Bj Gaddour

Bj Gaddour: Bio, Marriage, Net Worth, Career, Nutrition and Workout

A well-known fitness instructor, BJ Gaddour was not always the picture of perfect health. He grew up with quite a few pounds on the scale, changing only after college football. His goal is to mentor and train people on how best to keep fit,

Bj Gaddour Net worth

Having such a fit body does have its perks, among them being a model for famous fitness labels. At a net worth of around $800,000, he gets his income from sponsored posts, books on fitness, and training different clients, most of whom are well off.

In addition, he is a businessman who markets his brand bringing in customers and growing his name and, in turn, his wealth.

Is BJ Gaddour married?

Yes, he is. He is married to Nina Jones, who is a writer. Mr. Gaddour lavishes praises for her on several occasions stating that they have been together since a sophomore year back in Amherst College.

Bj Gaddour Workout routine

The fitness guru plan is created to burn out calories quickly with a 28-day plan designed to build muscle while burning calories. The workout has intense challenges to help gain strength.

Does the Bj Gaddour family have kids?

For the time being, it’s just him and his wife Nina, although they have pets. Gaddour also has a younger brother who goes by Ben Gaddour and his father, both of whom he enjoys spending time with and does not shy away from admitting this fact.

What are Bj Gaddour Body Measurements?

At six foot two, he is a towering figure weighing 72kgs. He has dark brown eyes with black hair. For those enthusiasts who might be thinking of fitting into a suit his size, his chest measures at 44 inches with a 30″ waist and biceps rounding off at 16 inches.

Bj Gaddour Nutrition and Diet

Before getting shredded and losing weight, Bj was no stranger to junk food, and his body showed this clearly.

After high school, he decided to cut back on sugary foods and bread, focusing on weight loss and managed to cut off at least 50 pounds. His diet now consists mostly of vegetables, taking a lettuce burger instead of a bread bun, for example.

How old is Bj Gaddour?

Four decades is not an easy achievement, especially for one who still looks way younger than his actual years. He celebrates his birthday in September and is proud of what he has achieved this far.

Bj Gaddour Career

He has been in the fitness career for over twenty years, starting straight after college. His major was sociology and economics, but he did not want to follow this career path.

Putting his mind into it, he decided to train people on how best to stay fit and introduced the METABOLISM BOOT CAMP located in Milwaukee.

The camp focuses on professionals who may not have time, hence the 30-minute workouts, which work for most people.

Bj Gaddour on Social Media

His handle is @bjgaddour for Instagram, with over 287k followers. @BJ Gaddour for Facebook has over 529 thousand accounts.

He uses the platform for marketing his work and helping people improve their workout routines and diet.

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