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Ellie Zeiler Net Worth: TikTok Icon, Age, Family, and Favorite Things

Ellie Zeiler Net Worth

4 Things to Know About Fan-Favorite, Ellie Zeiler

Ellie Zeiler is an American social media star and TikTok icon. At just 17, she has garnered a huge social media following with her lip-sync videos on her TikTok channel, elliezeiler.

This account has more than 10 million followers and over 320 million likes.

Currently, Ellie has a net worth of about $100,000. Charli D’Amelio, another dancer and social media personality, has previously commented that they look alike, and looking at them, they are practically twins.

They are both excellent dancers, and in a few months, Ellie has transformed from your normal high schooler to a bona fide American celeb.

If she chooses to go Charli’s way, she will definitely be joining the millionaire club because her fans adore her.

@elliezeilerMy heather is still getting ready♬ Linda And Heather Theme Song nooneinparticular

Ellie Zeiler Net Worth

Ellie has several social media accounts that can get her endorsements, paid ads, and sponsored posts.

She has over 100k subscribers on YouTube, a million on Instagram, and, as already mentioned, an impressive following on TikTok. From these social media accounts, she earns around $3,000 every month.

Also, if you follow cooking shows, you probably know she appeared on Chopped Junior. However, her time there was short-lived, and she got removed from the show.

Currently, she is the face of brands like Eau De Juice fragrance, among others.

What assets does Ellie Zeiler have?

Ellie is living large for a teenager, and she has started to buy stuff for herself and her family. She bought a home in San Diego, California, where she lives with her family.

Her father, Rick Zeiler, works for the government, while her mother, Sarah Zeiler, works as a banker.

She is quite close with her mother, who initially limited her social media screen time.

Ellie says that she was only allowed one minute of TikTok screen time before her brother accessed the restriction password allowing her to start posting her videos.

Speaking of brothers, she has two, William Zeiler and Ben Zeiler, who are twins.

Currently, she is not married, and she has no boyfriend.


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What are Ellie Zeiler’s favorite things?

It’s not hard to see why Ellie says Charli D’Amelio is her favorite social media personality. Apart from looking alike, they almost have the same career path.

The D’Amelio sisters Charli and Dixie even showed their support for Ellie in their podcast 2 Chix.

Dixie said that she believes they are in the same position and that Ellie is perfect.

She believes that Ellie is unfairly targeted and getting hate for how she did it. She added, “We get hate for how we did it. It doesn’t matter”.

Ellie’s other favorite things include filmmaking and makeup tutorials, pizza and noodles, working out, basketball and golf.

She hopes to join NYU for college and have a career in real estate.

She founded a non-profit, Together As One, before becoming famous

Together with her two best friends, Ellie made an Instagram account @tgaomovement after a nearby tragic shooting.

They wanted to sensitize people on divisive opinions that surround race, religion, sexuality, and more.

Since then, their account has become impactful and important.

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Pamibaby: Who is, Age, Dating, Net Worth, Real Name, and Career


Who is Pamibaby?

Pamibaby is a social media influencer who rose to fame on TikTok. She creates lip sync videos. She is also known for having a doll-like appearance.

She is originally from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. She is of mixed Bulgarian and Middle Eastern descent.

Years ago, she made a popular YouTube video where she showed her “GLASS SKIN” makeup routine. That was back in 2016 before she moved onto TikTok and became popular there.

How old is Pamibaby?

Pamibaby is currently 21 years old. She was born on March 8, 2000. This makes her a Taurus and a member of Generation Z.

What is Pamibaby’s net worth?

Her net worth is estimated to be around 500k.

@pamibabyytik toks in public omfg♬ الصوت الأصلي _ru0dy

Who is Pamibaby dating?

Currently, Pamibaby does have a boyfriend. His name is Adin Ross. He is a Youtube and Twitch streamer.

The two announced their romantic relationship on Instagram in 2021.

What is Pamibaby’s real name?

Pamibaby’s first name is Pamela. Her legal last name is not known at this time. She has chosen not to reveal it.

What are Pamibaby’s body measurements?

Pamibaby has a slim build and pear body shape.

Her chest size is 35 inches. Her waist is 25 inches. Her hips are 34 inches.

She also wears size 5 shoes. That’s in UK sizes.


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How tall is Pamibaby and how much does she weigh?

Pamibaby is 5 feet and 5 inches. In other words, she is 165 centimeters tall.

She weighs 121 pounds. That’s equal to 55 kilograms.

What social media does Pamibaby use?

Pamibaby uses TikTok. That is where she became famous. Her username is pamibabyy.

She is known for uploading lip sync videos. One of her earliest videos was set to the Melanie Martinez song, “Playdate.” She also uses music by artists like Travis Scott.

