Thach Nguyen early life

Thach Nguyen: The Vietnamese-American Success Story in Real Estate

Thach Nguyen, CEO of Thach Real Estate Group and co-founder of SpringBoard to Wealth, has an extraordinary success story. 

Born in Vietnam and later immigrating to the United States as a refugee, Nguyen overcame numerous obstacles to become a successful real estate broker, philanthropist, and developer. 

Today, his estimated net worth is an impressive $30 million. This article explores Nguyen’s early life, personal life, career, journey to success, awards, and social media presence.

Thach Nguyen Early Life

Thach Nguyen was born in Vietnam on May 18, 1970. His family faced numerous challenges after immigrating to the United States, such as learning English and working various jobs to support themselves. 

Nguyen’s journey to success began with selling cell phones and eventually led him to establish his own company. Thach Nguyen is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 72 kilograms.

Thach Nguyen career

Thach Nguyen’s Personal Life

Thach Nguyen is happily married to his wife Camie, and together they are proud parents to their two sons, Russell and Hudson. 

Residing in Seattle, Washington, Nguyen indulges in hobbies like golf, tennis, and fishing. 

Additionally, he is a dedicated philanthropist who generously donates to charities and actively supports a variety of causes.

Thach Nguyen Career

Nguyen’s success in real estate can be attributed to his ability to find, purchase, develop, and sell undervalued properties and his expertise in the construction industry. 

Thach has held prominent roles in several business ventures, such as Thach Real Estate Group, Windermere Real Estate, and John L. Real Estate. 

Thach founded Thach Real Estate Group in 1991, which has completed over 2,500 real estate transactions.

Thach Nguyen Journey from Vietnam to the US

Thach Nguyen and his family faced a harrowing escape from South Vietnam in 1975.

After settling in the United States, they found refuge in Camp Pendleton, San Diego, thanks to a volunteer named Charles Zettler. 

At 21, Thach pursued real estate, becoming the youngest agent in Washington state. 

With guidance from mentor Mike Ferry, Thach excelled in real estate sales and began investing in properties.

Thach Nguyen wife and family

Thach Nguyen Building a Real Estate Empire

Thach Nguyen built a real estate empire by rehabilitating properties, constructing townhouses, and developing apartment buildings. 

His portfolio, worth over $100 million, includes 15 rental properties and various real estate holdings. 

Thach’s long-term goal is to generate over $250,000 monthly cash flow and grow his portfolio to $250 million by age 62. 

Thach Nguyen’s Net Worth

Thach Nguyen’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. On average, he earns approximately $550,000 per year. 

His income from selling property varies depending on its size, with a small property earning him about $15,000 while a larger one can make him anywhere from $30,000 to $33,000. 

It should be noted that while he occasionally appears on television shows, his average earnings per episode do not exceed $10,000.

Thach Nguyen Awards and Recognition

Thach Nguyen has received multiple awards throughout his career, including John L Scott’s Top 1% and being featured as “American Hero” by CBS Early Show.

Thach Nguyen’s Social Media Presence

Thach Nguyen’s social media presence reflects his success and influence in the real estate industry. 

With over 30 years of experience as a real estate broker, investor, and developer, Nguyen has garnered a massive following across multiple platforms. 

He boasts 967K followers on Instagram, 103K subscribers on YouTube, 328,035 followers on Facebook, and 5,081 followers on Twitter

Nguyen also maintains a professional LinkedIn account where he networks with other industry professionals. 

Thach Nguyen shares valuable insights, tips, and personal experiences through his social media presence, further solidifying his reputation as an industry leader and inspiring real estate and entrepreneurship figure.

Thach Nguyen Net Worth


Thach Nguyen’s inspiring success story reminds us that anyone can achieve their dreams through dedication, hard work, and a never-give-up attitude. 

His achievements demonstrate the importance of having a clear vision and skillful execution in building a successful business empire. 

With a strong presence on social media, where he shares tips and insights on achieving financial stability, Nguyen continues to focus on his business ventures while maintaining a low profile. 

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