Sophie Mudd

Sophie Mudd: Who is, Career, Net Worth, Relaionships, and Body Measurements

The new generation’s method of gaining fame and popularity seems to be social networking. Sophie Mudd is one of the most stunning models who has gained much attention on social media.

Gorgeous Sophie is an internet celebrity and model from the United States who rose to notoriety on social networking platforms.

She has 1.3 million Instagram followers, making her one of the internet’s newest and most well-known personalities.

She just had to post her first Instagram snap to become famous! But it’s not that simple. It is the result of her zeal and drive. Let’s go into the details of this stunning model.

Who is Sophie Mudd?

As we’ve mentioned, Sophie Budd’s journey to social media fame began in November 2013 after she shared her first photograph online. She has stirred up the ever-busy Instagram and Snapchat networks, gaining thousands of followers.

Sophie Mudd was born in the United States on June 27, 1998. She was characterized as shy when she was a child.

She is particularly concerned about maintaining the privacy of her personal and family life. Other than her brother Nicolas Mudd, there is not much information in the limelight about her parents or siblings.

Even Nicolas Mudd is less recognized. There is little or no information regarding his age, personal life, or profession. On the other hand, his passion for travel seems to be unmistakable.

Mudd has worked with several well-known businesses and garnered a sizable net worth. She did not, however, accomplish all of this on her own.

Her family, who are vital in whatever she aspires to achieve, have been her most loyal fans. Sophie seems to have a strong relationship with her parents, especially her mother. She sometimes uploads images of her parents on social media to convey her affection for them.

She has shared an early photo of herself with her father in one of her posts, expressing gratitude to him for becoming the woman she is today.

Sophie has also uploaded a photo of her mother holding a little replica of herself in another post, referring to her as her BFF (best friend) forever, while bidding her a happy Mother’s Day.

Sophie Mudd’s Career

As discussed, Sophie Mudd is one of the most popular models on Instagram and has over 2.2 million followers. After sharing a bikini photo with model Anya Nicolodi, she has been the focus of controversy.

Despite the flood of nice words they received, many individuals criticized the two stunning women for their appearance.

Sophie Mudd swiftly rose to prominence after joining Instagram. Within six months, she had 500,000 followers and caught the attention of some of the world’s most well-known businesses.

Mudd has now collaborated with brands including Nike, Body Glove Girl, Frankies, Revolve, DIFF Eyewear, Beverly Hills Bikini Shop, Romeo Power Technology, Prix Workshop, Shadow Hill, Angelina Jolie, Cloudten, and a plethora of other businesses.

FHM magazine projected she would be the next renowned American model, following in the footsteps of Emily Ratajkowski.

She supposedly makes hundreds of thousands of dollars from an OnlyFans account every month.

However, it’s unclear how Mudd’s revenue will be affected by the upcoming OnlyFans prohibition on sexually explicit material.


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Sophie Mudd’s Relationships

Although only two have been made public, Sophie Mudd has been in several relationships.

She was briefly connected to Conrad Hughes Hilton Jr., the youngest son of multi-millionaire Barron Hilton and Paris Hilton’s younger brother. In 2016, it was revealed that the couple had divorced and had unfollowed each other on social media.

After her relationship with Hilton ended, Sophie Mudd started an affair with “Clueless” actress Stacey Dash’s son, Austin Dash.

They started dating in 2017 and are still together. Austin Dash is a model who will be turning 32 this year.

He has been modeling since he was 20 and has been in advertisements for big companies such as Kid Dangerous. The pair routinely post pictures of each other on social media, demonstrating that their love grows stronger every day.

Sophie is an animal enthusiast, and Austin got her a companion dog called Alfie for Christmas in 2017, and the gesture seems meaningful.

Sophie Mudd’s net worth

Sophie Mudd is a model, actress, and Instagram star. As one of OnlyFans’ top models, she allegedly earns hundreds of dollars every month. That’s a lot of money for someone who’s just starting in the entertainment world as a top model.

Sophie Mudd has a variety of revenue sources. She has put in a lot of effort from an early age and saved up a lot of money.

Sophie Mudd has a net worth of over $1 million in 2022. This is an outstanding accomplishment, especially because she is still striving to be the best in her area.

Sophie Mudd’s Body Measurements

Sophie Mudd’s height is around 5’5, and her weight is about 58 kg. Her eyes are dark, and her hair is blonde. She is stunning, youthful, and seductive.

She has a beautiful physical form, and the youthful audience adores her. Her beautiful, silky hair, as well as her attractive, sparkling eyes, are so appealing. She exudes a magnetic personality. It’s like viewing a real-life doll.


To date, Sophie Mudd has built a successful career as a model, social media personality, and influencer in a very short time.

Early in life, she decided to become a model, and with the help of her family, she established a strategy and began working immediately.

Her non-monetary qualities have helped her rise to the top of the business ladder; despite being born into a wealthy family. Her passion and zeal to achieve have made her move to greater heights in her career.

She has already started to reap the rewards of her hard work. OnlyFans, a site that caters to fan-created content, has ranked her as one of the highest-paid models. Her career will surely rise to new heights as she evolves into a master of her craft.

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