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Zane Schoeffling Net Worth: Bio, Relationship, and Body Measurements

Zane Schoeffling Net Worth

Zane Schoeffling is the son of an iconic actor, Michael Schoeffling. Zane has been in the public eye for years due to his father’s Hollywood career.

Michael Schoeffling was one of the most popular actors of his time. He is best known for playing Bobby Brady on The Brady Bunch, but he also had roles in many other TV shows and movies over the years.

With such a successful acting career, it’s no wonder that Michael wanted to pass along his talents to his children. One of those children is Zane Schoeffling; Here is everything you need to know about him.

What is Zane Schoeffling Net Worth?

Net worth is always an interesting topic, especially when it comes to the children of famous people.

Zane has not gotten himself into any real trouble like his father was known for. He’s just your average Hollywood kid who appears to have a good head on his shoulders.

He also doesn’t seem to be in the public eye as some other Hollywood kids are, so finding information on him can be tricky.

Zane Schoeffling has hundreds of thousands of dollars to his name, but there are no details on whether or not he’s earned it through acting or if it’s from another source.

Zane Schoeffling Biography

Zane Schoeffling was born in Pennsylvania. His mother, Valerie Robinson, is a model, and his father, Michael Schoeffling, was a famous actor. He was one of the most popular actors.

Michael was known for starring in several iconic movies during that time, including “Field Of Dreams,” “Punchline” and “Sixteen Candles.”

He was raised together with her sister Scarlet Schoeffling. His parents were two trendy names in their industries, so it seems only natural that Zane could have chosen to become an actor.

He went to Wallenpaupack area high school. He started his career at a very young age, appearing in many TV commercials.

Zane Schoeffling Spouse

When two people are always seen together, there’s always the assumption that they are together romantically.

It would only make sense for people to assume Zane Schoeffling is dating someone, given his Hollywood lineage and good looks. But he hasn’t been linked to anyone in particular just yet.

There are no reports of him being married or even engaged, so it looks like he’s flying solo. If he has any relationship, we will only see that in the future.

Zane Schoeffling Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Zane Schoeffling is a handsome young man, but there’s no information on his height and weight. As for his body measurements, there is no detailed information on that either.

He appears to be average in weight and height, so it’s hard to tell much. But he does seem to have great genes since his parents are considered beautiful people in their fields.

This is why there are many fans of Zane Schoeffling’s good looks. His personality also makes fans love him more.


Zane Schoeffling is a successful man. His parents both come from the entertainment industry, and he has been in the public eye because of that since his childhood years.

He seems to have decided to go in the family line. He is a good role model because he has not been linked to any scandal.

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Doug Mcclure Net Worth: Bio, Hollywood Star, Marriage, and Height and Weight

Doug Mcclure Net Worth

Doug McClure is a legendary actor featured in over 100 television series and movies. Doug’s outstanding career debuted in 1956 when he landed a role in a small drama-war film, Friendly Persuasion.

In 1959, Doug co-starred alongside some of the biggest names in the film and entertainment business, such as Cliff Robertson, James Darren, Burt Reynolds, Dean Martin, Sam Davis Jr., and Sandra Lee.

What is Doug McClure’s net worth?

Doug McClure has made a massive fortune from his movie roles and series appearances.

Today, the seasoned actor who has co-starred with the biggest Hollywood A-Listers, like Sebastian Cabot and Anthony George in the early sixties or for his award-winning performance in the fantasy film, The Land That Time Forgot, in 1972, alongside the legendary actor John McEnery, among many other movie appearances, is worth an estimated $1.5 to $5 million.

What is Doug McClure’s height and weight?

The famous American actor, Doug McClure, stands at an impressive 6 feet 1 inch, or 1.85 meters, tall and weighs 184 pounds, or 83 kilos. The blue-eyed, handsome devil was born on May 11, 1935, in his parents’ home in Glendale, CA.

Greg’s mom was English, while his dad was Irish-American, and he also had a brother, Donald Reed McClure, Doug; may his soul rest in eternal peace.

When did Doug McClure become a Hollywood star?

The 6-foot-dashing actor earned a star on the Hollywood Boulevard of Fame in 1994. He starred alongside famous actors like Dean Martin, Burt Reynolds, Alan Alda, Peter Cushing, Sammy Davis Jr., and the list goes on and on. Doug is the proud owner of a star on the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame.

What are the best-known works of Doug McClure?

