Jessica Buettner Net Worth

Jessica Buettner Net Worth: Everything To Know About 26 Year Old Powerlifting Champion

Jessica Buettner: Who Is She?

Jessica Buettner is now a dedicated Canadian powerlifter whose athletic career began with the track.

After becoming a successful pole vaulter with her University team, Buettner suffered injuries as a result of a snowboarding accident.

Still dedicated to an athletic career, and seeing no limits for herself, she began weight lifting once she saw a noticeable drop in performance after her recovery.

Only six years after that decision, 26-year-old Buettner now holds quite a few accolades to her name.

Her Net Worth

In 2018 Buettner became the record holder of not one, but three different records at the IPF World Championship. Not stopping there, she even went on to score the silver medal in the 72 kg (158 pounds) bracket at the 2019 IPF World Championship in Helsingborg. Since becoming a powerlifter Buettner’s net worth is estimated to come in at a range of three to five million dollars.

Her Progress Since 19 Years Old

At 19, Buettner was already making waves in the powerlifting industry when won first place at the Saskatchewan Provincials. Since then, she’s competed in sixteen official events, where she’s won gold four times.

Some of her personal best lifts can be seen not on the competition floor, but through Instagram pictures, right from her home gym.

Her Weight On And Off-Season

Buettner is very open in regards to how she fuels her body. During the off-season she gives herself a break, allowing herself to eat anywhere from 2700 to 3300 calories per day in addition to her workout.

Performance season has her indulging in less than 2500 so that she can cut her weight from 173 pounds to a performance weight of 158 pounds.

Her Social Media Success

With over 191,000 Instagram followers and growing, Buettner has an established online media presence.

Oftentimes, she posts herself mid-power lift, further proving the strength behind her talent. With over 707 posts, Buettner makes it easier for fans to get to know her better.

Her Struggle With Diabetes

Despite her struggle with constantly rising and falling sugar levels, Buettner has emphasized how Type One Diabetes doesn’t hold her back from her goals.

Having Diabetes has been a constant reminder for her to keep up her diet and weight class for both health reasons and performance.

Buettner can be found posing with her vibrantly fresh food choices on Instagram, under the name, djessicabuettner


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Her Side Hustles

In addition to her powerlifting career, Buettner also contributes to her net worth via
her sneaker business.

Although she can be found making a sizable income from sneakers and social media, Buettner’s main focus and money-making are in her powerlifting.

Her Private Life

Michael Buerk and Margit Buen welcomed their daughter, Jessica, on June 18th, 1995. She has four other siblings.

Buettner remains largely quiet about her private life, instead choosing to mainly speak about her career while in the limelight.

Her Future Plans

Equipped with her own home gym and a sizeable social media following, Jessica Buettner shows no signs of stopping.

Even if the pandemic continues to shut down competitions in the future, Buettner can be found breaking records, live, at home.

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