Asuka: Bio, Personal Life, Family, Net Worth, and Wrestling Career

Asuka is a very accomplished professional Japanese wrestler, currently signed with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) under the Raw brand.

She has been professionally wrestling for over 18 years now. She is known as one of the most powerful female wrestlers in the WWE Women’s division. During her career, she has won over 16 championships and titles.

Asuka Bio and Early Life

Asuka’s birth name in Kanako Urai. She was born on September 26, 1981, in Osaka, Japan. Before becoming an amazing professional wrestler, Urai participated in many other admiral things.

She attended Osaka University of Arts Junior College, where she studied graphic design and sports.

Her passions and hobbies included pop cultures and media like video games and rock music. After graduating college, she became a writer and graphic designer for Xbox Magazine and Nintendo DS.

She also studied and practiced badminton and figure skating. In addition to these notable accomplishments, she also owns a popular hair salon in Japan.

Asuka Early Wrestling Career

Asuka started her wrestling career in 2004 by joining the AtoZ promotion in Japan. She put her career on hold to chase her dreams of being a professional wrestler by following in her heroes’ footsteps.

From there, she continued to work for multiple independent Japanese and American wrestling corporations, including JWP Joshi Puroresu, NEO Japan Ladies Pro Wrestling, and many more.

Shortly after starting her wrestling career, she had to take a small break due to a chronic kidney issue. During this time, she went back to graphic design and opened her own studio.

This short break was only temporary, though, as she couldn’t wait to get back into the ring. She continued to wrestle for these companies from 2006 until the WWE recruited her in 2015.

Asuka World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Wrestling Career

In 2015, Asuka was inducted into the WWE. She was the first Japanese professional wrestler to sign with WWE in over 20 years.

During her time with WWE, she successfully climbed the ranks and wowed everyone with her power moves and strength.

In 2016, she won the WWE NXT Women’s Championship, where she impressively held onto the title for over 500 days straight. It was the longest streak in WWE history.

In 2017, she moved to the main roster with WWE. In 2018, she became the inaugural Women’s Royal Rumble winner. And in 2020, she won the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match.

She was also the two-time Raw Women’s Champion, SmackDown Women’s Champion, and a two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion.

Following this, she became the third Women’s Triple Crown Champion and the second Women’s Grand Slam Champion.

Asuka’s Signature Move

Asuka’s famous signature move is her finisher called Asuka Lock. A powerful submissive move that combines two favorite wrestling moves, the cross-face chicken wing, and body scissors, into one ultimate takedown move.

Asuka’s Net Worth

Asuka earned a modest salary from her WWE contract, giving her a net worth of over one million dollars today.

Asuka’s Personal Life and Family

Asuka now lives in Miami, Florida. She is very private about her personal family life. It is unknown whether she is married, but she has stated that she is a working mother in an interview once, indicating that she does have children. It is unknown how many kids she has, though.

Does Asuka Have an Identical Twin Sister?

There have been many rumors that Asuka has an identical twin sister named Fumie. Supposedly the two of them together create the wrestler Asuka.

It is said that they take turns going into the ring as Asuka and are never seen together or at the same time. This is all just gossip, as no official information about a twin has ever been confirmed.


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Asuka Physical Appearance

Asuka has a very lean and athletic build. She is 5’3 tall and weighs a muscular 137 pounds. Her body measurements are 36-32-36, and she wears a 34C bra size. She has dark brown eyes and naturally black hair that she frequently dyes in multiple colors.

Does Asuka Speak English?

Asuka speaks English very well and has gotten even better over the years of her living in the United States. She has a thick Japanese accent, but she is still easy to understand.

Is Asuka Social?

Although Asuka is very private about her personal family life, she is active on many social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She also has her own YouTube Channel where she posts often.

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