Queen Naija Net Worth

Queen Naija Net Worth: Bio, Early Life, Career, and Marriage

Queen Naija was born on 7th October 1995. She is an American singer and songwriter. She also vlogs on YouTube through her channel. She rose to popularity after the release of the song “Medicine.”

What Is Queen Naija’s Net Worth?

Queen Naija is estimated to have a net worth of 4 million dollars as of 2021. Her net worth includes all her assets, money, and monthly income. Queen Naija’s leading source of income is through her career.

Since she has multiple sources of income, she has accumulated a good fortune over time, although she loves leading a modest life.

Queen Naija’s Sources of Income

Queen Naija was part of the 8th season of American idol. While there, she succeeded and got into the Hollywood round. In 2018 she was signed by the capital records.

Queen Naija is a YouTube vlogger who sings and does make-up blogs on her channel for her subscribers. She has a massive following of 2.7 million subscribers on the channel with 150 million views.

She has grown and become a YouTube sensation to her subscribers throughout the years. She also runs a new YouTube channel, ‘Royal Family,’ with Clarence White.

When she was still married to her ex-husband Christopher Sails, they ran a YouTube channel titled “Chris and Queen,” which closed down after separating.

The commercials on the YouTube videos earn her 180 million dollars per year. She combines this salary with her music projects to make a decent income.

Marriage With Christopher Sails

Chris was involved in Queen Naija’s video and provided her support in management. However, their relationship never lasted long due to their divisive approaches.

Their separation was a well-known business where they mocked each other with different films.

She composed the song ‘Medicine’ to show her anger on 31st December 2017. The song became a big hit and garnered 13 million followers.

Through the song, you can notice Naija’s emotional state. She was devastated by Chris’ unfaithfulness, and she sought to seek revenge. The song’s main goal was to create controversy and gain millions of followers.

Queen Naija’s Early Life

Although there isn’t much information about her parents online, Queen Naija was born in Detroit, Michigan.

Moreover, there is also no information about her academic credentials. Instead, most people know her through her marriage to Chris Sails.

Chris and Naija have a baby boy named Chris. Due to their highly publicized divorce, they got in the spotlight after utilizing their blog posts to help them with their separation issues.

Queen Naija’s Height and Weight

Queen Naija weighs 62 kgs, and she is 5 feet 1 inch. She is 26 years old, having been born in 1995.

She is named after her grandmother, “Queen,” and her middle name, “Naija,” has some resemblance with her dad’s name, “Naiji.” She has some tattoos on her chest and arm.

Queen is a mother of two children. Her second-born Legend Lorenzo is the son of her current boyfriend, Clarence White.

She is among the fastest rising in the pop music scene, and she is expected to drop more songs and albums in years to come, which will increase her net worth.

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