Casey Starsiak Net Worth

Casey Starsiak Net Worth: Who is, Personal Life, and Divorce

It is well known that doctors and surgeons often have a great deal of money and assets.

This holds for one of the most famous orthopedic surgeons in the United States, Casey Starsiak. He is a well-respected surgeon and a wonderful family man that is an inspiration to all.

Casey Starsiak Net Worth

Casey Starsiak is worth about 3 million dollars. He has made the majority of his income and net worth from his career as an orthopedic surgeon. He makes a large income each year because of his astounding career record of success and his patient satisfaction.

Casey Starsiak has used his income as a surgeon to make great personal investments that allowed him to increase his net worth even more. While he does have an impressive net worth, he lives a modest lifestyle with him and his family.

Who is Casey Starsiak?

Casey Starsiak is one of the most famous and well-respected surgeons in the United States. He specializes in orthopedic surgery and can help build and rebuild bones. He is a board-certified surgeon.

His astounding career record and his charming personality helped him land an acting job on the television show Good Bones. He stars as the father on this show.

Casey Starsiak Personal Life

Casey Starsiak is 5 feet and 9 inches tall and is a citizen of the United States. He has hazel eyes and brown hair.

He was previously married to a woman named Cheryl and after their divorce, he married a television star, Karen Laine. Once they divorced he married his third wife, Missy, to who he is still currently married.

Casey Starsiak has five children, who he is tremendously proud of. He had three children with his wife Karen. They are named Mina Starsiak, William Starsiak, and CR Starsiak.

He also had two children with Cheryl, named Jess and Tad. Mina Starsiak is an actress on the show Good Bones and is a founder of Two Chicks and a Hammer. All of his children are successful and happy, but they are not all television stars, like Mina.

Casey Starsiak attended Northwestern University and earned his bachelor’s degree. After completion, he attended the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine where he earned his doctorate of osteopathic medicine. He is currently working as an orthopedic surgeon in the great city of Indianapolis.

He resides in the city with most of his family. As a surgeon, he specializes in fractures, sports injuries, hand surgery, neck and back issues, shoulder and knee surgeries, and hip and knee replacements.

He stays current on research in the field and is always looking for new and innovative ways to help his patients achieve their dreams.

Casey Starsiak is a role model that we can all learn from and look up to. He has a wonderful family, career, and life.

As a well-respected surgeon, he is full of expertise, knowledge, and experience. His net worth is a reflection of his hard work, determination, and success.

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