Guru Jagat Net Worth

Guru Jagat Net Worth: An innovative American Yoga Teacher

It is difficult to believe that an American yoga teacher could be worth millions of dollars, but Guru Jagat has found a way to make this happen.

Guru Jagat, also known as Katie Griggs, began yoga in 2003 and since then has been instructing others on the processes and mindset of yoga.

Rather than solely focusing on the physical demands of yoga, she incorporates both spirituality and guidance in her craft.

Guru Jagat Net Worth

Guru Jagat’s net worth is somewhere between three and four million dollars. While she is most widely known for teaching yoga, she is an innovative entrepreneur that has made her craft into a true American success story.

She has made her fortune by teaching yoga to celebrities all around the country. Some of the celebrities that use her most often include Kate Hudson, Demi Moore, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Aniston, and Kelly Rutherford.

These celebrities all use her because of the spirituality she brings to the art of yoga, in addition to the strenuous workout she provides.

What Was Guru Jagat’s Source of Income?

She has made her fortune from instructing celebrities and ordinary people in the art of yoga. She makes a steady income from the Yoga institute and often charges additional fees for teaching and for seminars.

She has made some additional money off of her smart business decisions and investments. As a world-famous yoga instructor, she has given speeches at a variety of different locations, like Harvard Divinity School. These places also pay her for her speeches, her insights, and her motivational talks.

Who is Guru Jagat?

Guru Jagat was born as Katie Griggs in 1979 in Colorado. She was five feet, eight inches tall, and weighed about 143 pounds.

She was born as an American but celebrated her European ethnicity. She practiced Christianity and Sikh Dharma together.

She adopted the name Guru Jagat in 2003 when she began practicing yoga. This name means Bringer of Light to the Universe.

She used yoga as a means to help spread the teachings and knowledge of Kundalini to others.

She branded herself as a well-known yoga instructor and created her own website at Her mentor for yoga and her spirituality was Harijiwan.

Did Guru Jagat Have a Large Family?

While Guru Jagat has never released a lot of information about her family, she was engaged to Teg Vedjett, also known as Teg Nam.

He was the director of the RA MA Institute, where Guru Jagat was the founder. Together, they had a daughter, but she prefers to keep her out of the spotlight and the media.

What Did Guru Jagat Do For Fun?

Aside from running her own business full time and teaching yoga to celebrities, one of her biggest passions in life was teaching yoga and mediation to children.

She often used social to showcase her workouts and to post interesting videos of her travels and her time with friends.

Guru Jagat was an influential American yoga teacher, but her teachings and practices reached people all over the world.

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