While she is famous for her lip sync skills, Pamibaby also sometimes makes beauty videos. In one video she reacts to her hair being cut short.

She also occasionally uploads photographs of herself to the Instagram app.

Pamibaby sometimes uses YouTube as well, though she prefers TikTok, like many influencers. Her YouTube channel has more than 2 million views, but there are only 2 videos on it.


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What is Pamibaby’s career like?

She is an online content creator and social media influencer. She has more than 6 million followers on her TikTok account.

Pamibaby is a member of a Tiktok group called “Not a Content House.” It is a collective made up of different content creators. It was formed in 2020.

Who is in Pamibaby’s family?

Pamibaby has not shared the names of her parents. The names have not been leaked, either. What is known is that they moved from Dubai to Houston years ago.

Does Pamibaby have a sister?

She is rumored to have a sister and a brother but has not shared information on either.

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Katarina Deme: Who is, Age, Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Plastic Surgery

Katarina Deme

Who is Katarina Deme?

Katarina Deme is a social media influencer who rose to fame on the video-sharing app, TikTok. She makes a living by endorsing brands on her social media accounts. She also uses Instagram, in addition to TikTok.

Recently she has been sharing many photographs of herself taken in foreign countries. Some locations she has posed in include Mexico, Monaco, Italy, and Dubai. She has also been to England, Venezuela, Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa.

She is known for taking photos in exotic regions like this. It is a major part of her branding at this point. The trips may be a part of her deals with various companies, in exchange for promoting their products on her TikTok and Instagram accounts.

What is Katarina Deme’s career?

Katarina Deme is still quite young, so her career is new. That said, she has still accomplished many things. She had partnerships and sponsorships with multiple brands.

What is Katarina Deme’s age?

Katarina Deme is only eighteen years old. She was born on February 19, 2004. This means she is a Pisces and part of Generation Z.

What is Katarina Deme’s net worth?

Currently, she has a net worth somewhere around 200k. She is in the process of actively growing her income by working with new brands and continuing to post steadily on social media. Her net worth is expected to grow in the future.

What are Katarina Deme’s body measurements?

Katarina Deme is a model, so her measurements are known to the public. Her height is five feet and eight inches. In other words, she is one hundred and eighty centimeters tall.

She weighs one hundred eighty pounds. According to the metric system, she weighs sixty-eight kilograms.

Information is available on her figure statistics as well.

Her chest size is thirty-nine inches. Her waist is thirty-two inches. Her biceps are twelve inches.


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Has Katarina Deme had plastic surgery?

Yes, she has almost definitely had plastic surgery. While she has not confirmed this herself, experts can tell by comparing present photographs with ones from the past. According to them, she has had several cosmetic procedures.

According to the experts, Katarina Deme has likely had the following cosmetic procedures: Botox injections, lip fillers, and a facelift. She is also speculated to have breast implants.

Her alleged plastic surgery has been a source of controversy. Many feel she is too young for these sorts of procedures. Some people think she looks too old for her age as a result of the surgery and social media influencer lifestyle.

What is Katarina Deme’s nationality?

Katarina Deme is an American, although she is known for modeling in exotic locations. Her ethnicity is Greek and her race is white.

What is Katarina Deme’s relationship with The Kid Laroi?

Besides being a TikTok star, she is also known for dating the famous Australian rapper, The Kid Laroi. This romantic relationship thrust her further into the spotlight. Many gossip magazines have talked about this couple.

The Kid Laroi once posted a picture of his girlfriend in a bikini on Instagram. This was commented on in news magazines. It stirred further controversy about Katarina’s alleged plastic surgeries and whether she was too young for them.

The couple has been together for a few years now. One year ago, there was a rumor that The Kid Laroi broke up with Katarina. This turned out to be false.

According to magazines, he threw her a surprise party for her eighteenth birthday. The event took place in Los Angeles. There was lots of dancing involved.

It is unknown if she had ever dated anyone else before The Kid Laroi. She has been very secretive about her pre-influencer days. Some speculate this is because she wants to avoid drawing attention to her pre-plastic surgery looks.

Who are Katarina Deme’s parents?

Her parents’ names’ are Jim Deme and Nancy Deme. Her father is an entrepreneur. Her mother is a fashion designer.

She also has three or four siblings, including Theo, Anastasia, and Alexa. Katarina has been careful to protect the privacy of her siblings, so not too much is known about them publicly.

It would appear that Katarina’s parents and family are quite wealthy. At a young age, she had already traveled all over the world with them, from Italy to South Africa. More detailed information about them is not available at this time.


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What are Katarina Deme’s social media accounts?

Her main account is on TikTok. Her username there is @katarinademe.

She is also on Instagram. There her username is @katarina.deme. In her Instagram bio, it says, “only socials are insta and TikTok.” This is unusual for an influencer; most use Twitter and other apps, too.

