Teejayx6 Net worth,

Teejayx6 Net worth, Musical Career, and Family life

Young, socially aware, and balling – these three words describe Teejayx6 to a tee. Teejay Witherspoon, alias Teejaxx6, is a 19-year-old American rapper from Detroit.

His music mostly speaks on social vices such as credit card fraud, scamming, and identity theft.

Teejayx6 Net worth

Teejayx6 net worth is estimated at around $250,000 with annual earnings of $20,000 as of 2021. With a booming music career, his wealth has accumulated from selling his tracks, especially on the platforms SoundCloud and Spotify. He also profits from selling signed products as his merchandise and T-shirts through his online store.

Teejayx6 Musical career journey

Teejayx6 had his eyes set on becoming a rapper from a young age, and he finally made it happen when he was 16.

He drew inspiration from legendary rappers such as Moneyman, Lil Wayne, and Chief Keef. He makes music under the subgenre ‘scam rap’ with an ‘offbeat’ style.

Teejayx6 has made a name for himself, rapping about the different ways people could commit a crime.

He made his debut in the music industry with EP tracks Swipe Siblings and Flint Water in April 2019. In the same month, he released his singles Rally, Invest, and Summertime.

He rose to fame with the tracks ‘Dark web’ and ‘Cashapp.’ ‘Dark Webb’ raked in over 1000K spins on SoundCloud with over 1.5 million views on the music video.

He has gone ahead to release other singles and mixtapes such as ‘Under pressure’ and ‘Fraudulent Activity.’

What is the inspiration behind his name and music?

Teejayx6 music is inspired by his own past involvement in criminal activities. Some would say his music is self-incriminating because he raps about the different ways he committed a crime in the past.

At only age 9, he got into trouble for carrying a BB gun in his lunch box to school. He then graduated to scamming people on Twitter by selling cheap TVs and Xboxes.

He created fake online stores to dupe clients where he made $500. He later got involved in credit card scams and entered the dark web.

The ‘XR’ in his stage name was inspired by his use of MSR X6 debit card readers. He was arrested for his illegal activities but turned his life around after getting into the music industry.

How is Teeajayx6 personal life?

Teejayx6 tries to keep his personal life low-key, though it is known that he partners with his girlfriend in selling signed products and T-shirts through their online store. Early 2020, he revealed on Instagram Live that he had been blessed with a baby.

Two of his brothers were also involved in illegal activities, and one even served time for committing fraud.

His other brother mentored him in scamming to the point he was selling marijuana and baggies in the first grade.

Teejayx6 took on more responsibilities after moving out of their family home in Detroit. In July 2019, US marshals arrested him in Los Angeles while performing live on stage.

He acknowledges his mistakes in the past and promises to do better for himself, his family, and his fans.

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