Sumeet Sahni

Sumeet Sahni: Who is, Career, Net Worth, Relationship, and IFBB competition

Sumeet Sahni is a fitness model who captured the attention of many after her insane body transformation.

The workout guru has become an Instagram sensation, going from a woman with a lackluster physique to one of the most sought-after fitness models by men and women alike in 2018.

Sumeet defied convention, took risks that could have backfired, and is living proof that hard work will eventually lead to success.

Sahni stands as an inspiration to many around the world who seek to lose weight or become fit. Below are all the answers to all the questions you might have about Sumeet.

Who is Sumeet Sahni?

Born in 1987, Sahni grew up watching her father, a bodybuilder, training hard; however, it was not until the age of 17 that Sumeet decided to join the gym.

Having been inspired by her father, setting fitness goals for herself, and being unhappy with what she looked like became her motivation to start working out regularly.

From Lazy Couch Potato to Gym Junkie, Sumeet started training at home using a simple set of dumbbells and resistance bands.


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What is Sumeet’s Lifestyle?

Sumeet admits she used to be a lazy couch potato. She managed to lose weight by sticking to a strict diet and working out regularly.

She would exercise for six days each week for an hour each day without fail! Today, Sumeet is a regular gym-goer and rarely misses a workout session.

How is Sumeet’s Career?

One of the aspects of Sumeet’s life that is under scrutiny from her fans is how she goes about earning a living.

According to Sahni, she does not have a day job and does not work out because of sponsored ads on Instagram. She is an entrepreneur who started her own business after years of being a personal trainer.

What is Sumeet’s Diet?

Sumeet admits to not sticking to a diet plan for long periods. She tries different diets but finds it difficult to maintain them for long. Today, her diet is balanced and includes vegetables and fruit, which are very important for one’s well-being.

What is Sumeet’s net worth?

It is estimated that Sahni is an entrepreneur who has a net worth of $1 million.

What are Sumeet’s achievements?

Sumeet is a success story that many aspiring fitness models look up to. Her Instagram page boasts of over 300,000 fans and counting.

Despite being trolled for her weight gain, Sumeet has been able to keep her head held high and keep going about doing what she loves most: training hard in the gym.

How does Sumeet train?

Sahni trains two to three times a week for an hour or so each time. She does not work out for paltry amounts of time.

She sticks to the routine and makes sure she gets the most out of her workout sessions. Using super-heavy weights is her fitness routine.

What are Sumeet’s height, weight, and body measurements?

Sahni is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs in at 70 kilos. Sumeet wears a size 36C bra, has a 26-inch waist, and has 40-inch hips. Her thighs measure 30 inches round and her biceps 17 inches round.

Sahni admits that her body fat has risen due to her weight gain but refuses to say how much it has risen.

What is Sumeet’s husband’s name?

Sumeet does not have a husband and does not plan to marry anytime soon.

What is Sumeet’s age?

Sahni is 29 years old.

Where was Sumeet’s first-ever Fitness Competition?

Sahni has been part of several competitions, the first-ever being a Fitness Federation of America (FFA) competition in Florida. She stayed in the top 3 for four years in a row.

What is Sumeet Sahni’s workout plan?

Sahni’s workout plan involves a mix of martial arts and weight training. She incorporates a tough cardio session at the end of her workout. According to Sahni, this helps her burn more fat and boost her stamina.

What does Sumeet’s meal plan look like?

Sahni has been consistent with her diet for a long time and does not have a limited food list. She does keep a variety of healthy and nutritious dishes in her fridge. However, the dinner menu she feeds on is pretty standard all year round.

What competition did Sumeet face at the IFBB competition?

Sumeet will attend the IFBB competition in Los Angeles on March 31 in the fitness model with an athletic physique category. She will face competition from various physical fitness models, and she hopes to win.

What is Sumeet’s Social Media Handle?

Sahni maintains a Facebook page and Instagram page, and Twitter handle. Her Instagram followers are on the rise. Sahni’s Instagram page has more than 300,000 followers. Her Instagram handle is @sumeetsahni, and her Twitter name is @sumeetfitness.

What is Sumeet’s motivation?

Sumeet does not have a fixed motivation. She wants to inspire people to work out and go beyond what has been achieved in the past by staying motivated and pushing herself beyond her limits.

What is Sumeet’s advice to others?

Sahni believes that it is important to take small steps and make small bits of progress each day. One should be aware of their limitations but try to do something positive even when they feel like quitting.

What is Sumeet’s YouTube channel name?

Sahni maintains a YouTube channel. She has uploaded videos for her fans to watch and is a regular on Instagram and Twitter.

What is Sumeet’s nationality?

Sahni was born in India but currently lives in Canada.

Who is Sumeet’s role model?

Sahni’s role model is her father, who has inspired her to work hard and pursue her dreams.

What is Sumeet’s best body part?

Sahni believes that she has a fantastic upper body. This is her best feature.

What are Sumeet’s future plans?

Sumeet Sahni and her amazing physique have got the world of fitness enthusiasts buzzing. Sahni plans to keep training hard and competing in fitness competitions in the near future.

She intends to win the fitness competition in Los Angeles on March 31 and then aims to compete in other international competitions.

What are Sumeet’s favorite social media platforms?

Sahni loves Facebook and Instagram. She spends lots of time on both these platforms. If she feels like spending some time on Twitter, she will but usually prefers to stay active on Facebook and Instagram.

Is Sumeet the most attractive female fitness model in the world?

Sahni is extremely beautiful and has got many admirers for her beauty. Her fans are very loyal to her cause and support her in any way they can.

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