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IShowSpeed Net Worth: Who is, Age, Real Name, and Family Life

IShowSpeed Net Worth

Who Is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed is the stage name of an American Youtuber. IShowSpeed’s real name is Darren Watkins. He was born on January, 21st 2005, making Ishowspeed age sixteen years old.

IShowSpeed net worth

IShowSpeed net worth is estimated to be around $400,000 in 2021. He’s earned his money through his success on YouTube and Twitch. Since his popularity skyrocketed only this year, in 2021, his net worth is estimated to fluctuate climb over the next few years.

What Was IShowSpeed’s Early Life Like?

Being only sixteen, IShowSpeed is still experiencing his early life. He’s currently a sophomore in high school and plans to drop out when he reaches his junior year. He believes that focusing on YouTube could replace any career he would’ve gotten out of College.

How Did IShowSpeed Get Famous?

IShowSpeed started out three years ago when he decided to make gaming content on YouTube. His channel started to gain momentum when he began also posting on TikTok.

The popularity of his TikTok live streams sent droves of new fans to his YouTube channel, where he eventually garnered over 3 million subscribers.

He was able to skyrocket his subscriber count from 20k to 3 million in just under a year.

What Is IShowSpeed Current YouTube Content Like?

Currently, IShowSpeed focuses on posting live streams. The Live streams are of him playing VR games. He focuses primarily on live comedy while he games to amass fans.

Outside of video games, IShowSpeed has dabbled in making music with his single, Lying. The single achieved over 500k streams on its very first day.

What Is IShowSpeed’s Family Life Like?

IShowSpeed and his family are from the northern state of Michigan. These days, however, IShowSpeed can be found gaming from Tokyo, Japan.

Not much is known about his family, other than that he has a sister who is sometimes known to hilariously crash his live streams.

He has also confirmed to have a daughter, though not much is known about his newfound parenthood either.

What Kind Of Games Does IShowSpeed Play On His YouTube Channel?

He plays many different types of games, which is important for keeping a YouTube channel fresh.

He’s been known to play fortnight, Roblox, Lunch Lady, Resident Evil 7 Bio-Hazard, NBA2K20, NBA2K21, and many more.

Does IShowSpeed Have Social Media?

IShowSpeed is all over social media. He has over 973k followers on Instagram, 3 million followers on YouTube, and 165.3k followers on Twitter.

He was recently banned from Twitch due to controversy, so he can no longer be found on that specific platform.

What Made IShowSpeed Start His YouTube Career?

IShowSpeed’s interest in YouTube was sparked when a friend began sharing their own interests with starting a career on the platform.

The two joined YouTube, each making their own respective channels. While his friend decided videography wasn’t for him, IShowSpeed continued on his journey until he found rapid success.

What Did IShowSpeed Do Before YouTube?

IShowSpeed worked at a nursing home before making it big on YouTube.

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BruceDropEmOff: Bio, Age, Real Name, Girlfriend, Net Worth, and Socisl Media


Who is BruceDropEmOff?

BruceDropEmOff is an online content creator. More specifically, he is a streamer on Twitch. He is known for playing various video games.

Does BruceDropEmOff have a girlfriend?

BruceDropEmOff has a girlfriend. She appeared in one of his YouTube videos in 2020. Her name is Dana.

How tall is BruceDropEmOff?

BruceDropEmOff is on the taller side. He is 5’11’’. In metric, he is 180 centimeters.

What is BruceDropEmOff’s net worth?

As a popular, long-time Twitch streamer, BruceDropEmOff has a relatively large net worth. It is estimated at around 250k. That being said, the exact number is unknown.

What is BruceDropEmOff’s real name?

While he is best known as BruceDropEmOff, his full legal name is Bruce Ray Condones.

What is BruceDropEmOff’s age?

BruceDropEmOff is currently 21 years of age. He was born on September 23, 2000. This makes him part of Generation Z.

What is BruceDropEmOff’s social media?

BruceDropEmOff has a social media presence on many sites, not just Twitch and YouTube. There is a subreddit dedicated to him titled BruceDropEmOff. This is mostly used by fans.

