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Viking Barbie: Who is, Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Real Name

Viking Barbie

Viking Barbie is a woman famous for being a model. She has been called one of the most beautiful women on social media and is also known for having many tattoos.

Nowadays Viking Barbie is a social media influencer. She is a musician, rapper, and songwriter as well. Another thing she is well-known for is her experience with rehab, jail, and drug addiction.

What is Viking Barbie’s age?

Viking Barbie is currently 36 years old. She was born on October 22, 1985. This makes her a Libra and part of the millennial generation.

What is Viking Barbie’s real name?

Although she is best known as Viking Barbie on the internet, her legal name is Kayleigh Meagan Swenson.

A Brief Biography of Viking Barbie

Viking Barbie is known for having two of her photos go viral online. She shared two photos of herself side by side. One was a mugshot from 2011 while the other was a more recent picture from 2019.

She talked about her troubled time when the first picture was taken. She said that her health was terrible then and that she had even lost several teeth. She described herself as a “slave” to heroin and cocaine.

Viking Barbie began to have problems with alcohol and illegal substances after her successful career began. Allegedly this was due to a party lifestyle.

One reason she has had to deal with mental problems is that she has a borderline personality disorder, better known as BPD.

This is a Cluster B personality disorder associated with drug abuse, emotional outbursts, and harmful behavior. Viking Barbie has spoken openly about her struggles with the disorder.

By this point, Viking Barbie has been sober for eight years. She has opened something called Viking House, which is a transitional living program for men. She has said she wants to help people dealing with addiction and homelessness.

She says she named herself Viking Barbie because she embraces duality. Viking represents power. Barbie represents femininity.

Viking Barbie has many tattoos on her arms and legs. She says that these represent the seven sins. In particular, she has two special tattoos: one for gluttony and another for lust.

She says she doesn’t agree with many Christian rules. Rather, she got these tattoos because she struggles with “excess and obsession.” They are symbolic of things she does not want to forget about.

What was Viking Barbie’s early life like?

Viking Barbie has not revealed too much about her early days. What is known is she was born in San Antonio, Texas. She has said that she felt the need to grow up quickly since her father was hard-working and famous.

Does Viking Barbie have a boyfriend?

Yes, Viking Barbie is currently dating a man named Aaron Andrew. She seems to have begun dating him in 2018 or around that time. There was once a rumor she was dating the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, but this was later proved false.


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What is Viking Barbie’s body like?

Viking Barbie is 5 feet and 10 inches tall. In other words, she is 177 centimeters tall. That makes her taller than the average American woman.

She is said to weigh 127 pounds. That’s equal to 58 kilograms. While unusual for an average woman, these stats are more typical among models.

Does Viking Barbie have a Wikipedia page?

At this point, Viking Barbie does not have a page on Wikipedia or any other similar sites. It’s possible this may change in the future. She would need to meet their criteria for being a notable person.

What is Viking Barbie’s net worth?

Viking Barbie’s net worth is estimated to be around 5 million dollars. This is due to her many income streams. She is doing very well as a social media influencer, model, and musician.

Viking Barbie is definitely a career woman. She says she inherited her work ethic from her parents. Her father, in particular, encouraged her to follow her dreams even when no one else believed in her.

Another reason Viking Barbie’s net worth is so high is that she has been in the business for many years. She has tons of experience being a model. She also still makes passive income when old products of hers sell.

Also, being a model boosted her name recognition so she could make a brand for herself. When she went viral on Instagram, the same effect took place. Likewise, she often does interviews for magazines, allowing people to ask her personal questions and take photographs.

In other words, she has been able to advertise herself successfully over and over again. All of these skills have increased her net worth to what it is today.

What are Viking Barbie’s songs?

Viking Barbie is known for her music. One of her most popular songs is “Blow Ya Mind (Succubus).” Her other famous song is “All The Way To The Bank.”

Other songs include “Bury Yourself,” “Lies,” and “December.” Recently she released a hip hop album titled “Borderline.” She usually promotes her songs on Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify.

