Nicole Saphier

Nicole Saphier Net Worth: A TV Star And Doctor

Who Is Nicole Saphier?

Nicole Saphier was born on January 26th, 1982, making her 38 years old. She’s a well-known radiologist and the director of breast imaging out of Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in Monmouth, New Jersey.

She became famous after becoming an on-air contributor for MSNBC, Fox Business, and Fox News.

Nicole Saphier Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated at around $1.2 million. It’s a culmination of her work as a contributor, radiologist, and author.

What Does Nicole Saphier Look Like?

Nicole stands five feet and five inches tall. She reportedly weighs an estimated 120 pounds. Her golden blonde hair falls just below her shoulders. She has dark brown eyes.

What Is Nicole Saphier Family Like?

Dr. Nicole is married to Dr. Paul Saphier. The pair are a duo of doctors, however, Paul is an endovascular neurosurgeon rather than a radiologist. They have three sons. She describes herself as coming from a large Italian family.

Where Does Nicole Saphier Live?

Nicole, her husband, and her children all live in New York City.

Where Did Nicole Saphier Go To College?

She graduated in 2008 from Ross University School of Medicine. Afterward, she went on to her radiology residency at Maricopa Integrated Health Systems in Arizona.

Finally, she concluded her education in Arizona with a breast imaging fellowship at the Mayo Clinic.

What Is Nicole Saphier Mission?

Nicole spends a lot of time trying to spread Breast Cancer Awareness. She encourages women to get screened for Breast Cancer, as it is the second leading cause of cancer in women.

Nicole estimates that early detection can potentially give a patient a 95% survival rate, whereas late detection rates can fall below 50%

What Awards Nicole Saphier Has Won?

Nicole Saphier won the Top Radiologist of the Year Award in 2019. This award was presented by the International Association of Top Professionals.

What Books Did Nicole Saphier Write?

Dr. Nicole Saphier is the author of two books: Panic Attack: Playing Politics with Science in the Fight Against COVID-19 and Make America Healthy Again.

Her books reflect her opinions and knowledge facing the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the American healthcare system.

Does Nicole Saphier Have Social Media?

Although she has a larger following with 82.5k followers on Instagram, Dr. Nicole seems to prefer Twitter.

She updates her Twitter followers multiple times per day with her opinions on the latest news in American healthcare. Instagram offers a more personal window into her life.

What Is Nicole Saphier Frequently In The News?

Nicole Saphier is largely in the news for her comments on the Covid-19 pandemic.

She offers her opinions and medical advice on the latest Covid variants, whether or not to mask children in schools, and how the United States can work towards flattening the curve.

How Long Has Nicole Saphier Been A Contributor For Fox News?

Since 2018 Dr. Nicole Saphier has been contributing on the topics of health to Fox News. She has contributed to hundreds of segments. Her videos are normally under ten minutes each.

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