Pouya Net Worth

Pouya Net Worth: How the Miami Native Built a $3 Million Music Empire

Meet Pouya, the Miami native who dropped out of high school but worked tirelessly to become a well-known American rapper with an estimated net worth of $3 million. 

Pouya’s journey started with a YouTube channel called “Nick and Pouya Show,” which featured comedic content and vlogs, eventually leading him to pursue a career in the music industry. 

From his solo single “Get Buck” to his latest album “Blood Was Never Thick As Water,” Pouya has captivated fans with his unique style and creative lyrics, earning him a devoted fanbase and an impressive following on social media platforms. Please learn more about the rising star and his journey to success.

Pouya Bio

Pouya a 29-year-old Miami native born on December 20th, 1994. Despite dropping out of high school, Pouya worked tirelessly cleaning toilets at a local restaurant before transitioning into the music industry. 

Pouya’s journey began with creating a YouTube channel called “Nick and Pouya Show” with his friend Nicholas Minucci. 

The channel featured comedic content, travel vlogs, and mini vlogs, often featuring appearances from friends like Denzel Curry and the RVIDXR KLVN group. After a year of working odd jobs, Pouya decided to pursue a career in rap, marking the beginning of his music industry journey.

Pouya Career

Pouya launched his music career in 2011, collaborating with a local Florida rapper, Nell. He later formed his group, Buffet Boys, with his childhood friend Fat Nick, eventually becoming a record label. In 2013, Pouya’s solo single “Get Buck” garnered positive feedback from fans, accumulating over 13 million views. 

He also collaborated with The Cool Kids’ Sir Michael Rocks on the track “Gookin” the same year.

Pouya’s career reached new heights with the release of his album “Underground Underdog” in 2016, which debuted at number 156 on the Billboard 200 chart. This album, released under Buffet Boys, further established Pouya’s popularity. 

In 2018, he released the album “Five Five,” also under Buffet Boys, which charted at number 31 on the U.S. Independent chart.

Throughout his career, Pouya has released several mixtapes, including “Pouya & Boobie Lootaveli: Greatest Hits, Volume 1,” “Pouya x Germ x Shakewell EP,” and “Drop Out of School 2.” 

Most recently, in 2021, he released his latest album, “Blood Was Never Thick As Water” under Buffet Boys. Pouya’s talents as a rapper and musician have earned him widespread recognition and a devoted fanbase.

Pouya Facts

Pouya, whose real name is Kevin Pouya, is an American musician and rapper known for his unique style and creative lyrics. Standing at the height of 170 cm (or 5′ 7″ in feet and inches) and weighing 63 Kg (or 139 lbs), Pouya’s physical appearance is as impressive as his talent. 

He has mesmerizing brown eyes that complement his black hair, and he identifies as straight with a girlfriend named Courtney Neville. 

Born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, Pouya’s adventurous and curious nature is reflected in his music, which is often a blend of multiple genres. Despite his rising fame, Pouya remains grounded and focused on creating music that resonates with his fans.

Who is Pouya’s Girlfriend

YoungBabyCoco, her real name is Courtney Neville, is a social media sensation with a massive following on Instagram and Twitter.

Born on May 22, 1990, in Pittsburgh, PA, she is currently 32 years old and falls under the star sign Gemini.

Her Instagram account is flooded with selfies, which have captivated the attention of over 204,000 followers.

However, not just her modeling skills have earned her fame; her relationship with rapper Pouya has also contributed to her popularity. With 12.5K followers on Twitter, YoungBabyCoco is a force to be reckoned with in social media. 

Pouya Net Worth

Pouya is a well-known American rapper who has gained massive popularity in the underground rap scene. He started his career a few years ago, and Pouya became one of the most popular rappers due to his unique rapping style and energetic performance. 

Pouya is a member of the famous “Suicideboys” group he formed early in his career. He released his first album called “Underground Underdog” in 2016, which became a hit. 

Pouya’s estimated net worth is around $3 million, mainly from the fee he charges for live performances and appearances on other artists’ music albums.

Pouya Social Media Accounts

Pouya is a famous personality on social media platforms with a massive following across various channels. 

He has an impressive 1.2 million followers on Instagram, making him a highly influential figure in social media. 

His Facebook page has over 700,000 followers, a testament to his popularity and appeal. Pouya’s YouTube channel boasts many subscribers, with over 94,000 people following his content. 

He also has a significant following on SoundCloud, with over 570,000 people tuning in to his music. 

On Twitter, Pouya has amassed over 269,000 followers, making him a notable figure in the social media landscape. 

With such a massive following on various platforms, Pouya has an impressive reach and influence on his audience.

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