Raoul Pal Net Worth

Raoul Pal: The Visionary Behind Real Vision and Macro Investing

Raoul Pal is an entrepreneur, investment strategist, and former hedge fund manager. 

Raoul has made a name for himself in the finance industry as the founder of the research publication Global Macro Investor and the co-founder of the financial TV channel Real Vision. 

Throughout his career, Pal has demonstrated a keen understanding of global economic trends and investment strategies, making him a famous figure in finance.

Raoul Pal Early Life and Education

Born in 1968 in the United Kingdom, Raoul Pal was raised by an Indian father and a Dutch mother. He pursued higher education at the University of Plymouth, where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Law in 1990.

Raoul Pal Career

Pal began at Dow Jones Telerate as a sales executive before moving on to James Capel & Co, where he worked on European equity derivatives. He then joined NatWest Markets as a director of equity derivatives. 

In 1997, Pal landed a role at Goldman Sachs, co-managing the European hedge fund sales business in equities and equity derivatives. 

He later served as a portfolio manager for GLG Partners, co-managing the GLG Global Macro Fund. In 2004, Pal retired from fund management at the age of 36.

Global Macro Investor

In 2005, Pal founded Global Macro Investor, a macroeconomic and investment strategy research publication. 

Drawing on his experience running a successful global hedge fund and advising some of the world’s top hedge funds, Pal’s company provides members with unique insights into the macro investment industry and helps them plan for the future.

Real Vision

In 2014, Raoul Pal co-founded Real Vision, an on-demand financial TV channel. Real Vision aims to help investors better understand finance, business, and the global economy through in-depth analysis from industry experts. 

The platform offers video interviews, live strategy calls, documentaries, and research publications. Real Vision is available to members through various subscriptions and can be accessed on multiple devices.

Investment in Bitcoin

Pal made headlines in the cryptocurrency community when he revealed that over 50% of his portfolio was invested in Bitcoin. 

He spent much of 2020 researching the market of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency sector, predicting that the COVID-19 pandemic would trigger a global economic crisis. Pal repositioned his portfolio during the pandemic to capitalize on the downturn, gradually increasing his Bitcoin allocation. 

He described Bitcoin as “the single best opportunity we’re ever going to be given in our lives.”

Raoul Pal Additional Works

In 2008, Raoul Pal helped design the British reality television series Million Dollar Traders for BBC TV, where he also taught participants investment and risk management strategies.

Raoul Pal’s Personal Life

Raoul Pal is married to Anoush Pal, an applied behavioral analyst and founder of Cayman ABA, a child healthcare center focused on providing therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental delays.

Raoul Pal on Twitter

Pal is active on Twitter, where he shares his insights on markets and the economy. As of December 2021, he has over 808k followers.

Raoul Pal’s Net Worth

Raoul Pal, the CEO and co-founder of Real Vision has an estimated net worth of $45 million as of 2023. 

Pal has a diverse history, including his position as Portfolio Manager for GLG Global Macro Fund, and is known for his big and bold moves on Bitcoin, which he believes to be the future of finance. 

In fact, as of November 2020, Pal reportedly had 98% of his net worth in cryptocurrencies, primarily Bitcoin. He is a well-known Bitcoin bull investing in crypto since 2012. 

Pal’s company, Real Vision, is a finance and business video channel that he co-founded in 2014, which has been described as the “Netflix of assets that are based in the digital world.” 

Pal’s investments, including his company Real Vision, contribute to his net worth of an impressive $45 million.


Raoul Pal’s life and career inspire those looking to make a mark in the finance and investment world. His success as an entrepreneur, investment strategist, and former hedge fund manager has solidified his influence in the industry.

As the founder of Global Macro Investor and co-founder of Real Vision, he continues to provide valuable insights and analysis to investors worldwide.

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