He also posts personally on Instagram and Twitter. On both of these apps, his username is @raycondones.

A Brief Biography of BruceDropEmOff

BruceDropEmOff is a well-known Twitch streamer. He is currently 21 years of age but began making videos when he was just 12 years old. Over the years he has built up a large following and even been in some controversies.

He is known for playing video games like Fortnite, Roblox, and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. He also plays the Grand Theft Auto series quite often.

BruceDropEmOff is known for controversy on Twitch. He was once banned from the platform for a week after using the term “cracker.” It was only a brief suspension, however, and he is now back to live streaming. He remains a popular content creator with more than three hundred thousand followers.

BruceDropEmOff is an American citizen. He was born in the state of Georgia. More specifically, he was born in the city of Riverdale.

How much does BruceDropEmOff weigh?

BruceDropEmOff is said to weigh about 154 pounds. This is equal to 70kg. This means the was slightly less than the average adult American male.

What is BruceDropEmOff’s career?

BruceDropEmOff is a Twitch streamer. This means that he records himself playing video games for other people to watch live. Viewers can use a text chat to interact with BruceDropEmOff and each other.

There are two main ways that BruceDropEmOff makes money as a Twitch streamer. The first is through ad revenue. Twitch, which is owned by Amazon, shows ads to anyone viewing his live streams.

This means he makes more money when more people watch his videos. Seeing as he has more than three hundred thousand followers, this is a good income source for him.

Viewers can also subscribe to BruceDropEmOff through Twitch to earn digital rewards.

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Twitch Streamer

Aches: Bio, Real Name, Face Reveal, Net Worth and Facts


Aches Bio

Aches is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber. She is known for making gaming videos on both platforms. She plays games like VR Chat, Knockout City, Minecraft, and Vanguard.

Has Aches done a face reveal?

Fans have often requested a face reveal, but the young YouTuber has yet to do one. As a result, no one is sure what she looks like. It is unknown if she will do a face reveal in the future or not.

She represents herself through art. Artistic depictions portray her as a white woman with dark eyes and brown hair that is shoulder length. Presumably, she looks similar to this persona.

What is Aches’ real name?

Aches have yet to share her real name. She only goes by her internet nickname, Aches. She seems to be a private person, so it is unknown if she will ever share her full legal name or not.

There is a false rumor that Aches is actually a man by the name of Patrick Price. This is a mistake due to people confusing two different “Aches” with each other. The male Aches is an eSports player and a totally different individual from the YouTuber Aches.

Some websites have confused the two individuals and thus have incorrect information.

What do we know about Aches’ parents?

Aches have not shared any specific information about her parents. We do know they were together in the 90s since Aches was born in 1998. Beyond that is a mystery.

What is Aches’ net worth?

Aches is estimated to have a net worth of 500k.

What are Aches’ statistics and measurements?

Aches were born on May 17, 1988. She is currently 23 years of age.

She is said to be 160 centimeters tall. That’s 5 feet and 2 inches. Her height and figure measurements have not been disclosed at this time.

What is Aches’ career like?

Aches’ career revolves around making gaming videos and sharing them online. Sometimes she does collaborations with other YouTubers. Recently she has worked with the YouTuber, Grizzy.

She has 586k followers on YouTube. Her recent videos have titles like “Are you seriously watching Warzone all by yourself?” and “When warzone gets DISTRACTING!” The titles and thumbnails of her videos tend to have a flirtatious theme.

Her videos regularly get more than 100k views. Many of them have more than 300k views. One of her most popular is titled “FLIRTING with a PRO warzone player! ;)”

What are some facts about Aches?

Aches is a popular female YouTuber. She created her gaming channel in 2019.

Does Aches have a boyfriend?

Aches have a flirty personality, but she has not mentioned having a real-life boyfriend. She may be single. She is also a private person, so it is possible she is dating someone secretly.

What social media does Aches have?

Aches use Twitter and Discord. She does not use Instagram.

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