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Nikki Blades: The Entertainer, Influencer, and Entrepreneur You Need to Know

Nikki Blades is a 32-year-old multi-talented entrepreneur born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. She is best known for her career as a radio host, model, social media influencer, and businesswoman.

This blog post will explore her life and career, accomplishments, and societal contributions.

Nikki Blades Early Life and Education

Nikki Blades was born in Oahu, Hawaii, on May 17, 1988. She grew up in a multicultural family with a mix of Hawaiian, Filipino, and German heritage.

She graduated from Waipahu High School and attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where Nikki earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.

Nikki Blades Career Beginnings

After graduating from UCLA, Nikki Blades started her career as a model. She quickly gained popularity and worked with several high-profile brands, including Adidas and Visual Apparel.

Nikki’s modeling career paved the way for her entry into the entertainment industry, leading to TV appearances on MTV’s “Wild ‘n Out,” “Official Popup” on the Lifestyle Network, and MYX-TV.

Nikki Blades Radio Broadcasting and Podcasting

Nikki Blades’ career as a radio host began when she joined the morning show “Big Bay Mornings” on 99.7 NOW. Her infectious energy and unique personality made her an instant hit with the audience.

She also started her podcast, “No Chaser,” where she shares her thoughts on various topics, including relationships, social issues, and pop culture.

Nikki Blades’s Net Worth

Nikki Blades has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She has gained this net worth from modeling, hosting, and other activities.

Although this amount may seem small compared to her hard work and effort, she is expected to become one of the wealthiest Instagram stars in no time. Nikki Blades is also an ambassador for several brands.

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Nikki Blades, Social Media Influencer and Businesswoman

Nikki Blades’ social media presence is impressive, with over 100,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok. She uses her platform to promote her brand partnerships, including Adidas and Designing a Difference, a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged children.

In addition to her brand partnerships, Nikki Blades runs a food-themed project called Nikki’s Street Eats. The project features a food truck that serves Filipino-inspired cuisine, promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity.


Nikki Blades is actively involved in charity work, collaborating with organizations like Pride for PI and #HashtagLunchbag. She also supports various causes, including mental health awareness and environmental sustainability.

Key Takeaways

From her humble beginnings in Hawaii, Nikki Blades has become a successful entrepreneur, model, radio host, social media influencer, and philanthropist.

Her accomplishments are a testament to her hard work and determination. Here are some key takeaways from her life and career:

  • Pursue your passion and turn it into a career
  • Use your platform to promote positive change
  • Give back to society and support charitable causes
  • Embrace diversity and inclusivity


Nikki Blades’ biography is a story of resilience, hard work, and success. She inspires many, and her contributions to society are commendable. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

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