Goth Egg Net Worth

Goth Egg Net Worth: Who is, Age, Tiktok Star, and Instagram Shop

Who is Goth Egg?

Goth Egg is a 21-year-old social media influencer who rose to fame on TikTok. She is most popular on the platform for her fitness, dance, and comedy videos. Her creative content amassed over 3.1 million followers on TikTok alone.

Goth Egg Net Worth

As with most social media stars, it isn’t easy to pinpoint exactly Goth Egg’s net worth. Given her engagement rate and followers on TikTok, many sources estimate she earns around $2000-$3000 per post. Considering her other income streams, such as brand deals and sponsorships, Goth Egg likely takes anywhere from 300-500k per year.

Goth Egg Earnings Explained

Goth Egg’s most obvious income stream, TikTok, pays primarily by the number of views per post.

Another large source of income for the star is sponsorship from advertisers. Big-name brands will pay over $1000 per post to advertise their product on a large platform.

Goth Egg Social Media Presence

Goth Egg isn’t just a star on TikTok. She also has quite a large following on Instagram and a growing following on Youtube.

Currently, at 836k followers on Instagram, Goth Egg has posted numerous brand deals to her large following, earning her extra income.

Although her presence on Youtube is much smaller, at 27.6k followers, some videos have reached almost 100,000 views.

Goth Egg Instagram Shop

A link to her Merch shop is placed at the top of Goth Egg’s Instagram page. In the shop, she sells various items, ranging from $5 stickers to $42 fleece blankets with custom art on them.

Although the shop doesn’t have too many items, it can be considered another source of income for the star.

But Wait: There’s More

Also, at the top of Goth Egg’s Instagram is a link to the rest of her accounts on other platforms. She has links to TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat, and Youtube.

Goth Egg’s Confidentiality

It is challenging to determine Goth Egg’s total net worth because of her extreme confidentiality on her platforms.

The star goes by the name “Lee” or “Kiwi” on all her accounts, with no mention of her last name or other personal details. Because of this, it isn’t easy to decipher exactly what assets and holdings the star has.

Room to Grow

Given Goth Egg’s current following and variety of income streams, the star’s net worth will likely continue to grow.

More followers mean more payouts, bigger brand deals, and more interaction with shops and advertisers.

Although her fame began on TikTok, the influencer has every platform at her fingertips and lots of room to grow.

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