Chinese Kitty Net Worth

Chinese Kitty Net Worth: A Glimpse Into Her Life

Pop culture has recently been the spectacle of entertainment, with many celebrities affiliating themselves.

It has born a modern way of life that is emulated by most teenagers nowadays; from dressing to talking, partying, all borrowed from the pop way of life.

Pop artists are seemingly influential and filthy rich owing to brand endorsements that mainly help market the affiliated brands.

Chinese Kitty, for example, is a music artiste cum Instagram model of Guyana and American descent. She gained more fame by appearing in “Love and Hip-Hop: Miami.”

Chinese Kitty Net Worth

With several business commitments and endeavors, her net worth has steadily risen to a staggering $300,000 in 2021. Her Instagram modeling career has further built her by enabling her to get brands she endorses and promotes and rakes in thousands of dollars in return.

Her YouTube channel further adds to the artiste’s net worth as it has amassed up to 18.2K subscribers and, more so, over 1.5 million views.

Besides her brand endorsements, her music career has been raking some profits, with her first music video hitting 129K views as of 2021.

The entertainment scene is seemingly her golden goose and has continuously provided her income over the past half-decade.

The entertainment industry has proven to harbor numerous millionaires, with the world population always craving entertainment more like a basic need.

Where does she hail?

Chinese Kitty is the daughter of Chinese Nicky, a renowned socialite who had previously appeared in Love and Hip-Hop: Miami, first season.

Born in Queens, New York, United States, Chinese Kitty started her modeling career as early as twenty. She appeared on Smooth Magazine as the cover girl back in 2015.

She has a fantastic career

Her rap career started around 2018 at the mere age of 23 years, with her song “on me” debuting in March.

She released a second track ‘Kitty Walk,” towards the end of April 2018, and recorded her first album ” Kitty Bandz “in October 2018. The album Kitty Bandz was released under a record label named “Kitty Gang Music.”

As of 2021, she has a new song by “Top Bitch” that premiered in June. Moreover, she delved deeper into entertainment when she appeared in a reality show done by VH1 titled “Love and Hip-Hop: Miami” for the first and second seasons.

She appears to have an altercation with Gabby and Shay Johnson in the first season. For the second season, she seems to be supporting Jessie Woo.

Her character is so adorable that Jessie Woo opened up about how dark her past was owing to sexual violence.

More on Chinese Kitty’s Personal Life

It is worth noting that between 2014 and 2015, she was allegedly in a short-lived relationship with one of the members of Migos, named Quavo.

Moreso, she has a kid named Ashton Hing though precise details on the child’s father are scarce and yet to be confirmed.

Two years ago, in 2019, rumor had it that she was with rapper J. Cole’s child though it was later proven to be false.

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