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Mia Sand: Bio, Family, Husband, Net Worth, Career, and Life Style

Are you interested to know more about Mia Sand? Who is she, and why is she so famous? Then this is the article for you.

Here we will talk about her net worth, lifestyle, and even her husband. Read on to know more about this internet fitness and modeling sensation.

Mia Sand Biography

Mia Sand is a popular fitness model who was born in Denmark. The Instagram superstar was born on 11 October 1987, and thus her Zodiac sign is Libra. On social media platforms, she goes by the name Miss Mia Fit.

Mia Sand has a unique look that has shot her to stardom. She has achieved those looks by training well, watching her diet, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She describes her appearance as one that defies the norms of today.

Because of her impressive physique and outgoing personality, she is a top model, and many fitness companies chase her endorsement. Already, she is a sponsored athlete.

She is an inspirational character and is amassing a huge fanbase on social media. Her message to her fans is that they should not be afraid to be different.


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About Mia Sand’s Family

Mia’s descent is mixed German-Danish and Faroese. She has kept her family details very private, and not much is known about her parents or siblings. However, be sure to check later, as we will update the information as soon as we come across it.

Mia Sand had a baby while she was in her twenties. She also welcomed another one with her boyfriend in 2018. Her sons are called Sean and Norr.

Does Mia Sand Have a Husband or Boyfriend?

Many people are curious to know who their partner is. Mia Sand is married to Rune Jakobsen, a fitness enthusiast, and bodybuilder.

Rune has a Scandinavian bodybuilding championship title, which he won in 2006. The two work out at the same gym. Rune and Mia met on a Danish dating site.

What is Mia Sand’s Net Worth?

While her net worth is not officially known, reliable sources estimate it to be between $1 million and $5 million. She has various sources of income, mostly related to her fitness career.

Most of her revenue is from her professional career and website, which deals with nutrition plans and workout programs.

Because of her massive following, her Instagram account also makes a lot of money. Her commercial posts earn her a fortune of nearly $4,000 per post. They are mostly brand endorsements on fitness-related products.

Her value is expected to grow as her fitness career progresses and more people follow her Instagram account.

What is Mia Sand’s Lifestyle Like?

As a trainer and fitness enthusiast, most of her time is spent in the gym exercising her body. Nonetheless, various other things occupy her time. A considerable part of her day is spent on parenting duties as she is a mother of two, which can be a daunting task.

Apart from being a personal trainer, Mia Sand is also a nutritionist. She is not a big fan of training indoors, and most of her fitness classes and training programs are held in an outdoor gym.

Mia Sand also has a passion for modeling. Admittedly, she loves the admiration and attention she gets from fans on internet platforms, particularly her Instagram. She also loves trying out new clothes.

On her Instagram page, you can see her photographed in different clothes. She is also quite a shopaholic, evidenced by the many outfits she is seen in.

In the past, one of her hobbies was traveling. Nowadays, it is difficult for her to travel because she has commitments at home and has to spend time with her husband and children.

How Has Mia Sand’s Career Been?

Mia Sand had several jobs before her career in modeling kicked off. Things changed in her early 20s when she had a son and had to focus on taking care of him. Later on, she became body-conscious and started going to the gym to work on herself.

In February 2015, she opened her Instagram account. She began uploading regular pictures and videos of her workouts in the gym. Her pictures were appealing to people, and she gained many followers within no time.

Inevitably, she was contacted by modeling scouts to take part in photoshoots after they noticed her influence.

It didn’t take long before she shot to stardom and became a prominent fitness model. She would later feature on numerous fitness magazines as their cover page. Mia Sand also started modeling for lingerie companies and clothing brands.


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How Does Mia Sand Train?

Mia Sand does both bodybuilding and powerlifting to maintain a good body shape. Although she occasionally switches to easier workouts with higher reps, her main training is hard workouts with smaller reps.

Mia does cardio thrice a week in sessions that do not exceed 30 minutes. She enjoys doing bench presses, squats, and dips.

What is Mia Sand Nutrition Like?

She has a healthy diet with eggs, fruit, fish, and chicken meals. She takes a lot of proteins, eating up to six times a day. However, she has not revealed if she takes supplements.

Mia Sand’s Height and Weight

Mia Sand is 5’7″ or 170 cm, and her body weight often ranges between 175 – 185lbs or 79.4 – 83.9kg.

Mia Sand’s Body Measurements

She has a waist size of 26 inches or 67cm, and her hips are 41 inches or 105cm. She wears 42E US 95E EU bras with a bust size of 38 or 97cm. Her eye color is blue, and her hair color is blonde.

Mia Sand Social Media Presence

Her popularity on social media platforms has boosted Mia’s fame and model career. Her most popular one is her Instagram account, where she has over 1.2 million followers and has posted nearly 1,000 pictures.

She also has a Facebook page that has over 80,000 fans. Her Twitter account, which she opened in January 2017, has around 11,000 followers.

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