She is not active on YouTube, however, fans have uploaded compilations of her TikTok videos there. Fans and haters also share her content on sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit.

It seems like her unique minimalist approach to social media is working out well for her. Katarina has 995.5k fans on TikTok and 1.1 million followers on Instagram. Since others share her photographs on other sites and apps, she doesn’t need to do it herself.

She uses the two apps in different ways. On Instagram, she posts photographs of herself as a model. On TikTok, she posts videos of herself, often set to music.

This strategy makes a lot of sense when you realize that Instagram was made for photo sharing while TikTok is a platform for sharing videos.

Instagram did not support videos until relatively recently. On the other hand, TikTok is designed in such a way that still photographs can only be uploaded if they are edited into a short video first.

While the sites take different approaches, at the end of the day they are both useful tools for influencers like Katarina. She has mastered them both.

@katarinademehello hi♬ original sound Trueee

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Skylar Rae: Bio, Early life, Career, Net Worth, Family and Facts

Skylar Rae

Skylar Rae is a 19-year-old rising star who has taken over the internet with her amazing singing and dancing abilities. She started making videos for TikTok in 2016 and quickly gained a following.

In 2018, she began posting videos on Instagram, where she now has over 500,000 followers.

Her videos have been watched millions of times, and she has been featured on popular websites such as BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post. Skylar is an incredible talent, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Skylar Rae Biography

Skylar Rae was born in 2001 in Minnesota. She is the daughter of two military parents and has four siblings. She was raised in a tight-knit family.

She began making videos for fun with her cousins at a young age and continued to make content throughout high school and college.

Her early work consisted of vlogs, stunts, and challenges, but she later developed a more comedic style. Skylar started making videos for TikTok in 2016 and quickly gained a following.

In 2018, she began posting videos on Instagram, where she now has over 500,000 followers.

Her videos have been watched millions of times, and she has been featured on popular websites such as BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post. She was raised in a tight-knit family.


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Skyler Rae Early life

Skylar Rae was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 11, 2002. She was raised in a tight-knit family and began making videos with her cousins at a young age.

Skyler Rae Family

Rae’s parents are both involved in her career. Her father is a musician, and her mother is an artist. Rae has two younger sisters who also appear in her videos from time to time.

Skyler Rae Career

Rae first gained fame on the app, where she amassed over 1 million followers. She later transitioned to Instagram and TikTok, where she continues to post content to this day.

Her eclectic mix of content has earned her a large following on all three platforms, with over 6 million followers on Instagram and 2 million followers on TikTok.

Rae also has a sizable following on YouTube, where she has over 350,000 subscribers. She also has a cloth in line and does brand ambassador work.

Skylar Rae is also a model. she has worked with brands like forever 21, justice, and the American eagle. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also been in films like “the middle child” and “the last call.”

Skyler Rea Personal life

Rae is 19 years old and currently lives in Los Angeles. She is close with her family and often features them in her videos. Rae also has a boyfriend who appears in some of her content.

Besides, she likes hanging out with friends and going to the beach. Rae’s personal life is relatively private, but she has occasionally shared photos and videos of herself and her family.

Skyler Rae’s Net Worth

Skylar Rae’s net worth is estimated at 500 thousand dollars, but it’s likely that this figure will only continue to grow in the years to come. She makes around 30 thousand dollars a year from her youtube and Instagram videos.

She also earns about 15 thousand dollars a year in sponsorships. This puts her yearly income at around 45 thousand dollars. Skylar Rae’s parents are military veterans, so it’s likely that much of her wealth comes from inheritance or other family money sources.

Regardless of how her net worth was amassed, it’s clear that Skylar Rae is doing quite well for herself at a young age.

Skyler Rae Height, Weight, and Measurements

  • Rae is 5’5″ tall.
  • Rae weighs 120 lbs.
  • Measurements are 32-24-34.

Skylar Rae’s social media

Skylar Rae maintains active social media accounts on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and

Skylar Rae has a large following on Instagram (6 million followers) and TikTok (2 million followers). Her content mix on all platforms is eclectic and includes vlogs, stunts, challenges, comedy sketches, and lifestyle content.

She also occasionally posts covers of popular songs. Rae also has a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers where she posts a variety of content, including vlogs, challenges, and comedy sketches.

Skyler’s Motivation in Life

Skylar Rae is motivated by her desire to make people laugh and feel good. She loves creating content that makes people happy, and she takes great pride in her work. Rae also enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Facts about Skylar Rae

  • Rae was first featured in a 2017 commercial for the app
  • She continued to make content for Musically after the app merged with TikTok in 2018.
  • Rae has over 6 million followers on Instagram.
  • Rae is 17 years old and in high school.
  • Rae’s net worth is estimated at $500,000


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