Tia Toomey Net Worth

Tia Toomey Net Worth: A Multi-Award Winning CrossFit Athlete

Who Is Tia Toomey?

Tia Toomey is an accomplished Australian athlete who competed in weightlifting and CrossFit events.

She performs at the national and international levels. She was born on July 22nd, 1993, making her a very accomplished 28-year-old.

What Is Tia Toomey Net Worth?

All of her hard work has paid off, totaling an estimated net worth of around $3 million.

What Does Tia Toomey Look Like?

At five foot four inches tall, Tia Toomey stands at the average height of the modern adult woman. She weighs around 128 pounds. Her blond locks fall to just above her rib cage.

What’s Tia Toomey Family Life Like?

Tia Toomey has been married to Shane Orr, an athletic trainer, since 2017. Knowing each other since they were teenagers, the pair have been in each other’s lives for over a decade.

She has a mother, Debbie Toomey, and a father, Brendon Toomey, who has two other children in addition to her.

How Did Tia Toomey Meet Her Husband?

Fittingly, Tia Toomey and Shane Orr met at a triathlon competition in Weipa, Australia, when they were just teenagers.

Orr has described how enamored he was with his wife due in part to her incredible skill and determination at the competition.

They developed an interest in one another after cheering each other on and bonding over athletics.

What Awards Has Tia Toomey Won?

The Caliber of awards Tia Toomey has won ranks her amongst some of the best athletes in the World.

In 2015 she got second place and the title of Rookie of the Year at the CrossFit Games.

In 2018 and 2019, she came back and won the whole thing, even beating her records to become the most accomplished woman ever in her CrossFit category in 2019. So far, Tia has ranked 12 times in her short yet successful career.

How Was Tia Toomey Introduced To Crossfit?

Shane began to add Crossfit classes to his routine to improve his fitness for Rugby.

Enjoying the new challenge, he soon began inviting Tia to come along, thinking that would improve her athletic ability as well.

Tia admitted that she didn’t like Crossfit at first but soon grew to love it for both its full body challenge as well as its philosophies on nutrition taught in the classes she attended.


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How Has Tia Toomey’s Olympic Journey Gone?

Tia Toomey has encountered a bit of struggle during her bid for Olympic gold. That’s understandable as they are the Olympic games, meant to put even the best athletes in the world to the test.

Tia qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympics with a 428-pound combined competition lift; however, with just a small margin of error, eleven pounds off her target, to be exact, Tia ranked fourteenth instead of first place at the Summer Olympics. Still a very impressive feat!

What Does Tia Toomey Have In Her Future?

In a change of pace, Tia Toomey announced her intention to return to the Olympics.

Only this time, she intends to compete in bobsledding at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

The bobsledding event she’s participating in is a partnered event, one where she’ll compete alongside another woman to hopefully obtain Olympic gold.

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