Angelo Cataldi Net Worth

Angelo Cataldi Net Worth: Bio, Career, and Famous Quotes

Angelo Cataldi, 70, is one of the most entertaining and popular sports journalists and, until his retirement, worked for 94 WIP-FM in Philadelphia.

He was born in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. He currently resides in California with his wife.

Angelo Cataldi Net Worth

Angelo Cataldi is as wealthy as he is famous. His long and illustrious career has earned him a fortune of $1.5 million. He makes around $10k to $50k per year from his radio talk shows.

What are Angelo Cataldi’s most famous quotes?

Angelo Cataldi has entertained radio listeners, especially sports enthusiasts, for decades. Over that time, he has become famous for uttering quotes like  “What are you wearing?” “You’re a stinking loser,” and “Wow, you’re spectacular.”

When was Angelo Cataldi born?

Angelo Cataldi was born on March 13th, 1951. His first appearance on the Morning Show was in 1988 when he co-hosted alongside Tom Brookshier, and together the duo was known as Brookie and the Rookie.

Cataldi is loved for his witty personality and sense of humor. Cataldi is happily married to the lovely Gail Cataldi.

Did Cataldi the longest baseball game in history?

Yes, he made history by becoming one of two sports reporters to cover the complete 32 innings of the baseball game, pitting Rochester Red Wings vs. Pawtucket Red Sox.

The longest baseball game took place in 1981 and, it lasted for two whole days.

Cataldi is a huge fan of the Red Sox and, he would pick the legendary Wilt Chamberlain over Bill Russel of the Celtics any given day.

How influential was Angelo Cataldi?

Over the years, Cataldi has used his radio influence to sway the decisions of the top sports franchises in his state.

In 1992, he got Herschel Walker to play for two more seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. The management had decided to cut the running back but bowed to the pressure from their fans.

Has Angelo Cataldi won a Pulitzer?

Cataldi has co-authored a book titled “The Great Philadelphia Sports Debate” with the seasoned sports journalist Glen Macnow.

His excellent sports coverage and writing have won him not one but two Pulitzer prizes.

He used to host the morning show at 94 WIP-FM with fellow journalists Rhea Hughes, Keith Joines, AI Morganti, Mitch Williams, and Joe Conklin. Apart from Joe, the rest are former pro-athletes.

When was Cataldi inducted into the Broadcaster hall of fame?

Cataldi got inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philly wall of fame in 2012. After his contract with 94 WIP ended, Cataldi sold his New Jersey home and moved to Dana Point, California, upon his retirement.

He’s repeatedly stated that he prefers the west coast because the sporting calendar ends earlier.

What did Angelo Cataldi and the Dirty 30 do?

Angelo once organized a booing crowd known as the “dirty 30.” Their goal was to attend the NFL draft in 1999 and boo if it did not pick their player.

That’s exactly what happened in New York when the draft chose an Eagles player over the running back, Ricky Martins.

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