She does not make the music all by herself. She collaborates with others like the songwriter Keta Kuns and the producer Chase-Green.

She has said that Chase is like a brother to her. “She said, He can basically take my personality and put it into beats. It’s kind of creepy and weird because I’m a very up-and-down person.”

She has praised Keta Kuns’ talent as well. In one interview, Viking Barbie said, “Keta is so good at putting things I want to say into a song. Since I’ve always written poetry it was this great writing team, where we were able to collaborate.”

Her songs are typically about her struggles with addiction, mental health, and so on. She embraces the darkness of her past and refers to herself as an “All-American Dirtbag.” She says she overcame her past with a combination of positive thinking and a strong work ethic.

Viking Barbie is a very prolific musician. She has currently released twelve albums. Some are singles while others contain numerous songs.

One of her songs, “Dirtbag Baby” is a reference to her self-given nickname. This song was co-created with Keta Kuns and Bezz Believe. It was released as a single.

Her songs are often rated explicit. This is due to the mature themes of the lyrics. They are not suitable for children.

What is Viking Barbie’s career like?

Viking Barbie has had a varied career. She has been successful as a musician, a model, and a social media influencer. These days she is mostly known as an influencer.

She is a content creator who makes most of her money through the internet. She sells her songs along with photographs of herself. She is successful at both ventures.

As an influencer, she relentlessly promotes herself on social media like Twitter and Instagram. In turn, her fans share her posts enthusiastically. This back-and-forth relationship she has with her millions of followers is the basis of her business.

What social media accounts does Viking Barbie have?

As an influencer, Viking Barbie is often online. Instagram is her main. Her username there is @viking.barbie.

On Instagram, she has 11.1m followers and 313 posts. She has sometimes been called the Queen of Instagram because of this. It took her several years to build up such a large following.

Meanwhile, her Twitter username is @VikingBarbie_. There she has 682.4K followers. So, while she has more followers on Instagram, she is doing quite well on Twitter, too.

Viking Barbie uses social media to post photographs of herself and advertise her songs and other business ventures. She also uses YouTube to share her music. Her YouTube channel is simply titled “Viking Barbie.”

Pictures of Viking Barbie also often circulate on other sites, too, like Tumblr and Reddit.

Who is Viking Barbie’s family?

Viking Barbie’s father was called Robert Alexander Swenson or Jeep Swenson. He has since passed away. In life, he was a wrestler and a bodybuilder.

Her mother is Erin Hillsman. She is still alive. She was formerly an exotic dancer and a fitness model but has retired from both of those careers.

Today Viking Barbie’s family is composed of her partner Aaron Andrew and their daughter Autumn. She also has a goddaughter. She refers to her god-daughter as a “sister.”


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What is Viking Barbie’s ethnicity?

Viking Barbie is a white American woman. Her exact ethnic heritage is unknown. It is likely most or all of her ancestors are from Europe.

One possible clue is her legal last name, Swenson. Swenson is the Americanized version of the last name most common in Caucasians. So, her ethnicity might be Caucasian.

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Cintia Dicker: Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Body Measurements

Cintia Dicker

Cintia Dicker is a well-known name in the fashion industry. The beautiful redhead model has a string of accolades attached to her. We will go into depth on her lifestyle, family, and career.

Cintia Dicker Biography

On 6th December 1986, Cintia Dicker was born in the quiet little town of Campo Bom, Brazil. Her most noticeable feature has to be her long lustrous red hair and the beautiful freckles on her face. Her gorgeous blue eyes and striking body shape make her stand out.

Cintia Dicker Family

She has both Brazilian and German ancestry. Her paternal grandfather Carlos Osmar and paternal grandmother Maria Adayr are of German descent, making Cintia Dicker a German from her father’s side.

Not much is known about her maternal grandfather, but her maternal grandmother Josefina Zimmer is Brazilian and born in the Rio Grande do Sul, just like Cintia.

