Vanesa Seco

Vanesa Seco: A Colombian-Born Shuffle Dance Sensation and Fitness Model Rising to Fame in Miami

Vanesa Seco is a multi-talented individual from Colombia who has made a name for herself in Miami as a shuffle dancer, fitness model, and sponsored athlete. 

Her career took off in 2012 when she first shared her dance skills online, and since then, she has become a well-respected and approachable figure in the dance and fitness communities.

Vanesa has gained a loyal following due to her impressive skills, positive attitude, and willingness to help others achieve their goals. Her videos showcase her dance abilities and dedication to physical fitness and healthy living.

As her popularity continues to soar, Vanesa’s future looks bright as she works towards further expanding her career and inspiring others to pursue their passions. With her Talent, drive, and charisma, the possibilities are endless for this rising star.

What Is Shuffle Dancing?

Vanesa always loved to shuffle and decided to take it to the next level. She was considered a club and a rave dance, shuffling developed from the ’80s Melbourne Shuffle and hip-hop dancing. It is a freestyle dance with most action happening in the feet and legs.

A Competition Catapulted Vanesa Seco Career

After studying marketing at the University of Central Florida, she wowed the judges and the audience at the 16th Annual America’s Got Talent. That served as a launching pad for her career. 

Besides her dance videos, she posed for and endorsed various sports, swimwear, fashion, makeup, and lifestyle brands, such as VPX Elite.

Vanesa Seco Lifestyle

As she is also known, Van Seco proclaims on her Facebook page that she is “living life on the edge!” This can be seen in her fast-paced dance videos, revealing, colorful, form-hugging dance and swimwear. She lives to keep in shape, as attested by her sponsorship by VPX Elite.

Vanesa Seco Net Worth

Vanesa Seco Net Worth

Vanessa is the Co-founder and Owner of Diosa by Seco, featuring bright and alluring styles reminiscent of her Floridian upbringing. 

Vanesa Seco’s net worth is between $1-5 million. She is currently represented by Clear Talent Group (CTG).

Van Seco Social Media Accounts

Vanesa Seco is a social media sensation with over a million Instagram followers, 2.5 million TikTok followers, 2,566 Twitter followers, and 54.1K YouTube subscribers. 

Her content showcases her beauty, passion for dance, and unique blend of talents. 

Vanesa’s success is a testament to her authenticity and dedication to self-expression, making her a refreshing influencer in a world that prioritizes impressing others over genuine creativity.

Vanesa Seco Business

Now living in Los Angeles, Vanesa Seco was born in Colombia and spent at least some time in Boynton Beach, FL., with her parents, Agustin (from Venezuela) and Minda (from Colombia): Seco, her sister, Pamela, and her brother, Agustin Carlos.

Vanesa’s family is all creative and has always been involved in her career. Her mother, working as Programing Director at and CEO at Life Mission Media Corp, does makeup and costuming, and Pamela. The Seco men are videographers.

Agustin Sr. Acts as Production Manager, while the rest of the family fills in every other role. Most of her videos are made by Seco Productions. They’ve created the videos “Feels Like Home Shuffle Dance | Van Seco,” 

Shuffle Tutorial – Soulful Tchami Choreography,” “Different Types of Running Man Shuffle Tutorial,” and Pow Pow Pow (Kaskade X Chemical Surf) Dance Film.”

One of her most popular videos is for Brittany Spears’ TOXIC. The credits list her brother as the writer, director, editor, and director of photography. Her mother is credited with hair and makeup, and costuming credits are given to her and Vanesa’s sister.

Diosa by Seco is a family business. Their website,, defines the Seco Tribe as “a family of 5 based in Los Angeles, California, our flavor originating from our hometown, South Florida.” Their goal is to spread positivity and love through their fashion line.

Vanesa Seco

Vanesa Seco Training Regimen

Her dance videos and instructional workshops reveal that her main workout is from her shuffle dancing. Her legs move quickly to the music. This gives her legs an intense workout, particularly for the quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Vanesa stays flexible by stretching after workouts and dance practices. Her training also includes free weights and isolation movements. Although she gets a lot of work on her lower body from dancing, she does not skimp on leg work in the gym.

Vanesa Seco Nutrition Secrets

Vanesa eats 3 to 5 small meals a day. This is credited with raising her metabolism and helping her to burn more fat. It has left her 5’6″ frame at a taunt but curvy 123 pounds.

Vanesa Seco Private Life

Vanesa is thoroughly enjoying her new home in California. Her Facebook page says that she is still a Miami Dolphins fan! Still, she keeps her love for Florida.

But as public as Venesa’s life is now, some questions about her online still need to be answered. Regarding her boyfriend’s situation, her Facebook page says she is in a relationship, but no one is mentioned. Social media and websites seem mute on the subject.

Really, would she even have time, as busy as she is? But we can be glad for her that she seems to have struck that magical balance between privacy and her stunning public life. Always with a smile on her face, Van Seco is living the life – her life.

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