Angelina Jordan Net Worth

Angelina Jordan Net Worth: Bio, Early Life, and YouTube Career

Known as the winner of Norway’s Got Talent in 2014, Angelina Jordan has risen to fame pretty fast. She sings jazz classics and has been performing for many prestigious shows.

Her brilliant performance singing the song Bohemian Rhapsody has got everyone talking and searching for her performance on YouTube.

Angelina Jordan was born on 10th January 2006 in Oslo, Norway. As a child, she received vocal training at the Oslo Walford school to help her vocals as she pursued her education.

Angelina Jordan turned sixteen in 2022 at almost 5 feet and 3 inches.

Angelina Jordan Net Worth

Jordan is estimated to be worth around 3milion in 2021. Singing and songwriting are her main source of income and revenue.

She is a kind-hearted and warm girl who participates in different homeless children’s development programs. Moreover, Jordan has done numerous fund-collection concerts at no cost.

Angelina Jordan’s Bio and Early Life

Angelina Jordan is the daughter of Gerry and Sara Astar. Her mother’s father is an Iranian artist. She also has a Japanese origin for, her maternal grandfather. Jordan has a younger sister who she adores a lot.

Angelina Jordan won Norway’s Got Talent at the early age of eight years. Since then, she has worked to raise funds for different environmental causes worldwide.

Jordan always performs barefoot since she befriended a young girl without shoes as she traveled when she was only six years old.

Angelina Jordan has written a book about this experience, which gained her the title of the youngest author in Norway.


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Angelina Jordans Career

Her videos went viral after performing Gloomy Sunday, and I’m a Fool to Want You went by Billie Holiday.

Angelina Jordan was then featured in different news outlets globally, including Time, Daily Mirror, and People.

These videos were of the show Norway’s Got Talent, and she worked really hard at the competition that she even won.

Her performance on the song Fly Me to the Moon on The View, a show in the US, gained massive recognition in the country.

Since then, she has been performing on different TV2 programs in Norway, and she has even made an appearance on Sweden’s TV4.

Angelina Jordan has also played a small guest role in Lilyhammer, a show on Netflix. Moreover, she has performed the songs on many other tv shows and has appeared on Christmas day.

Most of the songs that Angelina has recorded are posted on her official YouTube channel.

In June 2018, Jordan released the complete album of her recordings titled It’s Magic. She performed this album in a concert attended by Norway’s prime minister soon after releasing it.

Angelina Jordan has also performed for Barack Obama, the former president of the USA. She is now signed with Republic Records and has released two singles since she was signed.

Angelina Jordan’s salary ranges from $21K to $40K. She is still a young singer, and her net worth is expected to increase as she grows and becomes a top performer worldwide.

Angelina Jordan Net Worth

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