Jesse James West Net Worth

Jesse James West Net Worth: Who Is, Diet, Girlfriend, and Career

Who Is Jesse James West?

Famous Tik Tok and YouTuber Jesse James West’s popularity exploded via social media fitness routine videos.

The fitness trainer quickly gained a following on his platform, and he is currently one of the fastest-rising YouTube stars in the U.S. Since launching his channel in 2016, he’s garnered worldwide fame.

In addition to inspiring millions of watchers to get in shape, he sells a lot of merchandise including gym equipment, dietary supplements, athletic attire, and more. Additionally, Jesse’s clothing brand Alpha Groom & Dubs is doing quite well.

What is Jesse James West Net Worth

Jesse has made quite a bit of money via YouTube and other social media platforms. Jesse James West’s net worth is listed as $2 million. He clears about $300,000 annually.

Jesse James West Biography

Born in Sparta, New Jersey Jan 25, 2000, Jesse always had a dream to go into the fitness industry. He was a pretty good Lacrosse player and high school.

He has blue eyes, light brown hair, and in addition to working out, he loves to travel. His birth sign is Aquarius. He has a sister Chris.

His favorite celebrities are Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson.

After graduating, he decided to go into the fitness industry full-time. He recently relocated to the Miami, Florida area.

Jesse James Height and Weight

Jesse is 5″10′ and weighs about 176 lbs. Jesse has a toned and muscular 42″ chest, 32″ waist, and 20″ biceps.


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Jesse James West Girlfriend

Jesse James West’s girlfriend is a fitness guru and entrepreneur Claudia Walsh who can be seen in many of his videos. The couple has been in a live-in relationship for a long time.

Jesse James West Diet

Although Jesse is a foodie, he keeps it as clean as possible. His favorite foods include grilled chicken, lobster, and protein smoothies.

In order to stay fit, Jesse maintains a strict 3400 calorie per day diet. He says this routine of carbs, protein, and fat is specifically tailored to meet his nutritional needs.

While many of Jesse’s videos help subscribers get into great physical shape, he has many that also stress the importance of eating a clean diet.

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Jesse James West Career

Despite only being 21, Jesse is a very popular YouTube star. After creating his channel in 2016, it took off like a rocket. He began uploading weekly workout videos and vlogs.

Many viewers credit Jesse with helping them get into the best shape of their lives. Jesse has made some collaboration videos with Chris Heria (also known as the king of calisthenics).

These wildly successful videos feature Jesse training alongside Chris and answering questions about diet and workout. Viewers should also check out his other videos on relationships and dating, Q & A, R-rated, and challenges.

They have also increased Jesse’s subscriber base, which has reached an impressive 925K on YouTube. In terms of popularity, he ranks #5253 which isn’t bad considering the number of YouTubers promoting channels.

Jesse has a unique style of content. His fans and subscribers love his challenge videos, as well as his, a customized training site.

He has an entire library of fitness videos and training plans for both men and women.

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