Ashley Lakomowski

Ashley Lakomowski: Bio, Early Life, Marriage, Net Worth, and Fitness Journey

Unlike in the past, many women nowadays embrace bodybuilding to improve their health and increase muscle attractiveness. One woman who embraces bodybuilding is Ashley Lakomowski.

This article will cover Ashley’s early life, career, family, fitness journey, net worth, relationship, social media use, and more.

Ashley Lakomowski Bio

Ashley Lakomowski was born in California. She lived in Michigan before moving to San Antonio, Texas, where she is currently based. She is a bodybuilder who likes staying fit and healthy.

Ashley Lakomowski Early Life

Although her exact date of birth is unknown, Ashley was born 34 years ago in California. She was raised in California, where she also attended school. Her parents were religious people who inspired Ashley to be the spiritual person she is today.

Ashley Lakomowski Education

Ashley Lakomowski attended her K-12 studies in California. Nevertheless, there are no further details about the institutions she attended. Her post-secondary education is also a mystery.

Ashley Lakomowski Fitness Journey

Fitness and bodybuilding don’t just come by on a silver platter. They need input, discipline, and consistency. Ashley’s fitness journey is an inspiration to many people.

Ashely never thought she would ever sign up to a gym or even become a competitive bodybuilder.

At the age of 28 years, Ashley was battling low confidence issues when she met Mike, a 27-year-old guy battling heroin addiction. They went to the gyms twice a week for date nights when the two started dating.

Ashley and Mike engaged in bodybuilding to improve their health and attractiveness as time went by. The two sessions became five sessions per week.

After that, Ashley turned into a professional bodybuilder and started taking part in at least two bodybuilding competitions in a year.

Ashley Lakomowski Career

Ashley has a booming career thanks to bodybuilding and staying fit. She is a fitness model who works independently with fitness magazines, athletic wear companies, fitness firms, or supplement manufacturers.

She also registers for bodybuilding competitions every year. Ashley Lakomowski receives income in the form of compensation for participating in the events and often walks away with big rewards whenever she ranks among the top competitors in a given event.

Besides being a fitness model and competing in bodybuilding competitions, Ashley works as a fitness coach.

She provides her services as a coach to individual people or gets contracted by organizations to coach their employees. The fitness model makes a good living from these three jobs.

Ashley Lakomowski Net Worth

Ashley is a wealthy woman based on her earnings from her career. She is believed to be worth $50,000-$60,000. Much of her fortune comes from her job as a fitness model, and her job as a bodybuilder and fitness coach also adds up to her wealth.

Ashley Lakomowski Relationship

The fitness model and coach are in a healthy relationship. She is married to Mike, who is also her gym partner. The two have been together for more than five years and push each other to be better every day.

Ashley Lakomowski Training and Workout

Ashley sticks to her workout routines. She workouts five times a week, especially when preparing for bodybuilding competitions. Her exercises and training involve working all sets of muscles four or five times.

The fitness model relaxes her workout and training routines during the off-season. She may lift weights twice a week and do other exercises on the other days. She goes to the gym all year long, regardless of the season.

In addition to maintaining an exercise routine, Ashley also has a diet that she strictly follows. She practices healthy eating and tries to avoid junk food as much as possible. The fitness model mainly prepares all her meals at home.

Ashley Lakomowski Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Ashley has a muscular, attractive body. She has a height of 5ft 5inches, and her weight varies based on bodybuilding seasons. She maintains a body mass of 64kg when the season is on and a weight of 74kg during the off-season.

Ashley Lakomowski Social Media

The fitness model and coach have an online media presence. She has an Instagram account with 263k followers and is following 2242 accounts.

Ashley Lakomowski has 1188 posts, most of which involve her workout sessions, promotions for brands, and personal life.

She is also present on Facebook, where she has thousands of followers. Like in her Instagram account, the model posts pictures and videos related to her workouts and personal life on Facebook. Many people engage with her posts on both Instagram and Facebook.

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