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Ingrid Rinck: Bio, Age, Tyrus Wife, Net Worth, and Weight Loss

Ingrid Rinck, the wife of George Murdoch (Tyrus’es), is the CEO of Sensible Meals and a self-made entrepreneur promoting healthy eating since 2014.

She has recently made strides as a physical coach and health expert. She found her passion in body fitness when she was fifteen as a gymnast.

Ingrid has also taken up running, Pilates and yoga as forms of exercise. She is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist with numerous healing and executive leadership certifications. She is also a big fan of Pilates, yoga, and meditation.

Ingrid Rinck Bio

Born and raised in the USA. Information about her parents and siblings is not yet clear. Her childhood life is not known to the outside world.

Taurus is her zodiac sign. This person is a US citizen who lives in Mandeville, Louisiana. Gary Rinck is the name of her father.

Ingrid Rinck Age, Height, Weight, and Body Dimensions

On April 26, 1981, she was born. Ingrid Rinck is 41 years old. She stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 56 kilograms. She is of white ethnicity and holds American citizenship. Her brown eyes are hazel, and her blonde hair is blonde.


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Ingrid Rinck husband

Who is the husband of Ingrid Rinck? Is Ingrid Rinck married, or has she never been married? Ingrid is dating Tyrus, a former WWE star. George has two other children from a previous marriage.

Ingrid Rinck Career

Ingrid works as a businesswoman and a personal trainer. As a result, she is the CEO of ‘Sensible Meals,’ a self-made businesswoman.

Ingrid Rinck has served in different positions in various companies, including ‘Coach Inc.’ for a few years. She is also the owner of ‘In-Grid Fitness,’ where she works as a personal trainer.

After her child was diagnosed with diabetes, she created her own company. Her main ambition is to develop a company that encourages people to live healthier lifestyles.

Rinck began her company with just $50 in her bank account and has now developed it into a multimillion-dollar company with over 1200 employees. This individual is also a member of the Circle of Red, an American organization dedicated to raising heart disease awareness.

Children of Ingrid Rinck

Tyrus and Ingrid are the parents of a child. In May 2014, their daughter Georgie Murdoch was born.

Ingrid also has two sons from previous relationships. Their names are Rock and Rhett.

The couple is currently in a good relationship. They have been seen spending time together in pictures on social media.

Ingrid is usually seen wearing a lot of black when she is out with her husband, and he wears a lot of black too. Her husband is also one of the WWE stars featured in movies like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.

Ingrid Rinck’s Net Worth

According to reports, Ingrid Rinck has a net worth of $2.5 million. She is content with the amount of money she earns in her job. Her main source of income is her work as the CEO of Sensible Meals, which she has been doing for a long time.

Her husband, Tyrus, is a popular WWE star. The couple manages to raise a good income and has no financial problems.

George Murdoch has an estimated net worth of $2 million. His salary from WWE comes to $300K per year. The average salary for retired players in the US comes to over $1 million per year.

Meet Ingrid Rinck On Instagram

Ingrid Rinck’s Instagram account name is @ingridrinck. She has more than 70.8k followers. Some of her most recent posts include a selfie of herself with her husband Tyrus and her son Rhett. She has also posted an image of herself exercising in the gym and a picture of her eating food.

Her Instagram account has a total of 721 posts. Most of Ingrid’s workout videos have been shared on her Instagram account. Ingrid’s TikTok profile is @therinckroutine and has more than 137.3K
Followers and 1.3M Likes.

Ingrid Rinck Lost 140 lbs At 40 Years old

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Ingrid Rinck is a professional businesswoman who has been a success in her career. She worked hard to achieve her goals and grow her companies, which contributed greatly to her wealth.

Ingrid is not just a simple coach. She is not just the CEO of Sensible Meals but also an active member of the American Circle of Red, which is an American organization that encourages heart disease awareness.

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