Sadly, her father passed on after a horrific motorcycle accident when Cintia was two years old. There is pictorial evidence that her mother, Anelise Schneider, is still alive and well, and the two are pretty close.


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Cintia Dicker Boyfriend

Her most publicized romantic engagement was with Rafael Lazzini, a model, in 2014. Cintia is currently married to Pedro Scooby since November 2020 till date.

Cintia Dicker Net Worth

Her current net worth is estimated to be 5 million US dollars, with her modeling and swimwear line being the most significant contributors to her wealth.

Cintia Dicker Lifestyle

Cintia’s current husband, Pedro Scooby, was previously married to Luana Piovani, with whom they share three children. Cintia currently has no kids but takes care of the three kids from Pedro’s previous marriage when they come over to their house.

Cintia Dicker’s notoriety in the modeling industry and financial prowess have seen her support a few children’s charities in her country, Brazil.

Cintia Dicker Career

Cintia Schneider Dick officially changed to Cintia Dicker when she moved to New York in her early modeling days. Cintia Dicker is a woman that wears many hats. Some of her notable jobs include being a model, actress, and businesswoman.

She has modeled for some of the biggest and grandest brands and runways globally. She is a force to reckon with in the fashion industry, both as a model and fashion wear brand. Cintia Dicker started her modeling career in Brazil at the age of 16 after being discovered by a talent agent in a mall.

Some of the most impressive modeling agencies she has worked with include Munich Models, London’s Storm Model Management, Women Management in New York, and Public Image Management in Montreal. Cintia is a famous face on TV and has appeared in several advertisements and commercials.

She has been in adverts such as Wildfox Couture, Tom Ford, Macy’s, Yves Saint Laurent, and L’Oreal. Cintia has been on a couple of catalogs for famous powerhouses such as Gap, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, and Bebe stores.

Her most extended feature for any magazine has been on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition between the years 2009 all 2013. She has been on a few magazines covers, the likes of Elle, Brazilian Teen Vogue, and Marie Claire.

Her modeling career has seen her grace the fashion shows of brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Matthew Williamson, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Peter Som. Cintia Dicker is hailed among the top sexiest model.

She has also tried out her hand as an actress and was cast in a few series and movies for different roles.

Her acting career has seen her play the parts of a model, teenager, and as herself in Belissima, Correio Feminino, and Totalmente Demais, respectively. She represented Brazil in the YouTube series 100 Years of Beauty in 2015.

Cintia Dicker is a successful business person with a swimsuit line, Dicker Swimwear. The swimsuits are pretty popular due to their functional features and beautiful modern look.

The pieces are available in different types, such as two-piece, plunging neckline one piece, and even surfing swimsuits. The line is doing quite well, and it comes as no surprise that Cintia has modeled her swimsuit collection.

She designed the pieces herself, and they come in all colors and the best fabric. Dicker Swimwear was launched in 2011.


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Cintia Dicker Diet

She considers herself a spiritual person and a great supporter of healthy eating and fitness. When asked how she has maintained her curvy silhouette and fantastic figure, she attributes it to her healthy food choices, meditation, and fitness routine.

She says that her diet primarily consists of green smoothies, fruits, salads, and she will have some meat twice per month.

Cintia Dicker Education

Not much is known about Cintia Dicker’s educational background.

Cintia Dicker Height and Weight

She has the perfect model height of five feet, ten inches, and weighs about thirty pounds.

Cintia Dicker Age

Cintia Dicker is currently 35 years old and will be turning 36 years old on 6th December.

Cintia Dicker Body Measurements

Her body measurements are a 34-inch bust, 24-inch waist, and 35-inch hips, and she wears a size 9 US shoe.

