IShowSpeed Net Worth

IShowSpeed Net Worth: Who is, Age, Real Name, and Family Life

Who Is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed is the stage name of an American Youtuber. IShowSpeed’s real name is Darren Watkins. He was born on January 21st, 2005, making Ishowspeed age sixteen years old.

IShowSpeed net worth

IShowSpeed net worth is estimated to be around $400,000 in 2021. He’s earned his money through his success on YouTube and Twitch. Since his popularity skyrocketed only this year, in 2021, his net worth is estimated to fluctuate and climb over the next few years.

What Was IShowSpeed’s Early Life Like?

Being only sixteen, IShowSpeed is still experiencing his early life. He’s currently a sophomore in high school and plans to drop out when he reaches his junior year. He believes that focusing on YouTube could replace any career he would’ve gotten out of College.

How Did IShowSpeed Get Famous?

IShowSpeed started out three years ago when he decided to make gaming content on YouTube. His channel started to gain momentum when he also began posting on TikTok.

The popularity of his TikTok live streams sent droves of new fans to his YouTube channel, where he eventually garnered over 3 million subscribers.

He was able to skyrocket his subscriber count from 20k to 3 million in just under a year.

What Is IShowSpeed Current YouTube Content Like?

Currently, IShowSpeed focuses on posting live streams. The Live streams are of him playing VR games. He focuses primarily on live comedy while he games to amass fans.

Outside of video games, IShowSpeed has dabbled in making music with his single, Lying. The single achieved over 500k streams on its very first day.

What Is IShowSpeed’s Family Life Like?

IShowSpeed and his family are from the northern state of Michigan. These days, however, IShowSpeed can be found gaming from Tokyo, Japan.

Not much is known about his family besides that he has a sister who is sometimes known to crash his live streams hilariously.

He has also confirmed to have a daughter, though not much is known about his newfound parenthood either.

What Kind Of Games Does IShowSpeed Play On His YouTube Channel?

He plays many different types of games, which is important for keeping a YouTube channel fresh.

He’s been known to play fortnight, Roblox, Lunch Lady, Resident Evil 7 Bio-Hazard, NBA2K20, NBA2K21, and many more.

Does IShowSpeed Have Social Media?

IShowSpeed is all over social media. He has over 973k followers on Instagram, 3 million followers on YouTube, and 165.3k followers on Twitter.

He was recently banned from Twitch due to controversy, so he can no longer be found on that specific platform.

What Made IShowSpeed Start His YouTube Career?

IShowSpeed’s interest in YouTube was sparked when a friend began sharing their own interests with starting a career on the platform.

The two joined YouTube, each making their own respective channels. While his friend decided videography wasn’t for him, IShowSpeed continued on his journey until he found rapid success.

What Did IShowSpeed Do Before YouTube?

IShowSpeed worked at a nursing home before making it big on YouTube.

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