Greg Valentine Net Worth

Greg Valentine Net Worth:The Hammer, Bio, Age, and Wrestling Career

Greg Valentine, a.k.a. The Hammer, is a prolific American professional wrestler, having won over 40 championship titles.

The 71-year-old pro-athlete hails from Seattle, Washington. As he’s also known, the Hammer had an impressive pro-wrestling career that spanned over three decades.

Greg the Hammer Valentine Net Worth

Greg Valentine owns lots of assets. He’s earned millions from his shining wrestling career. As of 2021, Greg Valentine had a net worth estimated at between $1 million to $5 million.

What Championships Has Greg Valentine Won?

Greg’s high-flying wrestling career has seen him win more than 41 world championship belts.

He has won them all: the NWA Heavyweight, Intercontinental, WWF, WWF Tag Team, and the NWA Tag Team Championship titles, among many others.

Valentine was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004 and 2016, to the Professional Wrestling Hall of Legends.

Who was Greg Valentine’s father?

Greg took up wrestling after the famous wrestler, his father, Johnny Valentine, died. His father passed away on April 24, 2001. Johnny had been inducted into the wrestling hall of fame four times before he died.

His golden career in the ring spanned close to three decades. Johnny Valentine is buried at their country farm in River Oaks, Texas, US.

Is Greg Valentine Married?

Greg Valentine has been happily married to his gorgeous wife, Julie Wisniski, since 1995. Their union has resulted in their two daughters, Vanessa Valentine and Romayne Valentine. Together, the Valentines reside in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What are the age, height, and weight of Greg Valentine?

Born Jonathan Anthony Wisniski on September 20, 1951, this beast-of-a-man was destined for greatness. Greg Valentine’s age is 70 years old and still alive.

Johnny currently weighs in at a formidable 243 pounds or 110 kilos. He stands six-foot-tall, or 1.82 meters, and has the body of an adonis god.

When Did Greg Valentine Join Wrestling?

Greg Valentine’s wrestling career started way back in July 1970. Before that, he received his training from the legendary Stu Hart. Greg’s debut match pitted him against Angelo Mosca, known as King Kong.

When Did Greg Valentine Move to Detroit?

Buoyed by the success of his first wrestling matches, Greg dared to quest for the big leagues.

In December 1970, Valentine packed his bags and moved to Detroit, Michigan. It was here that Valentine completed his wrestling training under the Sheikh.

What are the career highlights of Greg Valentine?

In the beginning, Valentine went by the ring name “Baby Face Nelson.” In the early to mid-seventies, he became Johnny Fargo.

Johnny’s break came in August 1976, when he was chosen to replace his then-retired father in a World Championship Tournament in Virginia.

What is Greg Valentine famous for?

Greg Valentine was always an unforgiving and often ruthless opponent in the ring.

He will be remembered as the wrestler who sent Johnny Weaver to early retirement with a deadly top rope elbow maneuver. Greg’s deadly elbow move has entertained wrestling fans for decades.

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