Cintia Dicker Social Media

Cintia Dicker is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Cintia Dicker Facts

Cintia Dicker is quite an intriguing woman. Here are a few facts about her;

  • She enters planes with her right foot
  • Her dog is named Spyke
  • She has seven tattoos
  • She has a younger sister
  • She has achieved her long-term dream of having a swimwear brand.
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Lily Cole: Bio, Age, Early Life, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Lifestyle and Diet

Lily Cole

Lily Cole is arguably one of the most famous redhead models globally. She is renowned for her remarkable beauty and sleek body.

This article will dwell on Lily Cole’s life with more emphasis on her bio, family, boyfriend, net worth, lifestyle, career, diet, education, and more.

Lily Cole Bio, Early Life, and Education

On December 27, 1987, Lily Cole was born in Torquay, Devon. Her father is James Cole, while her mother is Patient Sandra Owen. Lily and her sister were raised in London.

The redhead model was a student at Hallfield Primary School. She attended St. Marylebone School for her lower secondary education and Latymer Upper School for her upper secondary studies. Lily attended Sylvia Young Theatre School to study performing arts between her studies.

In 2006, she was admitted to Kings College, Cambridge, to study Social and Political Science. However, she ditched the degree to pursue another course. She graduated in 2011 with a degree in History of Art from Cambridge University.

Lily Cole Boyfriend

Lily Cole has been in multiple relationships. Lily dated Bray Ferry, Roxy Music singer, between 2008 and 2009. She also had a thing with actor Jude Law in 2008. She later got into a relationship with actor Enrique Murciano from late 2009 until their separation in 2011.

Between 2012 and 2013, Lily Cole was seeing Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and former chief executive officer (CEO) of Twitter. The model later got into a relationship with Kwame Ferreira, an entrepreneur, in 2013.

Lily and Kwame are still seeing each other. They have a daughter together called Wylde Cole Ferreira. However, they are not married.

Lily Cole Career

Lily Cole has an amazing career as a model, actress, and entrepreneur. She started modeling in the early 2000s for local fashion photographers, small companies, and media houses. Vogue Paris listed her in 2009 as one of the best models of the 2000s.

Lily made her first appearance on the cover of British Vogue at 16. In 2004, Lily was named the Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. She has worked for many leading brands and companies for more than two decades.

Concerning her acting career, Lily Cole started acting when she was 6. Lily’s first leading role in a movie was in 2009 when she acted as Valentina in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. She has also acted in other films, including Snow White and the Huntsman, There be Dragons and Passages.

Lily is an avid entrepreneur. She founded, an innovation group aimed at providing solutions to creators. The model co-owns a bookshop in London and is an investor in the North Circular Company, a knitwear firm established in 2009.

She has also been featured in various music videos, including Clean Bandit’s UK Shanty and Paul McCartney’s Queenie Eye. Lily also works as an activist. Her activism is centered around promoting sustainability.

Lily Cole

Lily Cole Net Worth

Lily Cole is estimated to have a net worth of $14 million. Much of her wealth is attributed to her career as a model, actress, and entrepreneur. She has also invested in many businesses in London and other places.

Lily Cole Lifestyle and Diet

The redhead model has a simple lifestyle. She observes sustainable practices to help conserve the environment. She mostly travels by train to reduce her carbon footprint.

Regarding her diet, Lily is a vegan. She tries to consume fewer animal products, below 5%, and support more sustainable businesses. 95% of her diet is vegan.

Lily Cole Appearance, Height, Weight and Body Measurement

As mentioned earlier, Lily is a gorgeous woman with red hair. Her height is 5 feet 10 inches, while her weight is about 59kg. Her breast size is 34 inches, her waist is 27 inches, and her hips 36.

She wears shoe number 9.5 (US), and her bra cup size is 32B.

Lily Cole Social Media

Lily is very active on social media. The redhead model has an Instagram account with 99k followers. She follows 1,040 accounts and has 286 posts only.

The model is also on Twitter, where she has 28.5k followers. However, the account is currently inactive. She has a Facebook account but doesn’t post much.

