Kelleth Cuthbert Net Worth

Kelleth Cuthbert Net Worth: Bio, Marriage, and Career

When you first see Kelleth on the runway or TV, she is modeling and walking with grace and poise. She knows how to make every outfit her own and what looks best for her body type.

But when she takes a step back from the spotlight, she is also an actress who has been in several commercials and some independent films that are still looking for distribution.

Kelleth Cuthbert’s Net Worth

Kelleth Cuthbert has a net worth of $500,000-$1 million. This is from her modeling and acting career and from various endorsement deals she has signed over the years. She is often in the media, which increases her exposure, leading to more sponsorships and deals. Kelleth can live a lavish lifestyle due to her earnings from these endorsements.

Kelleth Cuthbert Biography

Kelleth was born in Toronto, Canada, on 23 October 1987. Her parents are immigrants from the United Kingdom.

She has one brother who is younger than her. Kelleth always loved to be in the spotlight and started her modeling career at a young age.

She entered into a modeling contest and started her career from there. She appeared on the cover of many magazines, was a spokesperson for several companies, and appeared in countless commercials and TV shows.

Is Kelleth Cuthbert Married?

Kelleth Cuthbert is currently in a relationship with Christopher Von Steinbach. After dating long distances for several months through the phone and social media, they finally met in person and knew that they were meant to be together.

They got married in 2011, and she moved to where Christopher was living at the time. Kelleth’s husband is often seen in her social media posts supporting her.

Kelleth Cuthbert’s Height, Weight, and Physical Details

Kelleth is 5 Feet 9 Inches tall and weighs around 130 pounds. She has a slim figure and long legs that she often shows off on the runway.

She has Brunette long hair and usually wears minimal makeup when she is not modeling or acting.

Kelleth is in excellent shape and takes care of her body by practicing yoga and meditation as well.

She is also a vegan, which helps her maintain her healthy lifestyle. She has a hip size of around 36 inches and hazel eye color.

Kelleth Cuthbert’s Career

Kelleth Cuthbert’s persuaded in the area of mental health and addiction counseling. Kelleth has a degree in psychology.

She was always interested in helping people with their mental health and addictions and decided to go into counseling after completing her modeling and acting career.

Kelleth often speaks about her struggles with mental health and how she was able to overcome them.

She wants to use her own experiences to help others suffering from mental illness and addiction.


Kelleth Cuthbert is one of the most well-known Canadian models and actresses. She combined her love for modeling with her passion for helping others through counseling. Kelleth is someone others can look up to for motivation, hope, and inspiration.

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