Dawn Madsen Net Worth

Dawn Madsen Net Worth: Career, Family and Things You Didn’t Know

Dawn Madsen is an American social media influencer and author. Her birthday is September 9th, 1982. She is known for her lifestyle content on YouTube and Instagram.

Primarily, she uses her social platforms to advocate for minimalism, cleanliness in living spaces, and mental wellbeing.

At only 39 years old, Dawn has gathered an impressive following since she started posting online in 2017.

Dawn Madsen Net Worth

Madsen’s earnings come primarily from her YouTube channel. With more than 496,000 subscribers as of 2021, she earns approximately $85,000 annually on the website. In addition, Dawn recently published a book called “Declutter Your Home in 15 Minutes a Day,” so she earns proceeds from that as well. Although some sources estimate Dawn’s net worth at over 3 million USD, we believe that her net worth is closer to 1 million.

How Did Dawn Become a Content Creator?

Dawn has been vocal about her desire to use social media to help other live better lives. This is likely why she decided to start a YouTube channel in the first place.

She started her social career in 2017 and began getting popular in 2019. Since then, she has significantly expanded her online presence.

What About Dawn Madsen’s Family?

Dawn features her family in many of her YouTube videos and Instagram posts. She has 4 children, 2 boys, and one girl. She is married to a man named Tom, and the couple seems very happy together.

Our sources also indicate that Madsen has a close-knit extended family as well. In a recent post for Thanksgiving in 2021, she mentions visiting family members for two separate holiday parties. Dawn also has a sister, but little is known about her parents.

What Kind of Content Does Dawn Madsen Create?

Dawn is passionate about helping families reduce clutter in their homes. She is very vocal about how de-cluttering spaces can drastically improve a person’s lifestyle.

She releases practical tips on how to clean, organize, and maintain living spaces. Since she has 4 kids of her own and is married, many of Dawn’s videos and posts pertain to family life.

She also has a hands-on course through her website that teaches people how to be less cluttered.

How popular is Dawn Madson?

On Instagram, Dawn has 83k followers, and on YouTube, she has almost half a million subscribers. She also has a LinkedIn profile but does not seem to be active on that website.

Dawn also maintains a popular website where she recently released her new book. In addition, Madsen has a podcast called The Minimal Mom that has thousands of monthly listeners.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Dawn Madson

  • First, Dawn has a twin sister.
  • Second, in addition to her busy online career, Madsen’s LinkedIn page shows that she is a former realtor and may still be working in real estate as of 2021.
  • Third, she has a college degree in marketing.
  • Fourth, her astrological sign is Libra.

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