Lily Cole Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Lily Cole:

  • She was in PETA’s list of the “Sexiest Vegetarians of the Year” in 2013
  • She has English and Welsh ancestry
  • She is a pet lover
  • She became a vegan to help conserve the environment
  • She started acting at a very young age
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Alexina Graham: Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Life Style, and Facts

Alexina Graham

Alexina Lorna Graham is one of the most successful redhead models globally. Her tremendous career is an inspiration to many young girls who want to be redhead models like Alexina. Besides her career, Alexina lives a very wonderful life and engages in other things.

This article will dwell on Alexina Graham, with more details on her biography, family, boyfriend, net worth, lifestyle, career, social media, etc.

Alexina Graham Biography

Alexina Graham is a 32-year-old English model. She has worked with many brands as a model since beginning modeling in 2008. Alexina is currently single and focused on her career.


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Alexina Graham Early Life and Family

On March 3, 1990, Alexina was born in a small town in England called Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Her father is called David Graham, and her mother is Sarah Dolby.

However, her parents divorced when she was a young girl. Her mother later remarried the redmodel’s stepfather called Paul. Sarah and Paul raised her well and supported her career from a young age.

Alexina has a step-sister called Elle. Her mother was an ex-model and owned a shop. Her father, David, was a lecturer, while her stepfather, Paul, had a casual job. As a child, the redhead model loved dancing and theater. She trained in ballet for more than 10 years.

Alexina Graham Boyfriend

Who is Alexina Graham dating? This is a common question many people ask. Alexina is currently not in a relationship with anyone.

It is rumored that she might have been in a relationship in the past. However, there are no details about her past lover. It seems like the model is more focused on her career than anything else.

Alexina Graham Net Worth

Alexina is a wealthy woman, given her many years of work in the modeling industry. Although her exact net worth is not known, the redhead model is said to be worth between $1 million and $5 million. Much of her net worth is attributed to her work as a model and her business ventures.

Alexina Graham Lifestyle

The British model has a simple lifestyle. Despite her fame and wealth, Alexina is a very humble person. She doesn’t like showing off and lives within her means. She enjoys traveling to fancy places and having a great time.

Alexina Graham Career

As mentioned earlier, Alexina has a successful modeling career. The redhead model started her professional career in 2008 after winning in a Ford modeling competition. The win got her a beauty contract with Maybelline, and her first gig under the company appeared on an editorial for Another Magazine.

Over the years, Alexina has appeared in multiple editorials for numerous brands, including Harper’s Bazaar Serbia, Glamour U.S., L’Officiel Singapore, Vogue Italia, Vogue Arabia, and others. She has also been in various campaigns for top brands like Balmain, Burberry, and Victoria’s Secret.

Alexina has walked the runway for Brandon Maxwell, Balman, Emporio Armani, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Etam. She walked for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2017 and 2018. In 2019, she became a Victoria’s Secret Angel and is the second Brit to receive the honor.

Alexina Graham Diet

It is no secret that models follow a strict diet to help them maintain a sleek body. Alexina eats a balanced diet rich in proteins and vitamins and low in fat.

Apart from maintaining a strict diet, Alexina works out four times a week. She mainly does weight lifting and Muay Thai to keep her attractive, lean figure.

Alexina Graham Education

Much information about Alexina’s educational background is under the radar. The only thing known about her education is that she attended Valley Comprehensive School, where she was consistently bullied for having red hair.

Alexina Graham Age, Height, Weight and Body Measurement

Alexina is 32 years old. The redhead model has a height of 5’11” and a weight of 58kgs. In addition, her body measurements are at 34-24-34 inches. Her slim body and beautiful smile make her stand out in the modeling career.

Alexina Graham Social Media

The 32-year-old model is active on social media. On Instagram, the model has 790k followers and follows 815 accounts. She has more than 3,400 posts of her modeling work, family, vacations, and other personal activities.

She also has a Twitter account where she posts about her work and personal life. Nevertheless, she is more active on Instagram than on Twitter.

Alexina Graham Facts

  • She is a redhead model
  • She was born in England but currently lives in the U.S.
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