Aches: Bio, Real Name, Face Reveal, Net Worth and Facts

Aches Bio

Aches is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber. She is known for making gaming videos on both platforms. She plays games like VR Chat, Knockout City, Minecraft, and Vanguard.

Has Aches done a face reveal?

Fans have often requested a face reveal, but the young YouTuber has yet to do one. As a result, no one is sure what she looks like. It is unknown if she will do a face reveal in the future or not.

She represents herself through art. Artistic depictions portray her as a white woman with dark eyes and brown hair that is shoulder length. Presumably, she looks similar to this persona.

What is Aches’ real name?

Aches have yet to share her real name. She only goes by her internet nickname, Aches. She seems to be a private person, so it is unknown whether she will ever share her full legal name.

There is a false rumor that Aches is a man named Patrick Price. This is a mistake because people confuse two different “Aches” with each other. The male Aches is an eSports player and is different from the YouTuber Aches.

Some websites have confused the two individuals and thus have incorrect information.

What do we know about Aches’ parents?

Aches have not shared any specific information about her parents. We do know they were together in the 90s since Aches was born in 1998. Beyond that is a mystery.

What is Aches’ net worth?

Aches is estimated to have a net worth of 500k.

What are Aches’ statistics and measurements?

Aches were born on May 17, 1988. She is currently 23 years of age.

She is said to be 160 centimeters tall. That’s 5 feet and 2 inches. Her height and figure measurements have not been disclosed at this time.

What is Aches’ career like?

Aches’ career revolves around making gaming videos and sharing them online. Sometimes she collaborates with other YouTubers. Recently she has worked with the YouTuber, Grizzy.

She has 586k followers on YouTube. Her recent videos have titles like “Are you seriously watching Warzone all by yourself?” and “When warzone gets DISTRACTING!” The titles and thumbnails of her videos tend to have a flirtatious theme.

Her videos regularly get more than 100k views. Many of them have more than 300k views. One of her most popular is titled “FLIRTING with a PRO warzone player! ;)”

What are some facts about Aches?

Aches is a popular female YouTuber. She created her gaming channel in 2019.

Does Aches have a boyfriend?

Aches have a flirty personality, but she has not mentioned having a real-life boyfriend. She may be single. She is also a private person, so it is possible she is dating someone secretly.

What social media does Aches have?

Aches use Twitter and Discord. She does not use Instagram.

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