her social media network that bears her name, Neringa Kriziute.

Neringa Kriziute and her Social Media Presence

Neringa Kriziute is known to most people for her social media presence. With 3.8 million followers on Instagram, she is a fast-rising star.

She is most active on Instagram and has over 421 posts, including short video clips and images. She mostly posts motivational clips and or silently talks over videos.

She has three Instagram accounts wherein one displays her art, one is for her personal use, and the third account acts as a backup. Her online popularity can also be attributed to her makeup tutorial videos on her social media pages, including Facebook.

She has an Ace Instagram comedian badge owing to her renditions of funny romantic comedy videos.

Neringa Kriziute has a considerable following on OnlyFans and Twitter, partly attributed to her keenness to engage with her followers.

Her pictures are primarily indifferent lingerie, bikini wear, and photos of her dogs. Her signature blond hair and curvy figure have seen her model throw her efforts into the modeling world.

She is mainly known for working with clothing brands such as FashionNova. She attributed her hourglass figure to healthy eating habits and a fitness routine.

She also has a YouTube channel where she posts a series of short videos with over four hundred thousand subscribers.

She has documented a few of her workout routine videos on her social media platforms, but she does not practice yoga.

She appreciates other artists and is always looking to make collaborations. Her favorite travel destination is Australia.

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