Rianne Van Rompaey

Rianne Van Rompaey: Bio, Age, Romantic Affairs, Net Worth, and Career Journey

Everything You Need to Know About Rianne van Rompaey the Dutch Supermodel

Rianne van Rompaey is a Dutch female redhead model who made her debut into the industry when she walked for Louis Vuitton during the fall-winter season in 2014. Rianne is a white woman with blue-green eyes and strawberry hair.

Rianne Van Rompaey Biography

Rianne van Rompaey was born on January 3, 1996, 26 years. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She was born in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands and is a Dutch national. She currently resides in Amsterdam in the city of the Netherlands. She speaks three languages fluently which are English, Dutch, and French.

Rianne leads a private life and has not posted photos of her family members online. She has constantly mentioned her mother in various interviews stating that she grew up thin like her mother and that her mother advised her not to put on too much lipstick.

She is very connected to her family and friends as she spends time with them in Amsterdam. They are far removed from the world of fashion, and she credits them for rooting her in the reality of life outside fashion.

Rianne attended high school at Montessori School, where she began her professional modeling career. She then attended college at Pantarijin College and attained a VWO diploma.

Rianne Van Rompaey Body Measurements and Her Relationship with Her Body

Growing up, Rianne was a thin child. Her relationship with her body has changed since she joined the modeling world. Rianne believes that keeping your body in good health counts no matter what type of body you have. She weighs 53 kilograms and can even eat a full packet of M&Ms.

Rianne believes that feeling beautiful is a state of mind on being beautiful. She states that feeling good about yourself is the first step towards feeling beautiful and that once you feel good about yourself, you are beautiful.

Rianne is a tall girl with a height of 5’11”, equal to 179 centimeters and her shoe size is number 38. Her chest measurement is 31 and a half inches or 80 centimeters, a twenty-two-and-a-half-inch waste equivalent to 57 centimeters, and her hips measurement is thirty-four and a half inches or 87 centimeters.

Rianne Van Rompaey Relationship and Romantic Affairs

Rianne has managed to keep her relationships out of the limelight and from the media’s scrutiny. During her Vogue interview, she described kissing her boyfriend and going to brunch as the ideal way to spend her free day from work.

She was previously in a one-year relationship with her girlfriend Freja Beha Erichsen, a model. Rianne and Freja were in a long-distance relationship, but during quarantine, they were quarantined together in the wake of Covid-19. The relationship was a low-key one, but it came to an end.

Rianne Van Rompaey Career Journey

Rianne van Rompaey was a model during her high school days, where her professional journey officially started. Rianne flew to Paris during the thick of her exams when Nicholas Ghesquiere spotted her and invited her for a casting, where she walked and got a call back after the audition.

She was called back to model in the 2014 fall-winter season in Monaco for the Louis Vuitton collection.

After that walk that was her debut, she was up and ready to fly with her face being in Vogue UK and Vogue Paris. With that walk, she was suddenly plunged into the glitz and glam of the fashion world.

In 2016, she took a six-month break as she felt as though life was moving too fast and needed a break. Three agents represent her; DNA Model Management in the USA, VIVA Model Management in Paris, and Platform Agency based in Amsterdam and Madrid.

She has participated in various campaigns for brands including Chloe, Isabel Marant, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Versace, Prada, Burberry, Fendi, Zara, Miumiu, Rant, Maison Valentino, Ports, Celine, and Cos, among others where she graced the runway.

Rianne has graced various covers in her journey, including Purple Magazine, Vogue -Korea, Japan and Paris, Self Service Magazine, M Le Magazine du Monde, Dust Magazine, i-D, Bazaar, V Magazine, among others.

Rianne Van Rompaey Net Worth

Rianne is a runway model who walks in shows and campaigns as her professional work. Apart from modeling, she does brand endorsements and commercials which are her other sources of income. She has not disclosed her net worth, but it is estimated to be higher than $3million.

Rianne Van Rompaey Social Media

Rianne is an active user of Instagram, where she posts fashion content that people majorly see through social media, unlike the traditional way of magazines. Her Instagram handle is Rianne Van Rompaey.

Random Facts About Rianne Van Rompaey

Rianne loves to sing and dance. After a long exhausting day, she enjoys singing, dancing, and having a drink to unwind with her friends. While the nights off work are not guaranteed, any chance to sing despite being jetlagged is an option she will almost always take.

Rianne loves watching at the cinemas. She loves dark humor and physiological tension in films. She would like to be in a film with her dream director being, Michael Haneke.

Her style is feminine, chic, boyish, and simple, which is a huge contrast from her clothes while walking the runway. Her favorite outfit is a leather jacket, a t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of loafers.

Rianne loves to exercise. She goes swimming and kickboxing to stay in shape at least two times a week.

She goes for a connective tissue massage since it gives results immediately. Her beauty routine consists of hydrating, washing her face two times a day, applying toner and day cream in the morning, and applying Vitamin C serum in the evening. She regularly receives facial treatment.

She likes being in the countryside for the beauty and calm nature and loves the city because of the energy in the city. She loves traveling and eating crabs and Japanese food.

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