The legendary actor is a Taurus. And, true to his zodiac sign, Doug McClure has weathered the test of time and tide to star in classical film presentations such as the hit NBC TV series, The Virginian, and The Simpsons. He also starred in hit series like Overland Trail and Checkmate.

What are his other notable appearances?

In the mid-70s, Doug McClure starred with the famous William Shatner in the award-winning series titled “The Barbary Coast.”

Doug McClure was a 1994 Academy Award nominee for Best Costume Designer for the blockbuster flick, Maverick. In the late 80s, Doug McClure starred in a classical American sitcom series titled “This World.”

How many times was Doug McClure married?

His first marriage, to Faye Bash, in 1957 ended four years later in a divorce. In 1961, Doug McClure remarried Babara Luna.

After two years, he and Luna got divorced. Doug McClure would marry Helen Crane, Diane Soldani, and Diane Furnberg over the next decade.

Where is Doug McClure buried?

Doug McClure succumbed to lung cancer on February 5, 1995, at the age of 60, at his LA home in Sherman Oaks.

He is survived by his brother, wife, and two amazing daughters. His remains are interred at the Santa Monica Woodlawn Memorial Cemetery.

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Travis Fimmel: Bio, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Viking, and Scar

Travis Fimmel

People still wonder if 42-year-old Australian former model and current actor and farmer Travis Fimmel are Scandinavian or living in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, or Iceland.

One of his most famous roles, legendary Viking Ragnar Loðbrók, has made him a household name known around the world.

So, it’s no surprise that between his striking physical features and fantastic portrayal of the character, some confusion exists about his heritage.

Fans also want to learn as much about his life as possible in general, including his net worth, true background, and other details.

Travis Fimmel Net Worth

To start, his current net worth from modeling and acting is estimated at approximately $3.5 to $5 million. His current yearly income is unknown.

Travis Fimmel Biography and Family

Travis Fimmel was born July 15, 1979 (Zodiac Sign: Cancer) with blue eyes and blonde hair to Chris and Jennie Fimmel near Echuca, Victoria, Australia. His father was a cattle farmer and raised Travis on a 5,500-acre Lockington dairy farm. His mother was a recreation officer for disabled individuals.

Travis Fimmel Height and Weight

Travis currently stands at 6.0 feet (183 cm) tall and weighs approximately 190 pounds (86 kg). In his youth, he wanted to become an Australian rules footballer and even played for a while in Melbourne.

After an accident that resulted in a broken leg, he applied to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology for commercial architecture and engineering studies but didn’t pursue his studies after he decided to travel internationally.

Travis broke into modeling and eventually an acting career after the roommate of a Chadwick Models’ talent scout discovered him working out in the Hawthorn suburb of Melbourne at a gym.

Travis Fimmel Career and How he Gain Professional Acclaim?

Travis Fimmel traveled in Europe and Asia. Hoping to eventually become an actor, he then traveled to Los Angeles in 2000 and walked into LA Models barefoot with his sneakers hanging over one shoulder and only $60 in his pocket.

Talent agent Paul Nelson of LA Models told Hello! magazine that his physical features and sense of humor immediately made a huge positive impression.

The world-famous modeling agency not only signed him but offered him a place to stay and money to tide him over.

Travis eventually, with the help of Jennifer Starr, received a six-figure deal with Calvin Klein, which was the first instance of a male model securing such a lucrative and exclusive contract.

Travis Fimmel then became the face of CK’s underwear and Crave men’s fragrance. By 2002, People magazine named him one of the sexiest bachelors in the world.

As demand grew, his face and name graced many billboards and magazine covers, and he made appearances on a variety of talk shows and in music videos, including cameos in videos by Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez.

His focus as a model remained on acting. He turned down a lucrative guest judge position for Australia’s “Make Me A Supermodel” series.

He studied extensively under acting coach Ivana Chubbuck, who has provided mentorship to many famous actors like Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, and Jared Leto.

Travis Fimmel Movies and TV Shows

By 2003, after building up his self-confidence and seeking auditions, Travis beat out hundreds of other actors for the role of Tarzan on the WB series of the same name.

His stunning appearance, acting, and stunts earned him a fan following and more film and TV opportunities.

In the decade that followed, he worked with big-name stars, including Lauren Holly, Madeleine Stowe, Richard Dreyfuss, Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Billy Bob Thornton, Eva Longoria, and even Jessica Lange, Martin Landau, Peter Fonda, and Patrick Swayze.

