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Meggan Grubb: Bio, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Body Measurements

Are you looking to more about Instagram star Meggan Grubb? Then you are in the right place.

We will talk about why she is so famous, her net worth, her family, and many other details about her life. Read on to know more about this fitness model.

Meggan Grubb Biography

Meggan Grubb has many feathers on her cap. The social media star is also a musician and a personal trainer.

She comes from London, UK. Before her rise to stardom, Meggan posted random photos of her lifestyle on social media platforms. The pictures were mostly about sharing her fitness journey experience with her friends.

Her amazing figure captivated the fitness community, which started taking a keen interest in her.

She acquired a massive fanbase on social media sites as many people admired her workout videos and impressive musical talent.

The attention motivated her to be more passionate about fitness, and she started studying to be a personal trainer. Her dream came true when she qualified on 10th September 2016 and became certified as a personal trainer.

About Meggan Grubb’s Family

Megan Grubb was born and raised in London. However, she has kept details of her family private, and not much is known about them. Be sure to check later, as we will update you as soon as we come across them.


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Who is Meggan Grubb’s Boyfriend?

Many people are curious about her love life and whether she is single. However, Meggan is not single. She has been engaged to food blogger Niall Kirkland for quite some time.

If you scroll through their social media accounts, you will find many photos and videos of their romantic getaways.

What is Meggan Grubb’s Net Worth?

According to some reliable sources, Meggan Grubb’s net worth was $600k as of 2021. Her income is mainly made from fashion blogging, commercials, and brand promotions, especially on her Instagram page.

How is Meggan Grubb’s Lifestyle?

Initially, Meggan had a very unhealthy lifestyle. Her mother often scolded her for being lazy as a child.

Transitioning to teenhood, she was mostly partying. The change began when she started becoming self-conscious, especially on holidays when she spent a lot of time in a bikini.

She thought of herself as rather unattractive and began working on her body and changing her diet.

Nowadays, most of her time is spent training in the gym and making videos for her fitness programs. She also takes time to develop healthy food plans for her subscribers.

Meggan Grubb’s Career

Meggan Grubb was a fashionista from a young age and had a keen interest in modeling. Her career began when she started posting attractive pictures on Instagram.

These photos brought her a lot of fame and made her gain many followers. Since then, she has become a mainstay in the fitness and modeling industry, doing various commercials and brand endorsements.

She also set up her website to sell personalized workout plans for her many clients across the globe. It won’t be a surprise to see her on the cover of a fashion magazine very soon.

How Does Meggan Grubb Train?

Meggan has particularly emphasized workouts that target her lower body for curvy figures when training. Ever since she started training, her goal has been to have lean legs and a full butt. For every exercise, she does three to four sets.

Meggan does around eight to twelve reps for every set, which she believes is optimum for her body response. Her sessions are mainly HIRT to maintain the circuits at a high intensity while spending less time at the gym.

Meggan Grubb also does cardio while training. Her favorite cardio is HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which she believes is effective and takes less time to do. However, she is careful with her cardio to avoid losing mass on her legs and butt.

What is Meggan Grubb Nutrition Like?

Many athletes believe that you should eat around five to six meals per day to supplement your training.

However, Meggan does not share in their sentiments. Even more incredible is that she does not keep track of the calories she consumes. Instead, she maintains a low intake by eating more lean proteins and green vegetables.

Her typical breakfast is three low-fat bacon medallions, a bagel, and two scrambled eggs. She then takes a banana shake, peanut butter, or chocolate protein powder for a snack.

She eats sweet potato wedges, hummus, spinach, and a lean beef burger for lunch. Her dinner is usually steamed broccoli, baby potatoes, and salmon.

Meggan Grubb’s Height and Weight

Megan is 5’6″ or 167.5cm tall. Her weight often ranges between 125 to 135lbs or 56.7 to 61.2kg.

How Old is Meggan Grubb?

The English star was born on February 27, 1996, and is 26 years as of 2022. That means her Zodiac sign is Pisces.

Meggan Grubb Body Measurements

As an athlete, Meggan has a stunning body. Her waist is 26″, and her hips are 35″. Her bust size is 33″.


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How is Meggan Grubb Workout Plan?

Meggan’s HIRT lower body session includes workouts like scissor legs, plant step-up into toe taps, squat jumps, and sumo box squat into a burpee. Each exercise lasts 45 seconds, and the circuit has four rounds.

Her “booty-growing” session is more intense and involves using some equipment. The circuit involves:

  • 4 x 10 reps of hip thrusts
  • 100 reps of walking lunges
  • 3 x 8 reps per leg for Smith Machine split squats
  • 4 x 8 reps of barbell pause squats
  • 4 x 10 reps of Smith Machine squats with resistance bands

Meggan Grubb’s Social Media Presence

Meggan’s breakthrough came through social media, and she has since maintained a strong presence there.

She shares her fitness journey to inspire others to be resilient and pursue what they want. Her most popular account is her Instagram, where she has over 1.3m followers. She also engages fans on TikTok, where she posts singing, pranks, and dancing videos.

She also has a YouTube channel with lifestyle, travel, and fitness videos uploaded. The channel is quite popular, with over 465k subscribers and millions of views.

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