Jonathan Lamb

Jonathan Lamb: The Heart and Soul of Daystar’s Breakout Success

Today, we’re thrilled to share the heartwarming story of Jonathan Lamb and his wife, Suzy, a power couple who have significantly impacted the world of television ministry. 

Jonathan and Suzy are the epitomai of grace and dedication, expertly balancing their professional and personal lives, all while bringing hope and encouragement to millions of people around the globe. 

In this post, we invite you to join us as we explore the journey of this fantastic duo, from their early lives to their flourishing careers, personal lives, net worth, and social media presence. 

Prepare to be inspired by Jonathan and Suzy Lamb’s story and their unwavering commitment to their faith, family, and community.

Jonathan Lamb Net Worth

Jonathan Lamb Early Life

Jonathan Lamb was born to Pastor Marcus Lamb and Joni Trammel Lamb. He has two siblings, Rachel and Rebecca, who are actively involved in the Daystar program. 

His father, unfortunately, passed away from COVID-19 complications in 2021. Jonathan holds a Business Administration degree and a Mass Communication minor from Oral Roberts University.

Before moving to Dallas, Texas, Suzy Lamb was originally from Mumbai, India. She studied Worship at Christ For All Nations and Business at Dallas Baptist University.

Jonathan Lamb Career

Jonathan serves as the Director at Daystar, his father’s organization, and oversees eight different departments. 

He is focused on ensuring responsible stewardship of resources at Daystar and aims for viewers to encounter God and be encouraged in their faith genuinely.

Suzy Lamb is an executive producer, television host, wife, and mother. She is passionate about fostering community and desires revival and a generation on fire for Christ. 

Together with his wife, they run the “Green Room Show” on Daystar, which is viewed by millions across the globe.

Jonathan Lamb Career

Jonathan Lamb’s Personal Life

Jonathan is married to Suzanna Sagar, also known as Suzy Lamb. They have two children, Israel and Arielle. Jonathan is 37 years old, while Suzy is 35 years old. Their children are growing up fast, with Israel being ten and Arielle being 7.5.

Jonathan’s hobbies include sports, particularly golf and Dallas sports, and traveling with his family. Suzy enjoys meeting new people, exploring the world, and spending time with her cat, Wally. She is also passionate about tiny artisan donuts.

Jonathan Lamb’s Net Worth

While Jonathan Lamb’s net worth is not disclosed publicly, it is estimated to be around $10 million, which is impressive! With an annual salary of $1.5 million, it’s clear that Jonathan has made a significant impact in his industry. 

He has worked hard to succeed in multiple fields, including his television show and his role at Daystar. Despite his success, he remains humble and dedicated to his faith, family, and community.

Jonathan Lamb’s Social Media Presence

Jonathan is active on social media, with 9,494 followers on Instagram and 6,605 followers on Twitter. He and Suzy use these platforms to share their life experiences and connect with their fans.

Jonathan Lamb wife

The Live Love Lamb YouTube Channel

Jonathan and Suzy Lamb also have a YouTube channel called Live Love Lamb with 2.39K subscribers. They share their love for family, fun, food, travel, makeup, and Jesus on this channel. 

Their goal is to encourage and bring a smile to their viewers’ faces. Jonathan and Suzy can spread their message of love, faith, and family through their warm and inviting personalities. 

Jonathan Lamb’s Physical Attributes

Jonathan Lamb is 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighs 86 kg, and maintains an active lifestyle to stay fit and healthy.


In summary, Jonathan and Suzy Lamb have significantly impacted the world of television ministry through their roles at Daystar and their show, “The Green Room.” As a power couple, they continue to inspire millions globally with their faith, dedication, and passion for their work. 

Despite facing personal challenges, such as the loss of Jonathan’s father, they remain steadfast in their commitment to spreading hope and encouragement. 

With a strong focus on family, personal growth, and fostering community, Jonathan and Suzy Lamb are genuinely inspiring figures in their field.

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