Travis Fimmel Vikings

Although he steadily earned acclaim for his many roles, especially his 2010 performance as a classical pianist in the independent film “Ivory,” Travis didn’t receive a global fan following until he appeared in 2013 as Ragnar Loðbrók in History’s “Vikings” TV series.

His physical appearance coupled with his acting skills and unique take on the amalgam of a real-life historical figure and a fictional character resulted in Laura Prudom of Huffington Post referring to it as his “breakout role.”

How Much Did Travis Fimmel Make from Vikings and Why he Leave Vikings?

During his time on “Vikings,” Travis made approximately $400,000 per episode. The actual amount he earned is unknown, but he had an estimated total salary of $18 million by the time he left the series.

Travis Fimmel was written out of “Vikings” because the real Ragnar Loðbrók died historically around the same time as events presented in the series, and he was also ready to move on to new projects.

Since the end of that role, Travis has been in several films, including “Warcraft,” “Lean on Pete,” “Finding Steve McQueen,” “Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan” and “Dreamland.” He was also named GQ Australia’s 2017 Actor of the Year in the magazine’s Men of the Year Awards.

Travis recently returned to TV in HBO’s “Raised by Wolves” for HBO Max after he learned of Ridley Scott’s involvement. He had sworn off TV roles because he didn’t want to have to make a long commitment, as he told Lauren Sarner of The Post in 2020.

He said that he didn’t even read the “Raised by Wolves” script because he had “no choice” since working with Scott was “an actor’s dream.”

Although Travis prefers working on films, he plans to eventually write, produce and star in a TV series about Wyatt Earp for History. For now, he has been forced to set the project aside because of the pandemic.

The only other series he would like to work on, as a director, is the new Netflix “Vikings” spinoff series titled “Valhalla,” which interests him primarily because it gives him a chance to spend time with the crew that he loves and misses.

Travis Fimmel Girlfriend

Travis Fimmel Girlfriend

It’s currently unknown if Travis Fimmel has a girlfriend, spouse, or partner, but his past dating history and statements made during interviews imply that he’s single and straight and still looking for the right person to become his life partner.

He has previously been seen out and about over the years with a variety of actresses, models, and his co-star Katheryn Winnick in what appear to have been one-off dates and short relationships. He has also implied that he’s interested in women who don’t know much about his career.

Does Travis Fimmel Have a Kid?

Travis Fimmel has no known children from any past relationships. That said, he is a proud uncle. His two older brothers, who work as miners in Western Australia, both have their own children.

Travis Fimmel Religion

In regards to his religious beliefs, Travis told Entertainment Weekly in 2016 that he’s a “big” Atheist. Travis Fimmel even pushed for Ragnar Loðbrók to be represented as one as well by the time of the character’s death because he felt it was fitting since many Vikings historically renounced their gods.

Travis Fimmel Motorcycle Accident and Scar

In 2019, Travis surprised many people when he appeared at a red carpet event in Geneva with a large scar below the corner of his right eye and down his cheek.

He is a known motorcycle enthusiast and told the press and others that he had a motorcycle accident that resulted in the deep, dramatic mark.

Travis Fimmel Workout and Diet

Travis Fimmel’s diet includes a mix of grains, fruits, vegetables, and meats. As a result of his farm upbringing, he already had a Scandinavian-like diet of fish, steak, and vegetables prior to joining the series and merely had to remove bread and pasta from it.

His bodybuilding and maintenance routine includes work on his ranch coupled with a mix of gym training and whatever training is required for a film or TV role.

When not working out, Travis spends time on his ranch, which is located outside of the city of Los Angeles.

As he informed Sarah Larson of The New Yorker in September 2020, he has been renovating, installing fencing, and planting shade trees while off from work because of COVID19.

His farm features a mix of native and Australian animals and plants, including cattle, emus, horses, and mulberry, eucalyptus, and peppercorn trees.

Travis Fimmel noted in that interview that he would rather be on his farm than “putting on makeup and playing make-believe.” This isn’t the first time that he’s indicated in interviews that he considers acting a means to an end rather than his passion even though he has spent a lot of time, energy, and study honing his skills.

He has also indicated that he would prefer to be known for his acting rather than his former modeling career.

His other favorite activities include Australian rules football, cricket, camping, hiking, walking, fishing, horse riding, visiting beaches, swimming, surfing, and rowing. He also loves nature and trees.


