Mikey Bustos Net Worth

Mikey Bustos Net Worth: What You Need to Know

Mikey Bustos is a Youtube star best known for his parody songs and comedic allusion to the Filipino culture.

Having lived in Canada for the earlier parts of his life, viewers are surprised that he is very familiar with the nuances of his roots as a Filipino.

Perhaps you have wondered, as a Youtube star, what is Mikey Bustos’ net worth?

What is Mikey Bustos’ Net Worth?

It is easy to assume that Youtube personalities that have garnered at least a million followers make staggering amounts of earnings. In many cases, this can be true but Mikey Bustos is actually within the 6-figure range of $234,000.

Of course, as with any net worth, it is expected to increase or decrease over time depending on the celebrity’s income pursuits.

How Did Mikey Bustos Become Popular?

Mikey Bustos first appeared in Canadian Idol as a singer. He placed 7th in the 2003 season and received wonderful comments about his remarkable voice.

Bustos signed under BMG Music Canada and Vik Recordings, allowing him to have one of the Top 5 Bestselling albums during the week of his music release.

Following this successful music stint, Mikey Bustos was featured in several US and Canadian events, such as in MTV and California Music Channel.

Bustos furthered his music and entertainment career internationally by also going to the Philippines and getting featured in several popular shows such as ASAP ’06 on ABS-CBN and Eat Bulaga in GMA-7 Network.

What Is Mikey Bustos Doing Now?

Over the more recent years, Mikey Bustos is known for his Youtube videos that feature parody music of popular hits.

It most often references comedic themes regarding the Filipino culture, such as family stereotypes, food, and funny expressions.

Now, he is less active within that channel and posts more on his personal vlog and his other hobby channel called AntsCanada.

On Mikey Bustos’ music parody channel, he has over 1.3 million subscribers, while his personal vlog has over 230,000 subscribers. From the looks of it, Mikey has been living in the Philippines long-term.

His hobby vlog AntsCanada has garnered the most success, with over 4.36 million subscribers to date.

One must almost suspect that this is not Mikey Bustos as he never shows his face within this channel, but his narration voice in AntsCanada definitely gives it away.

This ant hobby channel features ant colonies that do certain activities while viewers observe and become entertained with the colonies’ behaviors.


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How Is Mikey Bustos’ Personal Life?

Mikey is currently in a relationship with his manager, RJ Garcia. He came out as gay in 2019 on his personal vlog channel, with one of the episodes titled “The Biggest Secret of Our Lives”.

Since then, the couple has been happily living together and recording their daily experiences through the personal vlog.

With many of Mikey Bustos’ interesting pursuits and captivating personality, it is safe to say that his net worth will definitely increase over time.

With three successful Youtube channels under his belt, plus other showbiz-related activities, Mikey Bustos continues to be a versatile entertainer.

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