Andrea Mextli Net Worth

Andrea Mextli Net Worth: Bio, Social Media and Facts

Singing and dancing aren’t all that Andrea Mextli performs on social media. She is certainly an Instagram darling and quite talented. If you didn’t believe being an internet star was an excellent paying profession, think again.

Andrea Mextli Net Worth

The 23-year-old Capricorn is reportedly worth 1.5 million dollars. She has a reported 330,000 followers on Instagram. Not only does she sing and dance she reports on lifestyle and fashion. Arguably, at this moment, Mexico’s favorite daughter.

If the shine in her brown eyes doesn’t sway a viewer to click “follow,” perhaps a swing of her hair will change your mind. She is charming even to a viewer whose first language is not Spanish.

With such talent, it is not long before she becomes a superstar like Shakira. She is most definitely a star on the rise and not just on Instagram or TikTok.

One of her most famous photos is her with a rainbow on her face in makeup, signifying support of the pride movement. She has worked as a model and joined Instagram in 2012.


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In addition to Instagram, she is also gaining a huge following on Tiktok. It is because in addition to singing and dancing her personality shines with humor and appreciation of her platform as a social media influencer.

A quick stroll through the internet finds her singing “So This Is Love” from the Disney movie “Cinderella” and it sounds just like the original movie version of the song.

Upon initial viewing, it was hard to determine if she was lip-synching or singing. Yes, she is that “good.” By the way, she was singing.

It is hard to come away from her social media internet feeds unimpressed. Her dance style mixes a little bit of belly dance and modern dance.

Her voice has the unapologetic vibrato of Shakira’s. Andrea Mextli’s humor is in its way self-deprecating as well as unapologetic.

By the way, by referencing her quality of social media as being “self-deprecating,” it means that she lets her talent shine. Andrea Mextli, as a social media influencer, does not try to talk her talents “up.” She just displays them.

She looks like “the girl next door” and then she does something that surprises the viewer. In her way, kind of every time, she puts out a social media post.

Either a great song, a great dance, or a funny tidbit of life. Perhaps sometimes it is a swirl of “all of the above.” It is real, authentic, and quite a path to a bright future.

The beauty of her unique spirit shines through. It is easy for social media viewers to determine she is not the “girl next door” but the next in line, destined for superstardom.

Do yourself a favor. Take a moment, enjoy your favorite social media platform, and type in Andrea Mextli. Her appeal is not tied to age. Her appeal is not tied to the Spanish language. Her appeal is all her own.

Andrea Mextli Bio and Facts

  • Andrea Mextli age: 21 years old
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Height: 5′ 4″ inches
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Instagram: 348k followers
  • TikTok: 1.5M Followers

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