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Where Can You Find Travis Fimmel Online?

In 2014, Travis told May Seah of that he didn’t use Instagram or Facebook because he was a “quiet person.”

He admitted that he understood that some people needed to share their lives online, but he didn’t want his life, which he considers uninteresting, all over the internet.

By January 2019, he shocked fans when he set up a social media account on Instagram under the username @travisfimmel. He included a picture of himself with a greeting written across his forehead.

Yet, although Travis Fimmel has 2.6 million Instagram followers as of January 2022, he has only posted six times and followed one other user.

Several unofficial fan accounts have popped up with an “official” description over the years, but none of them is the star’s account.

His Instagram is the only social media account attached to his name marked with a blue Verified Badge checkmark.

Travis Fimmel

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JD Pardo Net Worth: Early Life, Career, and Family

JD Pardo Net Worth

Who Doesn’t Love JD Pardo and Mayans MC?

Nobody we know of. In fact, every single TV viewer who became hooked on the hit series “Sons of Anarchy” hated to see it end.

In spite of the greatest series finale in the history of TV (when Jax Teller rode his Harley into an oncoming 18-wheeler with his arms outstretched in a “Look Ma, no hands” gesture), we still missed the show.

But, SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) fans were saved from the boredom that comes with a lot of TV shows lately.

Yes, Kurt Sutter was kind enough to come up with a spinoff and it’s called “Mayans MC”.

It features quite an ensemble cast but clearly, the star of the show is JD Pardo, the hunky biker with a heart.

What is JD Pardo’s Net Worth?

Good question. JD (which actually stands for Jorge Daniel) has a 2021 net worth of $4.2 Million. Last year’s earnings alone totaled $2 million.

What About JD Pardo Early Life and Family?

He was born on September 7, 1980, in Panorama City, CA. His parents are an Argentinian-American father and a mother who hails from El Salvador.

His zodiac sign is Capricorn and his father worked as a police officer while his mother worked for State Fund Insurance.

JD has two sisters that grew up with him when they were children. Although he grew up in Los Angeles, the home of a massive Raiders following, JD is actually a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

What’s Happening in JD Pardo Personal Life?

In real life, JD has been married to Emily Frlekin since 2010. She’s a lovely blonde who is a project manager for The Black Card Circle Foundation (a non-profit charity organization) and the couple has two children and a dog named Arrow.

What Are JD Pardo Vital Stats?

He’s 5 feet 11 inches tall and he weighs around 165 pounds, gives or takes a pound or two here and there.

It’s quite important that he stay in such good shape for his role as EZ and especially when he does those sexy shirtless scenes.


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What Has Happened in JD Pardo Career?

Throughout his acting career, JD has seen a great deal of success and received a ton of praise because of the varying nature of the characters that he has portrayed on screen, one of which gave rise to speculation that he was gay, but that’s far from the truth.

Besides currently starring as a biker named Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes in Mayans M.C., which first aired in 2018 and is coming back to TV sets nationwide for its fourth season, he previously played Nate/Jason in an NBC sci-fi series called “Revolution”.

He co-starred in that series with Billy Burke. Prior to that, he was probably known best for playing the role of Gwen Amber Rose Araujo/Edward Araujo Jr. in a Lifetime Network Movie entitled “A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story”.

In addition, he also played on FOX’s “Drive” and “Hidden Palms” on The CW. Unfortunately, those series ended up being canceled following their first seasons.

JD also played the character of Young Santiago in a movie called “The Burning Plain” in 2008.

In that film, he starred opposite Oscar winner, Jennifer Lawrence, as well as with Kim Basinger and Charlize Theron.

And, all fans of the amazing “Twilight” series undoubtedly remember Pardo as a half-vampire by the name of Nahuel in “Breaking Dawn” as well as a drug cartel member in “Snitch”. He also starred in “The Messengers”, a 2014–2015 season CW TV series.

Last but not least, he had a very important role in the major motion picture entitled “Fast 9”, the latest installment in the seemingly neverending “Fast & Furious Saga”.

It opened in theaters on June 25th, and JD portrayed Vin Diesel’s character, Dom Toretto’s father, Jack Toretto.

To see more of JD Pardo, just tune in to “Mayans MC” in 2022 and follow the exciting exploits of EZ Reyes, his brother, their women, and all of the members of the motorcycle club.

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