Filippa Fransson

Filippa Fransson: Bio, Life Style, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Career, and Facts

Filippa Fransson is a personal trainer, social media influencer, and Instagram model of Swedish origin.

With over 921,000 Instagram followers, her popularity has risen quite fast, and she has her dedication to working out to thank for it.

Filippa has a solid commitment to weight lifting, which explains her physique and perfectly crafted body. She has learned how to use her fantastic body to motivate her thousands of followers to continue working out.

Today, she boasts of a strong fan base that’s committed to walking with her in her fitness journey.

The same fan base has helped her become an icon who continuously sets standards for herself and her followers. Read on to learn more about Filippa Fransson.

Filippa Fransson Family

Filippa Fransson is from a mixed-race Swedish family and was born on September 9, 1998. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. She is 23 years old.

While she hasn’t made public any information related to her educational qualifications, it’s known that she schooled in a private school located in her area.

Additionally, no information is available online on her birth parents. But from the little data that’s available, it’s known that she has a sister called Amanda Fransson, a notable influencer in her own right.

Filippa Fransson Boyfriend

The information available on the internet indicates that Filippa Fransson is unmarried and also single.

Filippa Fransson Net worth

Working as a fitness influencer has enabled Filippa Fransson to make a decent living. Industry insiders estimate that she’s worth around $350,000. Her primary income sources are her paid courses and sponsorship deals. You can learn more about her earnings from Instagram.

Instagram: Speaking of Instagram, Filippa Fransson has a large following comprising over 921,000 followers. And this is not forgetting that she continues to get thousands of new followers with each passing day.

Her large following has helped her gain various sponsorship deals from brands looking to promote their products on Instagram. Most of these deals are in the form of sponsored posts. Her average social media engagement rate stands at 11.33%.

With this kind of engagement rate, it means that a single sponsored post presently averages around 79,380 likes.

In short, for every sponsored post that Filippa Fransson puts up, she gets to earn between $2,106 and $3,510.

Paid Courses: Her second revenue stream comes from a joint venture she launched with her sister.

The two Fransson sisters operate a website called fitnessbyfransson. They mainly use the platform for marketing an eBook titled “8-week Glute Guide.”

The eBook retails for only £49. Most buyers are her followers who are interested in learning more about fitness and the steps to follow to get a toned physique. Since becoming an influencer, the paid course and the paid posts have helped her earn a decent income.

Filippa Fransson Lifestyle

Unfortunately, not much information is available related to her lifestyle, as she only shares workout plans, paid posts, and pictures of herself online.

Filippa Fransson Career

Filippa Fransson started her career on the same platform that has helped her become a social media influencer – Instagram.

You can find her account using the username “filippafranssoon.” Prior to the rise to fame, Filippa had pursued a certified personal trainer course.

She used the information learned in her classes to tone her body and used the pictures she took during the workouts to gain a following. The photos on her Insta account help her thousands of followers to stay fit and motivated to exercise.

Her rise to fame began when followers learned of the uniqueness of her training. Since opening her account, she has amassed over 921k followers and shared over 300 fitness-related posts.

Filippa Fransson Training

It’s safe to say that Filippa Fransson wouldn’t have the amazing physique she has developed or her social media influencer status if she weren’t committed to her training. While she has admitted to performing cardio, her main interest lies in heavyweights workouts.

She constantly develops new routines to assist her muscles in becoming toned and preventing them from becoming used to the same set of workouts. Over the years, she has found a way to incorporate high-rep and low-rep exercises into her workout routines.

In other cases, she may decide to alter her workouts entirely and opt to perform whatever routines come to mind at that moment. But despite this, she has one rule which never changes – always to keep the intensity going.

Filippa Fransson Nutrition

Filippa Fransson has committed to eating clean whenever she gets the opportunity. Nonetheless, she does have a cheat day, which allows her to eat any food item she craves without any worry.

Her favorites for cheat days include French fries, burgers, and pizza – all these are non-sugary foods.

Other food items you may find her eating include:

  • Whole Grain Toasts
  • Ground Beef
  • Avocados
  • Wild Caught Salmon
  • Rice
  • Vegetables
  • Yams
  • Berries

Filippa Fransson only takes supplements once she’s convinced that her diet can’t help her meet her protein requirements. Her food of choice when this happens is whey protein. Pea powder is a viable alternative.

Filippa Fransson Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

She currently stands at 5 feet 5 inches with an average weight of 56kgs. Her body measurements are 33-25-36. She wears a size 7 (US) pair of shoes.

Filippa Fransson Workout Plan

Her workout plan involves lifting weights without any cardio exercises.

Filippa Fransson Social Media

Unlike other social media influencers, Filippa Fransson only uses one social media account – Instagram. You can find and follow her using the username “filippafranssoon.”

Filippa Fransson Facts

  • She currently lives in Spain but was born in Sweden
  • Filippa has worked as an athlete and model for Bombshell Sportwear
  • Her ideal calorie count per day is between 2,500 and 3,000 calories
  • Filippa’s heritage is mixed-race
  • Her ideal pet is a dog, which explains why she already owns one
  • Travelling is one of her hobbies. She has traveled to many overseas destinations, including Bali.
  • Her workout plan relies heavily on lifting weights and rarely includes cardio exercises.

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