Kool Rock Net Worth

Kool Rock Net Worth: Boy Group, Career, Personal Life and Weight Loss Journey

Diamond Wembley, popularly known as Kool Rock- Ski, is an American hip-hop artist, rapper, and actor.

He is best known for being one of the old-school hip-hop trio groups – The Fat Boys.

The other two group members include Prince Markie Dee and Darren Robinson Alias ‘buff love’.

Kool Rock Net Worth

Kool Rock Ski’s net worth is estimated at $400,000. His primary source of income has been his music and proceedings from their group – The Fat Boys. He is still putting in work in the studio to help other upcoming and established artists. Kool Rock also earns from acting.

How did The Fat Boys come together?

Kool Rock Ski and his friends were first discovered at a rap contest in 1983. The competition was happening in New York at the Radio City Music Hall.

The trio had taken to the stage to perform their go-to song, ‘Stick em.’ They performed this song in every rap contest. They captured the attention of Stettler, who saw that the trio had great potential.

Kool Rock’s Music Career with The Fat Boys

Kool Rock Ski, Ruler Markie Dee, and Buff Love initially called their group The Disco 3 but later changed it to The Fat Boys.

The trio was known to utilize beatbox in the tunes. They were hailed for being able to deliver full-length rock collections. Fans adore the Fat Boys due to their comedic yet self expostulating rhymes.

They released seven studio collections during their career, four of which were gold certified by RIAA.

The group was able to feature many other great artists and boy bands during their careers. They’ve recorded alongside the band The Beach Boys and featured Chubby Checker in one of their hit singles.

Kool Rock Ski acting career

In the 1980s, Kool Rock Ski featured in a three Element film that reflected the ubiquity of hip hop bounce in America.

The films were Krush groove, disorderly, and knights of the city. He also appeared in the movie My Crackhead Uncle.

Kool Rocks Journey with Weight Loss

As the name of the group goes, The Fat Boys were made of three overweight guys. Together the trio Weighed over 750 pounds.

Kool Rock made a conscious decision to go on a diet and lose weight. He stayed committed to his weight loss goals and went from 330 pounds to 240 pounds and then to 167 pounds. To date, you can find him at a New York gym still trying to keep fit.

Kool Rock Personal Life

Despite being in the industry for over four decades, not much is known about Kool Rocks’ personal life or family background.

He maintains an exceptionally private life and only posts about music and comic stuff on social media platforms.

Cold Rock is the only surviving member of the fat boys. Buff Love passed on in 1995 at the age of 28, and Dee passed on in February 2021 at age 52.

Kool Rock is working on an album to pay tribute to his former friends and group members.

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