Trashelle Odom Net Worth

Trashelle Odom Net Worth: Personal Life, Net Worth, And Career Explained

Who Is Trashelle Odom And Why Has She Been Making The News Lately?

Trashelle Odom is the wife of John Odom, a notable supporter of formed United States President Donald Trump and campaign donor.

At the time of this article in December 2021, Trashelle has been making the news because of her allegations of sexual assault against Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager.

Odom reports that, while at an event in Las Vegas on September 26th of 2021, Corey made unwanted physical and verbal advances on her.

Trashelle Odom Net Worth

Trashelle and her husband John are millionaires, largely due to John’s keen eye for business. Trashelle’s husband has a construction company based in Nampa, Idaho, called HMH Construction.

They also run a racing company called Odom Racing. Because of these business endeavors, it is hard to precisely estimate Trashelle’s net worth.

Conservative guesses place her worth at 1-2 million, while more extravagant figures indicate a number closer to 12 million.

What Do Trashelle And Her Husband Do For A Living?

Trashelle’s husband owns two companies: HMH Construction and Odom Racing. While it has been rumored that Trashelle works for both of these companies, neither of the company websites list her as an employee.

It is possible that she and John share responsibilities, though. She appears in many of Odom Racing’s videos on YouTube and posts Instagram photos to her public account of herself traveling with John on business trips.

What Kind Of Lifestyle Does Trashelle Live?

Trashelle lives what many would consider a lavish lifestyle. She lives in a mansion with her family in Meridian, Idaho.

According to her Instagram page, she spends quite a bit of time traveling, both for business and pleasure.

She seems to enjoy fashion, interesting new travel locations, and spending time with family and friends.

Does Odom Have A Family?

Trashelle Odom was born in a small town in Idaho to biracial parents. Her family also spent time in California when she was a child, but she eventually settled in Idaho with her husband John, another native of the state.

She and John have five beautiful children, including a son named Hudson, a son named Holland, and a daughter named Scarlet. Hudson, a 19-year-old, is the oldest.

How About Trashelle’s Personal Life?

Little is known about the early years of Odom’s life. Sources indicate that she attended and graduated from a local school in Idaho and that she grew up in a poor household.

At the time of this article in December 2021, Odom is 32 years old and seems to love life with her husband and children. She and John got married on July 7th of 2017.

What Does Odom Look Like?

Trashelle is approximately 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She has brown hair, large brown eyes, and tan skin. According to her publicly posted photos, she seems to enjoy wearing dresses and minimal jewelry. She has no visible tattoos or piercings.