Laura Michelle Prestin

Laura Michelle Prestin: Bio, Age, Family, Net Worth, and Fitness Journey

At a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, Laura Michelle is a wearer of numerous hats. She weighs an average of between 115 to 125 lbs.

Miss Prestin is a Fitness Cover Model, Warrior Athlete Ambassador, Registered Practical Nurse, Founder of, Performance Coach, Certified Lifeline Practitioner, and Author.

Various fitness magazines have featured this amazing woman on their covers, where she gets to show off her flawless white skin, dark brown eyes, and light brown hair.

What Inspired Her? Here’s a Glimpse of Her Early Life

Born in Canada on January 29th, 1985, she is 37 years old, Miss Prestin grew her interest in the fitness industry from the age of seven.

At this early age, she was already participating in OFFSA (Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations) Cross Country Championships, and competitive soccer.

Later on, she became a swimmer and for a short while thereafter, became involved in gymnastics, though she didn’t stay too long.

By the time she was 14, Laura realized she wanted to be in the entertainment industry. She drew great pleasure out of playing sports, training, and competing.

At the age of 21, she took her high school gym training lessons to a higher notch and even started modeling.

Due to the numerous inquiries, she would receive on fitness, she started blogging about it, with the intention to help others who were equally passionate about fitness and health.

Greatly inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s prodigious physique at the prime of his career, Laura has always been self-driven to achieve greatness, and become the best version of herself. Additionally, she derives inspiration from Ronda Rousey, a renowned athlete, worldwide.

What Career Aspirations Has Miss Prestin Pursued? Were They Successful?

Miss Prestin has over the years garnered accolades in the beauty and fitness industry.

In 2008, her fitness career saw a positive turn – an entry into the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) Diva Bikini Model Championship, attaining 4th position. In 2011, she achieved 1st position in the WBFF Diva Pro Bikini Division Championship in Quebec.

On the medical front, she has made a career for herself as a Registered Nurse. She supplements this by also being a Personal Trainer.

Is Laura Michelle Married? Any Indication of a Family Life?

Although sources indicate that she has been in at least one relationship, she is currently not in a relationship and has neither ever been engaged, nor married.

It is also purported that she does not have children. Like most other celebrities, intimate details of her romantic entanglements are kept away from the limelight.

However, there are a few photos on her Instagram account showing she is noticeably intimate with an unidentified male.

What Are Laura Michelle’s Educational Achievements?

Laura understands the importance of education and apart from the beauty and fitness pursuits, she is a graduate of McMaster University as a Registered Practical Nurse. At the same university, she also acquired a Bachelor of Arts undergraduate degree in biology and sociology.

What Is Laura Michelle’s Average Net Worth? How Has She Achieved It?

For security purposes, or otherwise, most, if not all, celebrities prefer not to mention their exact net worth. However, sources indicate that Miss Laura Michelle Prestin’s net worth ranges from anything between $100,000 and $1 million. She acquires her resources from the various professional activities she engages in.

Laura Michelle Prestin Fitness Journey – What Does It Take to Be Laura Michelle?

Laura Michelle has done well for herself and has been voted No. 1 in the annual Inside Fitness Magazine’s Hot and Fit 100. But this was no easy task. This beautiful model keeps a nutrition plan which she follows stringently.

Consuming a balanced combination of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lean protein, Laura’s diet features protein shakes, yogurt, oatmeal, tuna salads, vegetables, almonds, and fruits.

She also maintains a strict workout schedule throughout the week, with Yoga as her Saturday focus and Sunday as her only rest day.

All other days are dedicated to working out her legs, arms, abs, back, shoulders, and chest. Legs are her favorite muscle, to which she solely dedicates Mondays and Thursdays.

What Does Laura Michelle’s Popularity Look Like on Social Media?

Laura’s Instagram account indicates she has 35.7k followers, has put up 411 posts, and follows 436 people.

On Twitter, MissPrestin has 46k followers, even though she doesn’t follow a single soul on the platform.

She was voted No. 1 in Canada as an International Cover Model and Fat Burning Nurse. On LinkedIn, she has 108 connections

Miss Laura Michelle Prestinattributes her success partially to her fans as they are a constant reminder that she needs to keep up with her daily training regime not just for her sake as a lifestyle but also because her fans are counting on her for motivation.

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