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Lily Bowman: Bio, Early Life, Daing, Net Worth, and Workout Plan

If you know the household name, Lily Bowman, you know she leads a secretive private life. Let us help you uncover the secrets to who Lily Bowman is and what makes her tick.

Lily Bowman’s Net Worth

Born and raised in Australia, Lily Bowman is a fitness model and media superstar with an approximated net worth of 3 million dollars. She is known for her very lean body and fantastic physique, achieved by hard work, determination, and discipline.

Lily Bowman Early Life

Lily, her nickname, had a very active childhood, playing sports and participating in school plays. She had a love for the arts and specialized in sprints and basketball. Her competitive nature led her to partake in sprint competitions, basketball, and other sports.

The Story behind Lily Bowman

Challenges met Lily’s road to success that affected her physical and mental health. After a friend noticed she had gained some weight in high school, she took to the gym to work on weight loss.

With her obsession to lose weight, Lily changed her diet to only consist of crackers and a can of tuna. She spent her training hours doing only cardio every day, which took a toll on her body and mind.

She got better by changing her approach towards weight loss and started working on gaining mass and a healthier diet.

Inspiration to many

Lily’s fitness journey has helped her achieve an enviable physique throughout the years. Her incredible transformation, not just her body but also her mental health, was achieved through hard work and discipline.

Enthralled by her achievements, Lily took to social media and started sharing her journey to inspire others. Her humble, genuine, and relatable persona has resonated with thousands of women worldwide, and her fan base keeps growing day by day.

Lily is a role model to many young women by her powerful influence on social media. The success of her fitness journey is unparalleled and has been the driving force behind a successful fitness career.

Her story is encouraging and motivating, reaching people all over showing them that they can achieve anything with enough perseverance.

Lily Bowman Interests

Being a fitness model, Lily loves what she does, and her passion is evident in her pictures and videos. Lily has always had an interest in the arts, and apart from sports, she also involved herself in school plays.

Lily loves traveling as she has been to Europe, Hawaii, America, and many more adventures. She would love to one day take a hike in the beautiful highlands of Africa. Her hobbies include dancing, playing the piano, and also surfing.


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We do not know much about her family as Lily likes to keep her private life out of the spotlight. She does have a younger brother, Olly Bowman, who loves working together and traveling. She has a pug dog, Squishy, who she considers as family.

Who is Lily Bowman Dating?

Lily is very secretive about her dating life, but she has confirmed that she is single after breaking up from a 1-year long relationship.

We do not know her recent ex’s name, but you can find a few pictures of him or part of him on her Instagram account.

Little is known of her past relationships, but we know that she has not been previously engaged, and she is childless.

Laidback lifestyle

As a fitness model, Lily Bowman helps promote healthy living and works with different brands.

She has been featured in many magazines, print, TV, and the internet for her physique. Her favorite workout consists of HIIT and plyometric training.

Since she is from Australia, Lily is quite laid back and enjoying life; she loves being on the beach and doing yoga with her dog Squishy. She is also very busy with her work commitments, but she enjoys traveling.

Lily Bowman career

Lily is best known as a fitness model. She is also a qualified personal trainer and entrepreneur. Lily and her brother Olly have an activewear brand called BWMN Active, and Lily is also the owner of a swimwear line called Sym The Label.

She has modeled for Poppy Bikinis, a United States-based bikini company, and has appeared in various fitness magazines.

Her career rose after she got involved with social media, where she kept sharing pictures of herself and was invited to many fitness shows and events where she could promote herself.

Lily Bowman Training

Lily started training at the age of 17. Lily’s heavy compound lifts and light-weight isolation exercises target faster twitch muscle fibers. Her isolation exercises focus on muscle hypertrophy and specific body parts like glutes in her training regimen.

Her workout also includes cardio, where she takes walks for 2-3 days a week, and cardio machines.

Lily Bowman Nutrition

Lily’s diet is based on Paleo-inspired nutrition. Lily’s diet includes fresh organic foods, grass-fed meat, poultry, and whey protein. Lily also consumes many fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, like dark green leafy vegetables, watermelon, berries, and apricots.

Lily also consumes spices like garlic powder and ginger to assist her with digestive health.

Lily Bowman Height and Weight

Lily Bowman was born on December 27, 1998. As of February 2022, she is 23 years old. According to her social media accounts, Lily Bowman is roughly 5’7″ inches tall and weighs 55kg.

Body Measurements Lily Bowman is a curvy lady, and she keeps her body fit and lean by doing a lot of fitness workouts daily. Considering her height, Lily’s body mass index (BMI) is only 18.6 compared to a regular person’s BMI of 23-25, which means that Lily has an average BMI.


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Lily Bowman’s workout plan

Lily devised a workout plan that works best for her and shares it with her followers on her socials. Her workout plan is based on a combination of cardio, weight training, and plyometrics.

Her workout includes;

  • Full body circuit 30-45 min
  • Weight sessions 40-60 min
  • Walks and jogs 30-50 min

Hence, she does high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in her regimen with resistance training and plyometrics.

An Instagram star

Lily Bowman has a mass following on her Instagram @lily_bowman of 1.3 million followers and still growing. She also has a youtube channel and a TikTok account, @lily_bowman5, which is currently sitting on 1.5 million followers.

Her youtube channel, Lily Bowman, has 144,000 subscribers where she uploads content regularly. Her Instagram account is followed by many fitness models, athletes, and businesses.

Lily Bowman Height Weight and Body facts

  • Real Name-Lily Bowman
  • Date of Birth-December 27, 1998
  • Age-23
  • Birthplace-Sydney, Australia
  • Dating Status-Single
  • Height-5’7”, 170 cm
  • Weight-55 kg
  • Nationality-Australian
  •  Hair Color-Dark-brown
  • Eye Color-Brown
  • Waist size-27 inches
  • Hip size-34 inches
  • Shoe size- 10(US)


Lily Bowman has a lot of fitness experience under her belt. Notably, she works hard on keeping fit and healthy living. She also enjoys traveling.

Lily Bowman is an online fitness star who maintains an active Instagram account of 1.3 million followers, and she has ensnared the hearts of many.

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